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Joy Villa is sporting a border wall-inspired dress at the #Grammys.

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I'm crying because she does this every year and every year we collectively scream "WHO?!"
I’m really getting sick n tired of whoever this is. STAY AT HOME. STOP COMING OUT.
who! keeps! inviting! this! blockbuster employee!
Who’s Joy Villa?!
Not sure who she is but her dress is awful regardless of what it stands for
And it looks just as bad as the wall prototypes.
Bro I'm not tryna make jokes but WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?? LMFAOOO
The only way anyone notices her lol
I decided to read her Wikipedia page and the first paragraph is sending me

“With the exception of Hobgoblins 2, her acting career mostly consists of minor, uncredited appearances on television” 💀💀💀
looks like a jumbo roll of reynolds wrap
can someone in fashion tell me if this looks good
OMG what an amazing idea, she looks so great😍❤️ and so original!!! believe or Not, that's how a lot of us thinks... NO ONE SAID EVER.
Because the only designer who’d let her wear them at the #GRAMMYs was True Value
Joy Villa is an inspiration in the sense that it makes me believe anybody can just walk into the #Grammys
Every year I wonder two things...WHO even is this? And WHO keeps inviting her????????
I’m not even mad at this tragic ass outfit and her blatant self hatred, I’m mad that I don’t even know who the hell she is 💀
elle chaque année elle nous pète les couilles avec son délire Donald Trump but bitch who are you ?
She’s dressed like a Hunger Games tribute from a district where their primary exports are racism and weaponized nationalism.
Why do y’all keep inviting this musty bitch back
who keeps inviting her places
I'm screaming because she supports a wall to keep immigrants out but somehow always manages to sneak into the Grammys when no invited her!
Like the wall her career will never happen
who keeps inviting this bitch
Lookin like a sponsor for great value brand aluminum foil. It's just missing the aluminum foil hat. She loves the negative attention, she does this on purpose for the publicity. She's done it for the last few years. I can never remember her name or why she's even "relevant".
Am I the only one that’s has no idea who she is???
Welp, at least we mexicans didn't pay for that
Wonder if she's aware of what most MAGA folks really think of black people. And women. But I guess it's a realistic attire: only a dofus would think it's a good idea and Mexico sure as hell didn't pay for it.
Looking like post apocalyptic Statue of Liberty.
How does she keep getting invited to red carpet events when she is not famous? She doesn’t do anything to warrant anyone even knowing her name, let alone these little stunts.
She looks like an aluminum foil wrapped prom date reject. The Statue of Liberty is weeping...
she needs to be deported for crimes against fashion.
this bitch is at it again. who invites her ass to these things???
She needs a new act cause even whites don't care anymore
Every year she does this... and every year we forget who she is.
Why do they key inviting this bitch hm? Sounds sus
Who keeps inviting this bitch?
her outfit genuinely looks like it was made in five minutes on a drag race mini challenge
how is it that pro-trump supporters have a go at people for speaking up about the atrocities within america and say that “AWarD sHOws ARe tO0 PolITCaL”

& the minute you get this, they don’t say a fucking word.
proud of her! always fucking up year after year! the dedication! the strength! SO i ask, can you put this dress in a sentence? twitter.com/pagesix/status…
Isn’t she tired of doing this year after year and still no one cares or knows who she is?
Your 15 seconds are long gone....
A border wall inspired dress? I thought this girl was gone. Lol
Three years and I still have no idea who she is and I will continue to not know who she is
Who is the designer? Reynolds Wrap?
how does this joke keep getting invites to award shows?
This is the dumbest timeline.

she wanna be relevant so bad obviously lol
every year this bitch does this and every year we forget who she is the next day
that’s one way to get PR as a D-list celebrity
I wanna beat her ass
bruh she look like my chipotle burrito
Lmao how racist you gotta be to wear a cheese grater to the Grammys
When is she gonna get it through her head that no one knows who she is so her tired looks don’t phase anyone 💀
Her pussy easily smell like provolone cheese dawg
stop inviting this bitch places
Who keeps inviting this woman?? She tries too hard to be controversial
I just want to know exactly what this woman does to attend this show EVERY YEAR with some ridiculous get up. I also wanna know what designer sits there & goes, “oh yeah this is beautiful”.
Who is she and who keeps inviting her
fuck I really want a baked potato now.
Okay but who is she and what she famous for? Cause ON GOD ive never heard of her.
Who is this woman. On a very serious note?
Anyone else wanna throat punch her ?
interesting how she keeps getting invited to the grammy’s when her music is *objectively* bad and her spotify page has only 1,086 monthly listeners. yes i said 1,086.
she does this every year and we still have no idea who the hell she is
can y’all stop inviting this bitch to award shows thank you
Who the fuck invited this raggedy ass again
Yup. Throw the whole thing away.
who keeps bringing her as their plus one?
Why is she invited every year? Somebody tell me one song of hers nominated for a Grammy...actually tell me one song of hers. I’ll wait...?
She’s still out here doing this embarrassing shit for attention....what a bleak existence
LMFAOO imagine having to dress like this to get some attention
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