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(Please refrain from posting anything that might have a minor's info on it even if it was publicly posted on social media. Contact the school with comments. Thx.)
Here are companies that sponsored the trip.
Covington Catholic High School (859) 491-2247 @Pontifex @CatholicCincy @ArchLouKY Director of Media relations @JSchackKY (859) 392-1500 #ExposeChristianSchools
The school has disabled all of their SM accts. Some kids who were there claiming they felt threatened bc the elder approached them馃槀Lesson for them: when an elder approaches, chanting, it鈥檚 s sign of healing & respect. He was literally offering them 鈥渕edicine鈥.
When you have a bunch of white kids screaming 鈥榖uild the wall鈥 at indigenous folks it鈥檚 very apparent that 鈥榯he wall鈥 has nothing to do with border security. It鈥檚 simply a monument to white supremacy.
These children are the reincarnation of Hitler's youth.
No comment from Mitch McConnell. But he's all over the pro-birth rally. These kids are a great argument for birth control.
Oh boy, this is what $8,060 tuition a year will get you. What a sad bunch of ill-prepared young adults. They will fail in life without having respect for others.
I would change the motto of the Covington Catholic School to an old Cherokee adage: "To give dignity to another is above all things."
This school needs to be shut down. No more tax free status for churches or their schools!
"The students were visiting [D.C.] to participate in the simultaneous anti-abortion March for Life, which attracts many Catholic groups. Many of the students wore Make America Great Again hats." Of course.鈥
Imagine. If this is the public behavior, what are they doing in their own private world? Where are their school chaperones? Are there any parents present? All of it! WTF! I can鈥檛 even...
Website is throttled.
I sent an email to the principal of the school expressing my shock and disgust. The adults -parents, teachers, church leaders- are responsible for teaching these boys to be good humans. Instead they鈥檝e taught them to be white supremacists. Shame on them.鈥 Another product of Covington Catholic. What an absolute disgrace.
They need to have diplomas withheld until they do 3 months community service. I am Catholic, this is an abomination.
It's obvious this school has also failed to educate these kids on the history of Catholicism here in the states.
Jesus is drumming right there with that selfless veteran. Who would鈥檝e thought eating Tide Pods had such long term effects!
I do have to say...what ever version of Jesus they believe in, he ain鈥檛 like mine. My Jesus would never do or condone this kind of behavior, ever! They should be ashamed of themselves!!! That man, who served his country and now his people, 1/
The abuse of Native Americans by the Catholic Church goes way back in time. The same can be said about the sexual abuse they have brought upon our children. Why are they still operating in this country? Everybody knows this is true, yet nothing ever changes. Shut them down.
Advice from @Pontifex about indigenous peoples in case any non-asshole Catholics are interested.鈥
And no teachers stopped this . They are as much to blame.
What a terrible group of Christians !!
Yeah but they are from Kentucky which is McConnell territory
I did. I just emailed their principal.
When you pump people full of hatred under the guise of purpose or righteousness this is what you get
I want this school closed & these kids charged with hate crimes.
Pure evil... 馃嚭馃嚫
There are NO WORDS.
Shame on you. Shame on your teachers. Shame on your parents. Shame on your friends.
Until You ALL Apologize PUBLICLY to the Native American Elder you should not be accepted in this school or any other school.



#Apologize NOW
The Catholic Church in North America has a long history of discrimination and abuse of Native American people... this event is just their validation of that cruel tradition...
Can we start a campaign to the school and demand an apology and consequences?
Amee, there is a wonderful organization, @lifeafterhate . I am not affiliated with them, but so admire the work they do. We might suggest to this school to have a representative come and help. (This org was defunded by 45...go figure).
Your Holiness, I am a Catholic., May I direct your attention to this clip. I am astonished by the behavior of this group of teenager Catholics. Please refresh my memory, where in our teachings does it allow for us to disrespect others, especially our elders. -Shameful
They are at the March for Life isn't it ironic? They obviously have zero respect or tolerance for living human beings.
The pack of reprehensible, racist boys in MAGA hats mocking an elder at Friday's #IndigenousPeoplesMarch on the National Mall are from Covington Catholic High School [859-491-2247] in KY [@senatemajldr]. Superintendent @supmikeclines was in DC with them.
Those punks should instantly be rejected from every college they apply to until they spend a year doing community work on a reservation.
Would be nice to see everyone of the students in this group expelled
The Right has given a tyrant power and fame; he will do whatever they want him to do in order to keep it.
This is the pride of the @GOP and the hatred that @realDonaldTrump and his followers like @SebGorka @FoxNews @seanhannity have preached to their listeners for the last 2 years!!
Only comfort is knowing the smirks will be ripped from the faces of these Hitler Youth. The pictures are forever. School must be closed down. Archbishop鈥檚 moment of truth. #CovCathColonelsDisgrace #Trump#REPUBLICANS
Where are the chaperones of this upstanding Catholic HS students? Cannot get over the irony that these monsters were bussed in for a "Respect Life" march. Someone needs to teach this whole group what RESPECT actually means.
Hopefully all the colleges they plan on attending will see this too. They鈥檙e only a couple years away, if they even get that far. #ignorance
is the Superintendent of Covington Catholic schools.
Unbelievable! Horrible when no one will help. It will get worse before better. Trump riles people up to where they think it is okay to break the law, after all he does with no consequences.
Pope Francis have any remarks.
this is the so wrong. this is THEIR land not TRUMPS. It belongs to native Americans 1st nation #trump has caused this rise of racism in America.
Reports are being made that this group of harassing kids started by harassing African Americans.
The school has disabled their Twitter account and disconnected phones. However, you can email them: -Bob Rowe, the Principal of the school, at -Sam Beiting is their 鈥淒ean of Discipline鈥. His email is
His parents must be so proud
I imagine the crowd around Jesus acting this way.
Looks like I'm adding "people who attended religious schools" to my list of people who should not be allowed to vote

So that's now "young people who attended religious schools" and "old people" so far

More to come!
Who among us watching these boys didn't think of Brett Kavanaugh and think that's where it starts!
Their folks must b so proud of their children.
You all know what to do . . . Covington Catholic High School: Principal Robert Rowe E-mail: Telephone: (859) 491-2247 Diocese of Covington: Phone: 859-392-1500 Email:
What time will @realDonaldTrump be making a statement about immigrants harrassing actual native Americans?
I emailed Principal Robert Rowe at These kids' behavior was vile.
These kids must have had chaperones. Where were they? What were they thinking? Why didn鈥檛 they do something?
Already did. Hope a LOT more people do the same. Disgraceful.
cc: @Gillette ad.

Because the way boys are raised matters.
Something about the hats...
What scares me is it鈥檚 not too hard to imagine the young men cheering each other on in any situation of violence, racism or assault. These are young men who end up assaulting women and congratulating themselves over it. This is toxic white masculinity in its nascent stage.
Is it illegal for a catholic school to allow promotion of a political candidate during an official school field trip? Almost all of these kids are wearing MAGA hats indicating it was allowed or encouraged. Can they lose their 501c3 status?
Hey @CovCathColonels, See this? 馃憞You鈥檙e failing miserably at your stated mission & need new leadership. Maybe a heart transplant as well. #SHAME
if these boys were only christian ...
I grew up Catholic in the deep south, we were never taught this. Our church embraced diversity and the true teachings of Jesus. I am appalled by the uprising of racism in my country, incited by the ranting of our President. This is not the teachings of Christ.
I contacted them Turns out that kid is president of the Pontius Pilate club.
Future Kavanaughs.
#NathanPhilips NEVER approached them. Our cousins are there. They stopped by a powwow drum with younger Native men & realized they would be creamed so they ran off to mess with the elder & Vietnam Vet I have a pinned tweet with his interview. My friends know him.
They were molded by their parents and their school. They weren't born hating. I don't hold out much hope that their parents and their school will handle this appropriately.
I went to two all boys Catholic high schools. The administration at both schools wouldn't have stood for this behavior. We would have taken these punks behind the bleachers. The parents and the administration of this "Catholic" school should be ashamed.
鈥淣othing Perverts our Politics and Policy like Christianity鈥 by William B. Turner
Walter was a standout basketball player at Covington Catholic High School - and a registered juvenile sex offender before the rape occured.鈥
We all need to flood the Vatican and Pope Francis and the Cardinal in the schools city with the video. The Pope must condemn the hate of these young so called Catholics, their parents and school leaders. School must suffer consequences. @Pontifex @CovCatholicSch
They鈥檙e not a school; it鈥檚 a hate factory. Tax them out of existence.
School: (859) 491-2247
This was the guy who took them. He is a 鈥渕an of God鈥 the way #TraitorTrump is.
They will all get scholarships to Liberty University
All in Maga Hats..."making America gross again"
the only positive outcome is that every private school is going to make their students go through diversity and sensitivity training
So many have contacted them the shut all their social media and took the phones off the hook
So it seems the page to contact them is being throttled......the phone number is busy .....but the email went thru Here u go......u know what to do
Call the Office of The Bishop of the Diocese of Covington E-mail: Laura Keener Office: (859) 392-1500, ext. 1571 Cell: (859) 630-3726 Mail: Diocese of Covington Curia 1125 Madison Ave. Covington, KY 41011-3115
So. Much. Winning.
Soon an anodyne statement will be forthcoming from @supmikeclines saying 鈥#racism and #bullying have no place blah blah...鈥 Maybe a suspension or two.

Don鈥檛 buy it. They learned this behavior & entitlement at home at school and from Trump. The chaperones are encouraging them.
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