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this whole grown man apparently don't understand what native means
That dude gotta go back to school
I imagine this was your reaction, 😹
Native American? Nationality?
That’s disrespectfu,l I’m mad for you as a native myself
All u white mfers can own up to stealing Native Americans land but can’t own up for ruining black people’s lives by dragging us out of our home land and makin is work fa u lazy mfers😂a fuckin joke
One time I had told a chick I was Native & she said I was exotic... Hahahaha
It’s literally in the name.... NATIVE....... AMERICAN I’m crying
I had this girl ask me what i was in high school when I said Native she went “holy crap that’s so exotic” I looked at her and said “it’s literally the exact opposite, this is where we’re from”
If anything she got her a foreign guy
We all know this was a black. Along with ‘Latina’ they’ve also ruined the term ‘foreign’ for me. What else is next ?
Since when was native American a nationality....
Lmfao this Atlanta guy told me that “a foreign” is used to refer to any nonwhite baddie 😩😩😩
He should have asked “what’s your clan?” 😂
Things that didn’t happen for 500
Throw the whole man out
this may just be my favorite tweet in existence
Gotta love the American education system 😂🤣😂
“foreign girl” ☠️ no waayyy 😂😂😂
Ayeeeeeee Native gang 🤘🤘🤘
Ik a nigga had to say this
The "got me" part is killing me too
ill take “things that didn’t happen” for 600 alex
Things that never happened
Can't fix that level of stupid...
native americans are not native to this land..
My whole life I was told a lie thinking I was Native American/Mexican. Nope. almost full Peruvian with a little Siberian 🤷🏽‍♀️
if i had a dollar for every time I had an encounter almost identical to this
Today on things that never happened:
That guy needs to learn his history
(Navajo blood right here) HaHa, tell'em What's Up 😹💚✌🏼
A guy once asked me where my parents were born and when I said Mexico he goes “i knew you were exotic!” BOY Mexico is literally across our southern border wym “exotic”???? LMAO
anyone else gonna tell her that Native American isn’t a nationality..?
I relate to this so much
Was he black? Black men use foreign to describe any non black woman tbh
me w my dads 23 and me results
Noooooo.. damn girl surprise you didnt slap him
This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. 😂😂😂
This is only funny if this was a white man she was talking to

Bc I know she didn’t tell a black man, a descendant of slaves this?

Black People were on every continent honey, THE GREAT MIGRATION OUT OF AFRICA. Which should tell you something? 😉😉

I hope you ran the other way 😂
“ Native American “ isn’t a real nationality .... but go awf
“You on my land” im so freakin dead 😂😂😂 tear him up baby girl
So many dumbass people really failed American history in high school 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂💀💀
Idk why but I’m weak af 💀💀💀
I am 💀. You might be lost sir.
This is MY land. 😂
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