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As if the same white people controlling the government aren’t creating 9/11 attacks everyday in the Middle East
Why even post this? Both were absolutely horrible
They can’t be compared... totally different tragedies . Total different time periods.
Was slavery worse than 9/11? Hell yes. But if I was talking about 9/11 and you say “well you know what was worse? Slavery.” I’d probably lose my shit too cause that’s going off on a tangent from politics to shift the talks into race apologetics.
the fact that most Black ppl already knew this..... she’s very bold for actually stating it. I see no lies tho
People who are going off about how the two don’t compare obviously don’t get the point of the tweet.
White people think what Michael Vick did to those dogs was worse than slavery
Because they're so used to doing the terrorizing that they've never recovered from the one time it was done to them
Literally no one has ever compared the two things you massive victim
day 11 into black history month and i am enjoying this tea
Why do people like to play Tragedy/Struggle Olympics on this app lmfao Both were negative events in human history

Stop being a senseless idiot with these tweets that do nothing but spur up controversy, these types of tweets should just be left in the drafts.

Literally no one has ever said this, also didn’t black people work in the towers? I’m not understanding how you are finding a common thread?
She 100% right, whoever triggered. Pull up.
Nah I don’t. It was tragic no doubt, but I think slavery is more comparable to the holocaust though. You know the difference between 9/11 and slavery/holocaust? Most the people in that office probably never faced oppression the ways black people did and Jews did.
Realist tweet of the day. Perhaps of the month...or longer
A lot of us try to downplay slavery like it wasn’t one of the darkest moments in world history. Then we wanna have American pride like we dgaf that American grew from slaughter
Attitude towards 9-11: “Never forget”

Attitude towards Slavery: “Why can’t you people get past that. It was hundreds of years ago”
We could just not compare tragedies
no one thinks that. they both were awful events in different time periods. why are you comparing tragedies for the sake of retweets
White ppl think running out of mayo is worse than slavery.

One day y’all gonna accept they don’t like our black asses.
white people think you should get over slavery because it happened ”a long time ago” but never forget 9/11. smh
White people think everything was worse than slavery
Wypipo don't care about anything that doesn't affect them directly. 👈🏾 this can be applied to any question you have ever haveabout them every single time, I promise you.
What is the point of tweeting this? Both were absolutely horrible
Both are absolutely horrible. That’s like comparing a rapist and a murderer. Saying one is better than the other is just wrong.
I don’t know why people think that you have to explicitly say that 9/11 is worse than slavery for the point to be made. Actions speak louder than words. Every year during 9/11 theres shows, documentaries, and overall talk of 9/11 but when it comes to slavery 🤫🤫
Finally someone said it
I agree slavery was a horrible thing that America people did but why would we compare American tragedies to each other
Because their own was murdered.
This is a stupid tweet but twitter eats it up because it says white people
I mean from their point of view……
no, no we don’t
Sick and tired of seeing “White people this” knowing damn well you’d be at my neck calling me a Racist if I said “Black people always doing this”
These kind of statements will never help race relations in America.
It’s cause it affect them white people only care when something affects them
Crazy considering they caused both🤷🏾‍♀️
Are we really playing the whole “ my tragedy was bigger than your tragedy “ shit? I’m sorry but I’d think that any rational minded person would believe that both were equally terrible and should have never have happened. do people really think that most white folk think this?
White people think a dog in a parked car is worse than slavery
White people think 9/11 was worse than the 9/11 they create every day for people in the Middle East
How TF is this necessary.

Can we not make tragedies into pissing contests. Can we NOT??
That’s because slavery didn’t affect them, but we as black can STILL see and FEEL the effects. It’s literally recorded every. Damn. Day.
Will nationally MOURN a day of terrorism, while collectively telling black people to get over 400 years of terrorism.
Can’t stand some mayos
it doesn’t matter which one was worse because you can’t put something like terrorism or dehumanizing people on a spectrum. BOTH were tragedies.
LMAO I remember in one my undergrad classes we were talking about “conflicts in American history” and I was like “🙋🏾‍♀️slavery” and the professor said “not necessarily” and me and her spent 45 minutes going AT it
I've never heard any white person ever say that so I would like to know who you heard say it
All and all the government don’t give a fuck about none of us the sooner we realize that the sooner we’ll all get along ✌🏽
Both are things left unspoken because they were both terrible acts. I would never compare the two.
They act like this when their own is affected
2019, and people out here comparing which form of human oppression was worse.
I’ll take “responsible for both” for $1000, Alex
y’all weird if y’all compare tragedies.
Lmaoooo so many people mad at this 😂 but ☕️
In history class this white boy said minorities need get over slavery (the conversation was about native Americans) and he was not happy when I told him to keep that same energy about 9/11 but moral of the story white people think 1 bombing is worse than everything we did
Bush orchestrated 9/11. Have a great week
9/11 was nowhere as bad as the years of war so many countries went through and still are going through as a means of retaliation from the US
Dear god, imagine if i said “Black people think slavery was worse than 9/11”... why can’t we all just love each other and stop pin pointing races to different things. jesus christ. we’re all human and that’s what matters
No one is taught true history anymore. It is truly sad, because not knowing history makes it easy for people to repeat it. If it is any consolation, I'm white and I do not think that.
People want to minimize black people's pain. Check out Tariq nasheed. 2020✊
Black people think that white people actually say this stuff
People still grieve 9/11 while black folks are told to "get over" slavery. The bias is subtle but it's there
They think anything that affects them directly is worse than slavery
Never heard a white person say this, but make it a race thing. Both are tragic in American history and are not comparable. Both were evil. Stop making it a black and white thing. Y’all find anything to tie shit into race.
And both parties swear they lived thru it when they obviously didn’t
There’s literally zero white people that think this 😂
bc they never experienced something so traumatizing unlike us .
white people only take things that they experience seriously.
Even though both were caused by white ppl
for so many peope to say they are equol and not to compare the 2, is an example of how ignorant most people are.. 9/11 was a plane crashing causing death for 1 day/generation.. slavery was over 400 years and followed by systematic oppression that is still going on to this day!!
Both are bad? This tweet is dumb as hell
Because they don’t care about the oppression of anyone else but themselves meanwhile they aren’t ever / have never been oppressed and believe that the only threat to them are terrorists bc terrorists kill anyone
They think every tragedy that happens to them is worse then slavery.
You’re a fucking idiot
Never compared the two. They were both absolutely terrible and wrong.
Who the fuck has ever said this ever???????????? God i hate twitter sometimes
Can’t believe this shits on my wall
what kinda white people do y’all be tweeting about ? lmfao i swear y’all just think of the stupidest shit u can think of and pin it on white people. but reverse racism doesn’t exist 🧐
Every year we say “never forget” yet everyday some racist says “get over it”
when both of them were their idea... lets talk about it
They are out of their muthafuckin mind
Are you seriously suggesting that world tragedies are comparable??
for real? you seriously cannot be comparing these two tragedies and saying one is worse than the other. very disrespectful.
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