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I just got 15% gayer.
I am now 115% gay.
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215 2,342
It’s what we deserve.
192 683
She does the Lord’s good work.💜
73 712
If Beyoncé/ Lady Gaga/ Ariana/ Bruno Mars had pulled this off, the internet would be losing its damn mind. RESPECT, Janelle Monae.
60 619
So.... when is She-Ra going to get around to recruiting @JanelleMonae into the rebellion?
59 617
@StoryofEverest @emoblackthot she came and did exactly what she had to do
7 593
This is a fucking triumph.
37 531
@StoryofEverest So I haven't listened to new music since around 2000 & uhh... is music back? Nobody told me music was back.
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4 500
@StoryofEverest @JohhnyHaze First time ever hearing of her, but that’s total Prince. And we need more Prince. Is the rest of her music like this?
6 461
@StoryofEverest The #Bi+ #Bisexual #Pansexual #Queen we all deserve. Be still my #Queer little heart.
26 365
Or if you just want to watch it on repeat.
54 241
The heir apparent to Prince.
24 236
@StoryofEverest Sorry friends, the Moonwalk belongs to her now. Rules are rules.
4 254
@StoryofEverest @emoblackthot ‘Girl you make me🎺boy you make me🎺🎺’ 😭😭😭
16 232
@StoryofEverest 1) Prince is having a party in the afterlife and he's dancing away to that swag and vibe 2) Janelle Monae is here to remind people this is the 21st century. Dammit.
6 233
OMFG!!!!!!!! I AM ALIVE!!!!!!!
31 157
Jen '100% Dragon Age trash' Williams
ok so 2019 might be giving us a load of shit, but, it has also given us this 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜
20 149
a babe, a genius, a luminary
14 151
Hi, I’ve been a @JanelleMonae Stan for over a decade and it’s just an honor and privilege to keep watching this icon level up.
10 142
Her live shows have this same mix of absolute precision & unleashed joy.

(One secret might be shoes that are sexy & sturdy at the same time.)
16 134
god is a queer black woman 💗💕❤️💚💗💚💞💞💝❤️💘💜🧡💗💖💚💖💜💜💓🧡💝💛💛💜💚💙💓💞🧡💝💛💞💚💓💙💗💚❤️❤️💝💞💞💚💓💚💙💙❤️🧡💝💘💕💘💛💛💜💙❤️
29 114
🤖💊kiku hughes💊🤖 book sprint
im literally crying she's so good
20 114
It was perfection.
18 115
Big Prince Energy. 💜 Love it.
15 117
fuuuuuuuck this is so good
10 114
I’m so relieved @JanelleMonae exists.
30 90
Joby Hollis 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺
The world does not deserve Janelle Monae
16 102
Christopher Dean 💁🏻‍♂️
Janelle Monae, una cantante negra y queer que salió del armario el año pasado, lo enseña sin vergüenza en el escenario más grande de EEUU. ESTO es representación LGBT. 🏳️‍🌈💗

Si no la conocéis ya, estáis tardando mucho. #GRAMMYs
21 93
she’s out there being a fucking ICON and y’all still hyping up mediocre cishets as lgbt icons?? i’m tired of it
17 89
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19 86
13 92
It’s so inspiring to see one of my friends from high school OWNING THE MOTHERFUCKING GRAMMY STAGE! Love you @JanelleMonae you deserve all this and more!
4 101
If Prince, MJ, and Madonna had a child.
19 72
This video just got me pregnant.
12 77
What did we do to deserve @JanelleMonae ?
15 72
You’re welcome. Good night!
10 72
Mais comment elle a pu avoir aucun Grammy ptn... Imma sue
25 53
@StoryofEverest she's too good for this industry
1 76
talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
7 63
Voor Ronald Molendijk.
5 65
@StoryofEverest @arlenparsa Like Prince and Janet Jackson combined
3 66
@StoryofEverest The Purple One would have been proud of that performance.
1 67
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21 43
I'm still sweating
8 56
Jesus fucking Christ I’m losing my mind
2 62
@StoryofEverest Come thru with the Prince, MJ & James Brown vibes 🖤🖤🖤
1 63
watching this 8 times in a row is still not enough ugh 😍
11 49
Black bisexual excellence
12 44
Calvin-Ask me about my lightsaber card game! 🇲🇾
It's not just because she uses his actual dance moves, but Janelle is the only artist who's ever given me the same vibes and emotional hits as Michael Jackson.
8 45
5 48
Can someone please explain to me how this android didn't receive a Grammy? She's one of the best performers in this generation of music, has been making incredible albums for 10 years and actually knows how to be original.

But of course, the no-decorum Cardi B gets celebrated.
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12 40
Jen Mac Ace Neptune Ramos 🇵🇭
we do not deserve the greatness of Janelle Monáe
10 41
@StoryofEverest Thank you for posting this!
0 49
This is why I Twitter.
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7 41
bisexuals win once again fuck the straights
3 45
The fact Janelle Monáe has never won a Grammy is the reason why deep down the Grammy’s are a farce🙃
6 40
@StoryofEverest i can't believe janelle monae invented music
3 43
Morning joy: @JanelleMonae's #GRAMMYs performance. My queer heart is full.
2 44
Me, pounding pulpit furiously: And I say unto you, what have you done with your life to be deserving of Janelle Monae's presence in it?
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10 35
5 40
Michael. Prince. Janelle.
1 44
Wait for 4:19 for a surprise
4 40
I love every single thing about Janelle Monae & her artistry and aesthetic, but for some reason what really does it for me here is the detail on her shoes. PERFECTION.
7 36
Like, truly, kacey WHO
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4 39
@StoryofEverest Really love the Prince nods.
0 43
The way Janelle Monae makes us feel? TURBO GAY.
3 39
Project this on the Louvre
3 39
Welp. I regret to inform men that I'm a full-time gay, now.
4 37
Holy shamoley - I just got chills watching that. @JanelleMonae is... whoa.
1 39
She wins everything. Also, she’s a true musical genius, student of her craft, visionary and moves like silk. Janelle Monae really is the best of the best. She is making her mentor Prince very proud.
3 36
watch for your health
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5 33
Janelle Monae is pride in beautiful omnisexual fully integrated human form. Don’t believe me. Watch this.
3 32
This is literally one of her best televised performances in so proud of her and it's so queer 😭💖💖
4 30
@StoryofEverest OMG this is wonderful - thank you! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I've watched the whole dirty computer video so many times that I've lost count 😀
0 34
THE MASHUP WITH D’JANGO JANE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
1 31
O. M. G. Janelle Monae at the #GRAMMYs 💥🌈💜🤩
6 25
The future liberals want to see. Power to the people.
4 27
Janelle Monáe. Så galet bra.
4 27
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