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We regret that the teens menaced a native elder instead of what they were sent there to do: demand women be forced into reproductive slavery

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We need a supernova emoji, so I can post a string of them here.
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We're sorry our open misogyny was tainted by our hidden racism.
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We'll make sure he directs his rage in the appropriate direction... women.
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We are sorry that in teaching hate & intolerance to our children, we were unable to teach them to be measured. We will try harder so that in future efforts they only intimidate & express their dominance as white male Christians in ways that do not garner national attention.
"Reproductive slavery" lmao bro if biology is a burden go ahead and shuffle off your mortal coil
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I'm guessing they meant to apologize to the Indigenous Peoples March instead but just misspelled it.
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We regret that the person they menaced was a man.
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Seems they are apologizing to the March of Life folks, not the old man.
“You got your racism on our misogyny!”
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Somehow they made it worse
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Honestly read "witness" as "whiteness" so I've been brainwashed tell my family I love them.
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The diocese that is home to this Catholic boys' school paid out $130 million in reparation for the behavior of more than 100 priests. They dare to take the moral high ground when it comes to events that take place inside my body? I don't think so.
Damn that's gotta be the worst fucking apology in...

I dunno...

When was the last time someone half-apologized only because they got caught?
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All those little Bretts, PJs and Squis. Ugh.
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I think we’d all like proof they’ve all been expelled.
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Who knew that anti-choice and racism were tied up together o wait we all knew
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Wait?? Brainwashing teens into dehumanizing and hating all women who seek abortions might lead them to... hate other groups of people... they know nothing about????
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Expel that kid and harshly punish the rest
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Pro-life is nothing other than t/reframing of: “we want to make you live according to our moral paradigm & not give you the choice to live according to yours”.. Aka a Theocracy. And we need that like we need an Oligarchy or an authoritarian despot or a combination of any of them.
i will say it again, fuck anti-choice ppl
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Oh... don’t worry honey.... there were PLENTY of witnesses there... and online....watching the behavior of ..ahem... Christians...
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If the March for Life wasn't cancled before this, it must certainly is now.
sorry for being racist we actually meant to be misogynistic 😤😤😤😤
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I intend to write a letter to diocese leaders and oh yeah I’m gonna include my dig about their obsession by men about women’s bodies. Right after I makes comparisons between Nazis and white supremacy and their students.
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Lmao what is there to investigate....Watch the 1 min video and take immediate action. The video needs no context or backstory. It speaks for itself.
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The good news: Their red hats will be like sex control.
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In reply to @hayesdavenport
They spelled whiteness wrong
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You won't expel anyone.....you want that tuition too much. And these rich privileged kids have rich privileged parents who pay to keep these private schools operating.
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"You got racism in my misogyny!" "You got misogyny in my racism!"
(Cw: the racist anti abortion shitheels currently in the news)
Those kids are a great advertisement for family planning, contraception, & abortion. What a weekend the little #CovingtonCatholic shits had. Ben Shapiro's #BabyHitler challenge will soon become reality & the answer will be definitely "abort." #HitlerYouth #StalinYoungPioneers
This part of the story neede to be told too. These little dicks were sent to protest the rights of women and decided to harass a Native American veteran on top of it. These little dicks did something terrrible but the reason they were there was terrible right from the start.
In reply to @hayesdavenport
In other words, "fuck that old native dude, we would like to apologise to ourselves for making us look bad".
What strikes me as the most delusional thing in the screenshot here is that they think this tainted the march, rather than the march being an ambulatory collection of the worst taint the USA has to offer, which is why they support it.
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Why are so many of your students wearing MAGA hats, Father?
We’re sorry but only to those of you who want to control women’s bodies
They misspelled, "We know that this incident also has accurately represented the entire witness of the March of Life."
I'd say the mask slipped on the face of the so-called pro-life movement
In reply to @hayesdavenport
Ahh... that's who they were with! It figures!!
March for Life was 'tainted' long before this
I'm pro-abortion but y'all ridiculous with this "REPRODUCTIVE SLAVERY" lmao
as if sex is forced on women while they're chained down on the bottom of a galleon.
"Look, we told the damn kids to go harass and threaten women for wanting to have control over their own reproductive health, but you know how easily teenagers get confused. It's not our fault!"
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Don't like the "slavery", don't get pregnant. Simple as.
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they are fully responsible for getting pregnant, and so they have a duty of care for the life in them.
In reply to @hayesdavenport
Ha! True! Oppress everyone while we’re at it, troops!
ah twitter you are giving me life today
Pro-life. Just not the native guys' life
We unexpectedly and temporarily regret the pro-life's overt allegiance to white nationalism. You must forgive us, as we only just now realized that objecting to abortion and advocating genocide were not perfectly overlapping world views.
So their most sincere apologies were reserved the pro lifers whose images/march were tarnished. Got it. JFC these people are the dregs of humanity.
"instead of what they were sent there to do: demand women be forced into reproductive slavery"

This is 💯 (never forget these adolescent boys were there to tell women what they can and can't do with their bodies. What could go wrong?)
is it any surprise these chuds were pieces of shit
Yeah about what they were actually there for. So like people with uteruses should be able to control their own bodies. I don't care what one thinks is murder because people with uteruses are the ones risking their lives during childbirth.
"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter."
The fucking caucasity of it all.
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This is what I was wondering.......are they both on the same side?
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It's called a field trip, man.
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It seems ignorance begets ignorance. These little poopheads arrived with a shitty attitude.
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Stay in your lane, I guess
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Contact the school’s corporate sponsors! #ForShame Ask how they feel about this return on their investments. pic.twitter.com/icok1EYpHq
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It's all about making white guys feel empowered, doncha know.
In reply to @hayesdavenport
Right? Fuck that. Your intentions and behavior are both wrong and damaged.
I'm not pro-life, but the words that were chosen here are disturbing and extreme. Even though I'm supporting Planned Parenthood I think that it's good to have a discussion about abortions. Some conclusions of such a discussion can be demanding better education in regards!
And the winner of this year's Pope Pius XII Award goes to...
You spelled racist and entitled young adults wrong
CW: Nazi America
Lol. "Tainted the entire witness of the March for Life"? y'all don't know, do you? EVERYONE with a brain and a memory expects this shit from pro-life folk. The "entire witness" of March for Life is picking specific, potential lives over lives of actual humans.
That’s gonna make a mark.
We’re sorry that our misogyny got overshadowed by our racism.
🙌🏽 religion is stupid.
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