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Teenagers wearing MAGA hats were caught on tape mocking a Native elder at the Indigenous Peoples March — and even Rep. Deb Haaland publicly responded

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Where are the chaperones, parents or teachers?? Sadly this young man and his cheering/mocking classmates would/will be invited to the White House, or worse get internships. Thank you Nathan Phillips for seeing through the hate..
This is so pathetic and sad. I can’t believe I have to share a nation- no, planet with these ppl. And everyone in the back, even adults, smiling & laughing. Ppl wanna defend 45, but how do dismiss this horrible effect that he’s had on his core?
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I wonder if that young man with the smirk realizes that (1) he will be expelled from school and (2) any college is now in doubt.
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That picture will follow that kid the rest of his life.
I'd like to congratulate these kid's parents for raising a bunch of little monsters who someday soon will be voted most likely to keep a daily activities calendar with the word boofing appearing all over it by their peers 👏
Yea... is this the “Great America” you’re trying to build? Good job 👍🏽 so disgusted
I knew kids like this. He doesn't know why he's staring this man down. Only that it's making the other equally clueless idiots clap.
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Parent, school, church fail. This is sickening.
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these kids are why we advocate for birth control .
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Rather than expelling them, they should be sent to the native reservations (if there are any in KY, great, if not, the closest ones) to work with and help the people there. To watch and participate in their ceremonies, to get a deep understanding of the culture.
Can we track this sanctimonious cunt and cancel him?
In case anyone had any lingering doubts, *this* is what white privilege looks like:
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What is hidden in plain sight is the red hat spells #Hatred pic.twitter.com/AJmvcM7Qoc
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Their parents are gonna come so hard with the “He was a minor, he didn’t know what he was doing”. Bruh... get them all the way outta here
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That smirk on the face of that kid says so much....
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It really is no surprise they're wearing MAGA hats, is it??
Calling on the Jesuits of my alma mater, @Georgetown, to be moral leaders here in as w reparations for the #gu272 #georgetownmemoryproject.

The line between the white supremacy movement- rooted in the sin of slavery - and these MAGA-infested boys is direct & bloody.
As pessoas não nascem uma merda. Tornam-se. Há no entanto quem chegue lá depressa, mesmo muito depressa. É um dos benefícios da miséria moral que é ter como sonho na vida ser como o Donald Trump.
Chanting “Build a wall” to native Americans. 🤦🏽‍♂️

That’s a new level of stupid right there.
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UNACCEPTABLE behavior by teenagers !!
Sadly this native elder speaks #truth there are not enough parents upholding an teaching their family core values that make a difference to a community,respect & empathy.
Too many excuses,raising a family can b tough but teaching the above cost nothing but YOU and yr efforts.
tRumps America of racist hate. Anyone proud to be American today?
Is there ever a day when America isn't doing something downright hateful and racist? This is disgusting and sad, and that elder is stronger than any of those boys will ever be.
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From Rev. Jason Chestnut to Principal Rowe of Covington Catholic School, the school that taught these students who mocked this Indigenous elder. Principal Rowe's email is <browe@covcath.org>. pic.twitter.com/uTlvvjZcvc
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If Trump runs in 2020, the Dems should play this in it's entirety as a campaign ad.
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I just wanna give that kid some free dental work pic.twitter.com/BylSJZyhpO
Asshole of the year?
That kid has the most punchable face on this planet.
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The Native American genocide should be required curriculum for all students. White washing the ethnic cleansing of 130 million people and celebrating "Columbus Day" needs to end. MAGA pic.twitter.com/nJYe73kkGy
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Can’t even begin to understand this kind of hate, the expression on the young man’s face is that of arrogance and hatred. He has a lot to learn, and life is a hard teacher.
No way this was in Kentucky. That’s impossible... that can’t be true...
who the fuck raised these kids
In case you hadn't figured it out already, this video should convince you once and for all that the red MAGA hat is 2019's version of a white hood & wearing it signals explicit, unapologetic white supremacy.

Also, fuck these kids.
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This unequivocal shows the decay of society. Appalling.
I want to smack the shit out of them ugly ass white eggheads
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I hope to see those boys on tv apologizing ... and asking for forgiveness. #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool #ShameOnYou #CatholicTwitter
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Someone should and better investigate What this "Institute" teaches!!!!!!
A group of teenagers wearing MAGA hats is called a Joffrey
this pisses me off so much.

Indigenous people fight so hard for a voice and to be heard. this is what they receive?

little to nothing for their efforts and this is the ignorance the Indigenous receive.

America should be worshipping the Indigenous.
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Strange... I've seen that grin before... Back in Europe between 1926 and 1945 there was some smiling youngsters too hwo sure went down in history as a "charming" lot...
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i can't decide what's most jarring about this: that they're so young, that they are trump supporters, that they are taunting a senior citizen, that they have no respect for a veteran, or that they go to a catholic school.
absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing. be better.
Fucking honkie ass school. All those lil white boys would’ve caught a fade on site
the longer I think about this the more ill I feel
The most punchable face I've seen in years.
I’m not a violent person, never spanked any of my children, but would love to give this entitled, arrogant kid a slap right across the face.
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#Injun101: If I were a white person I would sarcastically say 'The pride of our ppl." But because I am an indigenous woman, I will say w/truth, 'The pride of our ppl." No matter how many times they mock me&spit in my face&laugh in my face&insult me, I am&have always been free!
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at first this video made me very angry - and then I watched the kids face as Nathan Phillips continued singing. The smug look was a thin veneer over an increasingly obvious sense of doubt. Ego tries to look strong, but it's just a show to hide its fear.
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Where are the adults
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The look on that young mans face makes me sick. To raise your kids to believe that behavior is ok, I can’t even imagine what kind of person that takes.
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Most punchable face I’ve seen in awhile, and if you know what I do, that’s saying something lol.
As a descendent of Pocahontas and someone that learned how Native tribes were forced out of Tennessee the way these disrespectful brats are acting breaks my heart. Its disgusting. This man fought for our country but even if he hadn't he is a human fucking being. He deserves more
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Trump has given license to all his zombies that it’s OK to make fun of Native Americans
I’ve never wanted to punch someone more in my life
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So if it was a group of black young man doing the exact same thing- what would the president say? Republicans? Trump supporters?
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and the Catholic Church has such a rich .. generous history of helping the natives in the Americas 🤨🙄
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These little red-hat-neo-Nazis didn't come from nowhere, they're part of a group and wherever that group came from, that's where they are being taught to be like that. That's where we should be focusing.
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If I had a kid that turned out to be an asshole in a MAGA hat, I'd make him sleep outside.
I am appalled. This is disgusting.
THIS is what trump is doing. His hate radiates through out this country and these KIDS, TEENAGERS, YOUNG ADULTS, don’t even see this as WRONG. i am literally disgusted.
a group of white boys who can't clap on tempo and trying to look tougher than they really are? is anyone surprised?
the #maga scum continue to ruin young minds...these kids were taught by example #sad
On stolen land; disrespecting the people OF the land - this colonizer mentality has only gotten bolder with captain Cheeto
An white opinion writer wrote send them to a Rez to due community service. How abt ya solve ur own problems?
As a SJ educated ~indigenous~ non-belieever have the school make the fucks kneel on uncooked rice under a crucifix reciting their catechism to the beating of drums
Willful ignorance is radical.

The current administration has emboldened bigotry and racism, for generations to come.
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They locked their Twitter account due to the backlash. covcath.org
Seeing this type of stuff makes my blood boil. How ignorant, privileged and disgusting do you have to be to do something like this? These kids have never gotten their ass beat AND IT SHOWS
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english settlers were immigrants who FORCEFULLY, might I add, took the land from native american’s and you want to build a wall preventing other immigrants who are actually decent and just want a better life??????????? I just, racists make no sense.
the amount of ignorance and disrespect people think they can just get away with literally appauls me
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Look at these low lives, I do hope they realise it's gone around the world and we see you. This kid is a poster boy for hate, now you've shown the whole world who you really are. Don't expect to get the jobs you want now
kids are so disrespectful it’s disgusting
Yeah don’t ever tell me this “president” doesn’t encourage racism. Pretty clear reminder that racism is alive and well. Racist is just about the most American thing you can be. You disgusting fuck, I hope this follows you for the rest of your life.
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So what are these kids doing to make America great? Oh right. It was never about that.
Seeing this man in tears literally broke my heart. That smirk on that kids face says it all..I hope the school these kids attend to do take the proper action toward these students.
These kids have the most punchable faces I've ever seen
i just know this little boy thought he was hard for this shit WHITE PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKIN UGLY
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Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are senators of Kentucky..
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I’m beyond appalled. These children learned this behavior; worst part is, the parents of these teens are probably more upset about their child being shown on a video than the disgusting actions displayed. It’s time to get the reason this nonsense has been happening out of here.
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i can’t watch this without crying
it makes me so sick watching how our country has turned to bigotry and ignorance as a way to have fun
I hope everyone is understanding how heartbreaking this is! Our country is going backwards. We are not progressing as a country at all. We can’t mock these ppl!! Its their land that the white ppl took anyway.
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Diocese of Covington doesn't seem very Christian like. baltimoresun.com/bal-te.church0…
I've rarely had the urge to want to punch the living shit out of people before.

This is one of those times.
this is one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen...shame on every. single. one. of those boys.
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That is so disrespectful. I am so angry at those kids. They need to be punish.
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They need to expel everyone pictured in the video!!
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The Students are from Covington Catholic High School in Covington Kentucky Phone Number: (859) 491-2247 Principal Robert Rowe email: browe@covcath.org Tweet @supmikeclines Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Covington
I don’t even know what to say on here about the shameful racism put on display by these MAGA teens. Nothing online will change the minds/actions of people who cheer these things. The feeling of hopelessness is constant, it’s real, and it’s depressing as fuck
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