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I saw the video of the suspected white supremacist teens in the MAGA hats while taunting a Native American elder.....And that is very unfortunate...

BUT, many Indian tribes kicked out the Black ppl connected to them so that Blacks wouldn't get money, so this aint my fight #HYON
VIDEO: Boys in MAGA hats mock Native Americans in DC; Catholic high school in Kentucky investigates abc7.la/2U0jJQt
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@tariqnasheed My family filed papers with the Chickasaw Nation and got put through red tape. They don’t want to Native Blacks (Black foot) around their tribes.
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@tariqnasheed You weak for this tweet, brother.
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@tariqnasheed The truth is the Chickasaw & Cherokee Nation did not all the tribes. You cannot generalize all Native Americans. My niece is Athabascan. Her mother is full Alaskan Native. This is statement is not true. That is an elderly man who actually was protecting a group of AA protesters.
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@tariqnasheed It's all about "bootstraps" and jokes when it comes to us, but we're supposed to shed tears over this guy? LOL, not me.
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@tariqnasheed Orrrr you can stand up for all those being oppressed and not just your own race
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@tariqnasheed We are ALL Minorities and It is ALL of our fight. Whether we like it or not, we are on stolen land. USA originally belonged to Native Americans and we must never forget that, MAGA or not!
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@tariqnasheed Yupp we fight for everybody but us 🤦🏾‍♂️no no no
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Thank you for sharing, Tariq
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@tariqnasheed I can’t imagine this ever being the thing that moves us all forward. Racists are holding onto the past as much as your statement is. #no
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Maxine Shaw - Attorney @ Law
@tariqnasheed Since this is the only way you’ll care: The Native American man was apparently protecting black protesters from harassment and then this happened to him. You can’t care about black folks just so you can divide us further....
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@tariqnasheed My great grandmother was Cherokee my family was never allowed Benefits that were due because of our black skin so they can hold their own nuts
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@tariqnasheed As I read on. I see your point... more like its time to focus, on black.... understand
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@tariqnasheed You are right! All the money that the Native Americans are making off the casinos in OK, the Black Native Americans were cut off from receiving their fair share & had to file suit! Sad that after all these years, on the reservation, the Blacks would be treated in such a manner!
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This is Galaxy brain logic right here
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@tariqnasheed What are you smoking, son. This is everyone’s fight.
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@tariqnasheed WTAF? you’re part of what’s wrong with the world.
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec Leftists turning on each other on 3,2,1...
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@tariqnasheed Fight against white supremacy, it's our fight.
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@tariqnasheed Money was how the WHITE MEN & WOMEN sought to divide other tribes. If they could separate other minorities & turn them against each other, they could maintain control.
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@tariqnasheed So throw out the baby and the bath water. Part of the problem now. No matter what race. People have the need to now generalize. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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@tariqnasheed Don Cheadle got mad as hell when Henry Louis Gates told him that Indians owned his family.
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@tariqnasheed This logic is so disappointing and narrow minded.
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@tariqnasheed @ThaSouth They not even real Native Americans
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@tariqnasheed Bruh ask yaself this, who does this tweet benefit the most 1. Black pple 2. Native Americans or 3. The White Supremacist who want us both gon??
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@tariqnasheed That is hardly the point here. Right is right and wrong is wrong
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec He approached them and I seen no actual taunting.
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@tariqnasheed Native Americans also owned African slaves, so deep down they don't have sencere empthay for us anyways...nobody cares we all we got
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@tariqnasheed I agree.....
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@tariqnasheed Many “blacks” are infact indigenous to this land, but regearess, we all need to fight together. There were sellouts amongst our own as well.
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec Should be everyone’s fight. I’m a Republican. This is disgusting. We should stand up for anyone being mistreated. But you’re not really a nice person from what I’ve seen. I’d still probably stand up for you when warranted.
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@tariqnasheed Not all tribes did what you say. This sounds like the same argument they make. Individual folks have to carry the burden of the entire race, but whites don’t. If it ain’t your fight, just sit on the sidelines bruh.
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Imagine this being your takeaway.
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@tariqnasheed You my guy.... but I disagree on this take.
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@tariqnasheed Its #HYON all day every day. Gtfoh with that bullshit
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Brother @tariqnasheed perhaps Hillel can help you: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?" #MAGA Youth are here for Nathan Philips, then you, and then me. This is not a #HYON moment.
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@tariqnasheed Then you need to get that 23andMe DNA kit, cause brother most of us Black people have some Native American blood in our veins. If these little snot heads come for this elderly brown man, they coming for you and your kids one day. We stand strong when we stand together.
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@tariqnasheed When are blk ppl going to put themselves first stop caping for every other group before we get our own group together every other group has a code except us it's time we help ourselves I don't see anyone truly standing up for us....do you....
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Tariq doxing teens for being white at a non violent protest.
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I hate fuck niggas like you
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@tariqnasheed Seriously? And you have the gall to call yourself an "anti-racism strategist"? "This aint my fight"?
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Tariq is willing to sell another minority group out, or at least leave them to their fate?

I'm shocked.
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Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley
We’re seeing in real time what a lack of empathy does to this country and here you go. Choosing to be a dickhead.
3 3
@tariqnasheed This is a disappointing tweet. Take race away. You think it's okay for teens to treat an elder like this just because you got triggered by dome documentary in 1994?
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@tariqnasheed He stepped between this MAGA crowd and a group of young African American protesters who were outnumbered, but yea... you do you.
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@tariqnasheed What money? 😂 why do ppl think we get money? Have you been on a reservation. If you have you would say the same thing. My grandparents home didn’t have electricity or running water until a few years ago. So what money??
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Chad Mbah Half #ADOS 🇺🇸👊🏾
@tariqnasheed I wish I would cape for these people lol. They’ve got to be out of their minds
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Tariq Nasheed must consult the great book of grudges when evaluating each take
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@tariqnasheed I think that if we start keeping score as a way to justify compassion and standing up for the oppressed, we're all toast. This is wrong, regardless of what else has transpired. No one has a perfect track record.
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@tariqnasheed Facts mo' money mo' problems 😂😂😂
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@tariqnasheed Not your fight, but happy to jump on the hype bandwagon to voice your opinion!
How positive of you...
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec I've seen it
It's very unfortunate
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@tariqnasheed Your fight should be good vs evil. The vet didn't do anything to our ancestors. 👎
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@tariqnasheed Where are the “I’m not Black, I’m Indian” negroes? Shouldn’t they be there squaring up?
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The__Chief 🇺🇸🇭🇹
@tariqnasheed Funny this was the take to have on MLK weekend. I'm gonna roll with "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".
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@tariqnasheed Just a matter of priorities. Esp since the cavalry hardly comes for our fights.
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@tariqnasheed Hypocrite. Cries for help for his own people but turns the cold shoulder for others. Don’t blame people when they do the same to you sweetie.
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@tariqnasheed As a black man, I'm appalled that you continue to contribute to the divisiveness within the black culture. You're in the same class as @realDonaldTrump. What an ugly statement made by an ugly soul. Statements like these contribute to the manifest of black genocide..
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@tariqnasheed That is true. ☝️📚👀😇
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@tariqnasheed They don't deserve any help, especially if you people who are fighting with you. Mentioned money and now they don't know you.
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This is absolutely amazing on so many levels.

If you want an example of how the progressive stack works in reality, this is it.
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@tariqnasheed Hmph, its funny you talk about Indians dissing blacks, since it seems like Nathan Phillips and others were only in that situation to take attention of that MAGA mob away from some black protesters they were harassing.

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@tariqnasheed C'mon Tariq, you don't have to paint them all with a broad stroke.
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@tariqnasheed But nobody also asked for you to come save him or us. You reaching with this statement especially when your own folk had their hand in the cookie jar too
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@tariqnasheed Way to divide people. Next time cops beat you or another black person, not my problem, right?
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@tariqnasheed Selective condemning of racism? That’s a bold move, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.
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@tariqnasheed I knew you were a parody account!
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@tariqnasheed This is our fight, indirectly. The further apart we all are against racist, bigots and white supremacy the harder it is for us to fight it.
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@tariqnasheed I wholeheartedly agree but this picture is so PROFOUND in history, and shows clearly the face of the devil of the Earth. Sad many of our people can't see what these people are doing...
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@tariqnasheed I wonder who’s gonna win this one. White dominance or white dominance. #HYON
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This whole tweet is trash, I wish I could delete it for him.
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec Completely shameful the way many attacked these high school students without waiting to get the whole story

Once again, always ask for evidence, never rush to judgment.
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@tariqnasheed @JackPosobiec Another part of the video...Check out @mariajudy_’s Tweet:
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You’re a joke. Just like the white clowns in the video.
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Then why speak on it or give energy to it. Feel like you just wanted to shake the table on this one.
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