I'm crying because she does this every year and every year we collectively scream "WHO?!"
Joy Villa is sporting a border wall-inspired dress at the #Grammys.
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@Natural_OneDurr Not gonna google her, will continue to not know her.
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@Natural_OneDurr Every single year sis.
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@Natural_OneDurr @obaa_boni Hates Mexicans but looks like a tamale wrapped in foil. Got it.
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@Natural_OneDurr This is the only reason I know who she is. I haven't heard a note of her music.
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@Natural_OneDurr @ReignOfApril It’s true. She can’t wait for the Grammys bc this is the one time a year she gets attention.
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@Natural_OneDurr My reaction every time I see her in one of her “statements”
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@Natural_OneDurr She’s so irrelevant.....Trump doesn’t even like her
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@Natural_OneDurr @deray seriously who even is this and why is she invited to the grammys in the first place
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@Natural_OneDurr @simonefiasco Whoever she is she looks a "straining" mess!!
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@Natural_OneDurr Look at this gem lol
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@Natural_OneDurr Live pic of me upon seeing her photo
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The question is: who invites her?
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@Natural_OneDurr @sanitythief Her 15 minutes of fame is actually 15 minutes
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@Natural_OneDurr I can’t believe this tweet was a whole two years ago and I still didn’t know those were all her
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If you enjoyed one of my more mundane observations, check out me and the gang bringin the heat
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@Natural_OneDurr @NotGeauxGabby What does she do to qualify for a Grammy? Also completely unrelated she’s dressed like a stainless steal strainer...
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@Natural_OneDurr How does she keep getting invited??
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@Natural_OneDurr @aliyxhh she just wants to be known for this so bad and it’s pathetic but ALSO WHOO keeps inviting her??
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@Natural_OneDurr Sad little token. She makes me think of people dressed as Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty standing on a busy franchise strip with an sign advertising a President’s Day sale at discount rug outlet. Foolish racist’s mascot.
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@Natural_OneDurr @ReignOfApril No but for serious— don’t make me google her name during #BlackHistoryMonth2019
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@Natural_OneDurr @semisexuaI how does she manage to get invited every year its so confusing
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Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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@Natural_OneDurr She does that and every time we’re like
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@Natural_OneDurr Chilee that “build the wall” dress was worse 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
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@Natural_OneDurr @alexgwriter Okay, but I seriously have no idea who she is. 😂😂😂
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@Natural_OneDurr Black Twitter: ....

Joy Villa:
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@Natural_OneDurr The "Entertainment career" section of her Wikipedia page is literally just three lines about her actual career, then the rest is all about her Grammy dresses over the years. That really says all you need to know about her.
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@Natural_OneDurr @deray The wall dress does seem to be successful at keeping cultural relevance away from her.
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@Natural_OneDurr Lmao that was my exact thought. Who tf is this dumb bitch?!
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@Natural_OneDurr Just a little about her back story
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@Natural_OneDurr @kobillest this my first time seeing her on my tl
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LITERALLY!!! still don’t know what she does except dress like a twat at the Grammys every year lmao
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@Natural_OneDurr @zochada And I still don’t know who tf she is 😂
1 2
@Natural_OneDurr I would like to first say these events should be about the entertainment not politics, but...If this a democrat wearing something about their agenda everyone would be praising their bravery. Nothing brave about doing something where the majority agrees with you! #Grammys2019
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@Natural_OneDurr @LiquorNmusic So unacceptable. Especially being of black, Argentinian, and Native American descent. Highly despicable.
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@Natural_OneDurr Ok but why are the Grammys still inviting her???
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@Natural_OneDurr I still have no idea who she is
0 3
Koko the Sea Witch 🐚🦑🐡🐙
No but for real, who is she??
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but rlly tho.. WHOOO tf is this
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@Natural_OneDurr @hannnnah4 literally us tho every single year 😂😂😂
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@Natural_OneDurr FACTS 😂😂 @JNICExi when you sent the video I was like “who tf even is this”
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Seriously tho, who is she?
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Milk Chocolate Chip Skylark ©️
Real life I didn’t know of her existence until this moment 🤷🏾‍♂️
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but for real other than the girl who dresses like this every year who is she???
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Who keeps inviting her?!?💁🏽‍♀️
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She looks like a cheese grater
0 2
Waittttt💀💀💀they dead ass don’t know who she is EVERY single year
0 2
These dresses aren’t even enough to make me look her up
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With her Drag Race second queen to go home "I don't know how to sew, I lip sync" looking gowns 🙄
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I feel she only gets invited so she can wear these outfits while everyone is screaming “WHO LITERALLY IS SHE?”
0 2
No, but seriously who... who is that???
0 2
@Natural_OneDurr @ShakesThaDon Genuinely confused on who she is ...
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@Natural_OneDurr i have no idea who this bitch is... but ... this ... ain’t it...
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@Natural_OneDurr This how I know the Grammys aren't shit because they keep inviting her.
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@Natural_OneDurr @palocma Black Twitter....don’t waste your breath on this lady. It’s not worth it.
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@Natural_OneDurr Good Lord! At this point I don't understand why you're not verified. 🤣😂🤣
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@Natural_OneDurr @makeupmulan she filmed some maga music video at my work, without asking permission, and now we refuse her service. she sends her weird ass husband to get her hot chocolate when she’s in town.
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