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There's been a lot of nonsense spouted about the media being quiet on the #BosasaBribes scandal. In 2006 I was one of the judges on the Taco Kuiper Award for Investigative Journalism. Our winners? @AdriaanBasson & @carienduplessis for exposing #Bosasa! In 2006!
So please shut up.

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Chief the media is so quite.why don't they make noise now like they did with the guptas and vbs.
Justice Malala stop defending what you don鈥檛 know! Agrizzi claimed that Basson is on #Bosasa payroll. Perhaps he received an award 13yrs ago from you, but 2019 he ain鈥檛 getting no award, but cheque
inJustice Malala says we must keep quiet because the last time the media spoke about Bosasa was in 2006.
馃ぃ馃槀馃槀 feelings being caught
Folks don鈥檛 read before they tweet, Justice. Thanks for this.
Dear Justice, I cannot shut up with such evidence buzzing in my ear. Please listen to the recording and comment. Was this recording after 2006? Was Adriaan convinced by #AngeloAgrizzi to shut up? uncensoredopinion.co.za/the-racist-whi鈥 @pinkykhoabane
chief please show us day to day articles and opinion pieces, tv shows etc like you were doing with the Guptas
We are not talking about 2006 chief, stop making this look like it's a 2006/2019 challenge.
Please wena Justice... remind us one episode of you justice whatever show where discussed Bosasa. You do the shutting wena
So want to tell about a 2006 report in 2019? How much has happened between 2006-2019 by Bosasa that media has not reported on? Don't try and play smart with us plz.
No, the outrage is about how the media will corroborate the racist labelling of Gupta corruption as #statecapture but #Bosasa as just plain corruption, whilst also not showing as much interest in #Agrizzi testimony, his & #Watson cars, houses, who visited them etc! #MediaRacism.
2006 is over a decade ago. Stop bragging. Where is the persistence and enthusiasm you showed when you were vilifying Malema and EFF recently?
All the more reason to gloat with "we told you so" articles.Surely the fact that it started 13 years ago doesn't justify the lull we're experiencing compared to the Shivambu/VBS onslaught not long ago...wrong people getting exposed chief?Ska peinelwa morena, dinners di a tswa nou
The noise was less than guptas .i didn't hear it
It's you who needs to shut up unless you tell us why the news media was never relentless in pursuit of justice for the past 12 years like you rightly did against JZ
Clearly leading up to state capture this should also have been included along with the Guptas? The public can鈥檛 be fooled.
Ga o telle gao telle bafana o tsena ka Short Pants ko kerekeng ... Did you say Shut up?? 馃檰馃檰馃檰馃う鈥嶐煠
Loool. Stratcom defending their silence with an excuse that they reported this in 2016. While other stories are recycled every week just to make them popular even wen they are not. The issue here is not tat u r silent but tat the coverage is not consistent wit media's reporting
馃え馃え馃えI find it interesting that media accepts the testimony of #Agrizzi at Zondo Commission as truthful yet when he said that editor of @News24 and Treasurer of @SAEditorsForum was his buddy and media confidant he cultivated (read bribed) they said Agrizzi a LIER. 馃馃
We are not going to shut up,YOU BULLIES!we are talking about now not a decade ago mpahhh
I suppose the question some are asking is why there was not not sustained pressure on #Bosasa from the media like there was on the #Guptas
What a pathetic man this is; its a shame you're black. You are a disgrace. Sies.
There is a difference between reporting and a sustained campaign maybe we should be saying - Bosasa didn鈥檛 get the same sustained campaign like the Gupta stories did. Where journalism was activism.
馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Agrizzi is pressing the ryt buttons. People are panicking
So much hypocrisy coming from u @justicemalala. U don鈥檛 get tired to mention Zuma & ANC and u want people to shut up already. Let them vent.
I don't trust agrizzi... But lets wait and see.... By the way some media powerhouse must be named that recieved some bribes
Who were criminals, did you publicly disclose their names? Where are they today? Stop speaking nonsense. Uyinja yabelungu wena syakwazi. Just like politicians, white people are paying to speak ill of black leaders.
Pardon us sir,care to enlighten us what exactly did you guys expose and is it similar in magnitude as Agrizzi expos锚!....Phela Agrizzi is singing like a mockingbird!
When corruption touches Stratcom favorites it鈥檚 鈥渘oise鈥
Make us shut up....I'm so grateful for Twitter....we talk back..hence you're all angry and can't handle it because y'all are used to be the only ones talking and we just consumed your kak...Not anymore...now I want to see you make us shut up..馃槀馃槀馃槀 #Bosasa #BosasaBribes
Kkkkkkk,Basson is also implicated by Agrizzi domkop.Corrupt journalism is being exposed at the commission.Your name is coming soon baba,looks like you're already catching the feelings.Mollo wa Big Nuz papa
Reporting & exposure are two very different things. If Bossa was exposed how come nobody has been sent to prison, how come no police station has a record of complaints or the public protector a filing? Heresay is not exposure but merely gossip.
Lets put the Bosasa issue aside,journalists must be held accountable for destroying peoples lives through malicious and false reports.front page apologies are not enough and can never restore someones dignity once lost. Media freedom must come with responsibility.
This is 2019 be vocal again,there鈥檚 a claim that some of journals are also captured we want to know who are they. Telling us about 2006 we want them to be vocal now
Protect your salary Malala! You guys touched it because Ramaphosa was not implicated now because he is your not showing us the beneficiaries of this Bosasa thing ! Where Is the contract proof for Andile ?
So you guys received your grey bags around 2006, therefore the silence thereafter. What #AngeloAgrizzi revelations tomorrow? Will he talk about @pinkykhoabane's recording of how he has the media sorted? @AdriaanBasson's name is mentioned together with other 'Journalists'.
Mxm stop treating us like fools we are talking about today.Cyril wasn't President ka 2006 so please.
O tena! O tshwana le abutago @MmusiMaimane
The year is 2019 now but you're telling us about the ancient history of 2006. Tell us something about the past few months or years, not something that happened 13 years ago.
So why did the NPA not pounce on it Why did @ThuliMadonsela3 not investigate it as part of State capture. The Dots are not connecting on your side. They are connecting from the other side
We not fools wena Justice. Adriaan is Agrizzi's friend. If u serious about corruption u would also expose Remgro, Bidvest etc. But ya'll s expose is only limited to certain individuals. Tsek
2006,hebanna.That was Thabo Mbeki's time as our presso mos.Can you review the terms of references be backdsted to at least 1989 @CyrilRamaphosa ?
A surprisingly adept move by certain social media influencers to try divert and discredit News24 as a result of a certain expose by @jean_leroux
2006 Before Zuma 馃槺, but u said @PresJGZuma invented corruption 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔 馃憖馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼 , pls explain 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檪锔忦煠佛煆锯嶁檪锔忦煠掟煠掟煠
And that is all you are saying in January 2019, a nonsensical reminder of some awards. Make noise like you've been doing all along, even Nomboniso is trying you get out of a rock, you are not spinning out of this 1. We see you.
Actually we are not saying the media is quiet. There is a difference between being quiet and not showing similar level of fierce brazenness:
1. Banks aren't closed
2. Media had to go searching for Nomvula, Myeni and Zuma from the files. Why?
3. Why is there no meal on Ramaphosa?
we are not talking about 2006 and six the question 8s why it not in the news now when it's trending or Journalism has a rule/policy that says when the story was covered years back it should not be covered again ?
Wait a minute...Did @CyrilRamaphosa visit agrizzi home, or a shebeen around there? Cellphone ping towers near Watson home or bosasa building!! Agrizzi must tell us how Cyril got the R500k, eft or cash from the vault? NEXT TIME U SEE A CORRUPT TRAFFIC COP, ASK EM CHICKEN OR CASH?
You shut up. Tell compare the interviews, the headlines and the articles the media has done on Gupta vs Bosasa, and your answer is right there. Please don't act ignorant. You know what people mean
We said....you are quiete in reporting about it during the #StateCaptureInquiry ...now you didn't have to tell us about your interesting history...you know what we mean
I read this in ur voice. Sunday ruined.
Who are the journalists on the Bosasa payroll? Answer that question.
So you being a judge in 2006 makes you a God who decides which stories should be given attention and which shouldn't?
But Justice Factor, why you catching feelings now, is it maybe because journalists are now being implicated.. by one by one馃槀.. we don鈥檛 need your bias views, we have Agrizzi now
So Adriaan was "paid" by #Bosasa to investigate them? As per the video doing the rounds??
Yes you did but back then it was all about Nconde Balfour, so he wasn't your bosses fav. After y'all discovered that even your fav Silili and his son are part of the rot you all went quiet. That's why we saying the noise is differnt to when is the Red
Such an important tweet this. 馃憠馃徏 #Bosasa @StateCaptureCom
We want to see their cars, their wives lifestyles and kids & the schools they go too. Their properties & various Bank accounts. Their relatives how they benefit from the corruption. We want the same vigour and extent that you show when Black people are implicated in corruption.
It was during the newspaper reading era now the woke ones are just gleaning the headlines on apps like this and start throwing insults you will never win with these ones
Ah come on now Justice Malala, if Aggrizi didnt spill the beans then what? Did they ever make a follow-up to their 2006 story? I would say "selective reporting"
VBS was worse than wesgate because it targeted the poor of the poorest. Such heist is incomparable
The nonsense sprouters are too busy creating & buying into the 鈥渇ake news鈥 bs narrative to suit their own political agendas! Unreal!
In 2006, 13 years later you want everyone to believe there鈥檚 no difference in how the media reported on Guptas and Bosasa?
So many moons back it should have been in media continuously until everyone was exposed but I guess all media guys were fixated to Zuma understandably so bcos he was the head of the state
We cant shut up when u r talking abt 2006, Bosasa stories being told at the commission are not only prior to 2006. It can happen that people got awards then but now they r in the payroll of Bosasa. Its just superior logic!
馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀... they will deal with you same as Mzilikazi after using you...
Journalists become social activists when their coverage is bias. They discredit journalists who don't conform. Label them "lapdogs". Did something HIT HOME? IS THAT a need to DEFEND here? Is that smoke? Is this what @Julius_S_Malema termed a "Cabal? Whatever IT IS! #HumanShields
Wenzeni uZuma wendoda? Nisidayiselani sinethembile sithi nifundile? Ai nidlalile ngathi.
Those kind of things should be on the front page every week like your Nkandla. An award no one remember
The problem with you is that you鈥檙e a bhari like Mmusi..your currency is weak on these streets!!
No we won't shut up,we want you to put Ramaphosa on front pages and question the R500 000 he got from Bosasa like you did with the VBS saga,Be Consistent Please
Uyaninyisa u lomlungu nizonya nyi...... khuluma wena mlungu basho bonke pic.twitter.com/qMUpjcsnwr
Why are ypu catching feelings, #Agrizzi will confirm the long held suspicion of captured journalists, names will be dropped as of tomorrow just relax. @StateCaptureCom #Bosasa #BosasaBribes
Still arrogant and act as authority on truth and fact.Journalists are no longer gatekeepers Justice, the days of you writing what you think we want to hear and read about are gone-you have lost credibility as the fourth estate and political watchdog-the masses are woke to agendas
Well there lies the problem . A lot of corruption is uncovered in this country but nothing is done about it . Any yet Ramaphosa calls for the private sector to assist in fighting corruption . Why help if there are no consequences!?
To those who look to discredit the media with their #StratCom cries...

#Bosasa #StateCaptureInquiry
Drum it up until the owners come out.
Lack of emotional intelligence is a serious problem for many people
We been wit politics long before 2006 so stop, AGRIZZI will tell it all first thing tomorrow morning ten o'clock he said he gonna postpone his matters.
Oh i guess by now u know adriaan is implicated right? So lets go back from where we started.
people only see and be live what they want to see, fake promises make people blind
Justin all u do is talk rubbish nd nonsense all the time I don't know how u still got the job u are a disgrace to journalism nkunkuma ndini futsek u can't tell us to shut up srhama all u do is talk shit about EFF nkunkuma ndini
Going to be very awkward for these ones to write articles about how the #NewDawn & #ThumaMina brigade will be cleaning corruption. #Agrizzi poured cold water over the whole thing. #AndileRamaphosa the only 鈥渓egitimate benefactor / business person鈥 in the #BosasaBribes saga 馃榾
The problem of the so called "clever blacks" they think everybody is stupid except themselves
Please shut up? Usile wena Justice. Singing for your supper as usual. The people have a right to criticize and question. Yazi you media people think should stop berating the public for always agreeing with you. It鈥檚 allowed
Most stories are broken by white journalists and most awards are received by white journalists, so your task is to defend what they say? Because you never broke any interesting story, just shut up and eat ama hewa, mxm
Ujulukiswa yini Malala vesane ulale usiyeke phansi asisibo abakho isikhathi esethu sizokhuluma ngokuthanda kwethu ungenaphi wena
I think you're missing the point. The majority of people in SA don't care about facts or case studies, which is why we're well on our way to being another failed African state.
Now it鈥檚 2019 stop telling us about 2006...
All orchestrated dirty trick noise created by Fake news merchants
Looks like Bosasa gets blamed on the media. This country citizens are unbelievable. How many times did the media report on Bosasa vs Gupta and because the count is less for the 1st the 2nd is not so guilty. I understand tomorrow we will hear about Zatson, R300k/m.
Agrizzi said basson n his children paid him a visit mos
I've spotted a trend. Those that frequently accuse the media of ignoring specific issues (#Bossasa, #YellowVests, etc.) usually take their news from select television stations. They don't read anything longer than a tweet, ever.
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