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This bitch is legendary.
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@chesterjonesjnr She had to remind them that she's multi talented in case they forgot.
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@chesterjonesjnr Her name ain’t Alicia “keys” for no reason
91 1,315
@chesterjonesjnr @_cynthiaaa2 *my wig has left the chat*
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@chesterjonesjnr Ella Mai looked so honored
22 991
🌹🥀😏 conceited 😏🥀🌹
@chesterjonesjnr @Lilraerae_ So we just pretend to not notice that my new celebrity crush Ella Mai is not Fucken Gorgeous 😩😍😋
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27 596
@chesterjonesjnr Do NOT refer to Alicia Keys in that manner.
50 479
Suge Lite✨ 🇭🇹🇪🇷
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10 332
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27 215
Man Alicia Keys is fireeeeee, always has been and always will be! Bye 😍😍😍😍
32 137
@chesterjonesjnr @TheeOnlyOciera Kings of Leon did not make a beautiful song like this for her to butcher the lyrics in the beginning 😭... but I love my Alicia this was it
6 144
not only did she tek a gyal man but she come sing bout him also.
33 105
29 89
I do not & i repeat DO NOT appreciate you calling her the b word
25 72
Period. Serious question. Why is she never in the conversation of female GOATs? 🤔
17 59
idc what y’all say,

alicia keys isn’t a terrible artist/singer/performer. ive been a fan since i was like 12. i wanted to be a singer so bad and learn the piano because of her.
12 63
Can we talk about how Alicia Keys is literally an Angel walking on earth??????? How does one achieve the level of perfection?????
25 48
never refer to alicia keys in this way ever again .
12 61
@chesterjonesjnr Boyyyy i love some Alicia Keys🥰😩
4 67
@chesterjonesjnr So. Did her skin clear up or is she back to wearing makeup
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And THAT'S why she has 15 Grammies.
12 39
Oooooooo the stuff I would do to this woman. And look at Ella mai big forehead fine ass too
7 42
alicia keys towers cardi b. sorry not sorry 🤤
9 35
Will forever have a crush on her
9 31
she still is undefeated
13 24
Why does she have to be a bitch? lol it’s @aliciakeys brotha. Put some respect on her name.
7 30
@chesterjonesjnr @sju4rez I love this but it aggravated tf out of me how she botched the lyrics in the beg.. I love this song 😩
1 36
that ain't no bitch, that's a Goddess
7 27
NOBODY is near her level
13 20
Unpopular opinion but it’s always been Alicia > Beyoncé
3 30
they dont call her Alicia “keys” for nothing, she did that!
11 21
1 29
This *queen is legendary. watch ya mouth.
3 26
I’ve literally watched this countless number of times today and I still get chills, girl literally on fireeeee
10 17
Ella Mai’s reaction to Alicia singing her song is priceless❤️
9 16
Unpopular opinion: I think Alicia keys is a better singer than Beyoncé
8 17
She so fucking talent bruh 🥰
8 17
Y’all I don’t think you understand how iconic this performance was. 2 pianos and a dope mashup? I wish I wrote those songs too
5 20
5 20
@chesterjonesjnr @_DarthBader Ella’s reaction was so cute & genuine! 😍🙌🏽🥰🔥 Alicia did THAT!
0 25
Sis really did that!!!! If you’re a musician or educated/done research on anything about music, you know why this was legendary
4 20
She killed every single bit of that
3 21
When she hit that lauryn hill 🤩
7 16
There is absolutely nothing Alicia Keys can’t do.
7 15
Jesus why is she the finest 🤦🏻‍♀️
2 20
this WOMAN* is legendary. yes, she is.
6 15
And athletes wanna tell us “I can’t”...go to sleep child, she is singing WHILST playing on not one, but two pianos. #YouAreYourMaker
3 18
She snapped with this one
4 16
This shit gave me straight chills, fucking queen 🏆
4 16
8 11
Ella’s reaction when she switched to boo’d up 😭😭😭 so sweet
6 13
Please refrain from calling her a bitch
5 14
𝔫𝔲𝔟𝔦𝔞𝔫 𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫
@chesterjonesjnr Every part she played..
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Curly headed Black lil cool Kid
The problem with Alicia Keys has never been that sis can’t sing and perform the problem is she’s an Alto that cant accept she’s an alto and keeps trying to be a soprano. Alicia can sing her ass off when she’s within her range lol.
6 12
Thought she was gonna start playing box clever
3 15
Alicia keys is legendary* tf
7 10
Alicia Keys will always be THAT woman. she will always be legendary. WOW i’m living for this
4 13
Y’all been sleeping on Alicia Keys 👏🏾👏🏾
3 14
@chesterjonesjnr @MonicaRose24 The caption should just say “Legend”
1 16
I get lost in Alicia keys’s talent man. Been watching this same video for hours smh.
6 10
A literal angel from heaven
4 12
I know I’m not the only one that gets the chills when she sings. This woman is amazing
4 12
3 13
This woman is amazing 👏🏾
6 9
This woman is legendary *
4 11
She really snapped snapped on us
3 12
she had to remind everyone who tf she is and she is A FUCKIN LEGEND
3 12
2 13
im in the library having a whole moment. my heart is smiling, crying, everything rn. ugh ❤️
6 8
You can’t find talent like this nowadays
7 6
Just listen to her voice.
5 8
Her voice and everything about her is just so beautiful!
5 8
Man she different !🔥
4 9
This *WOMAN is legendary
4 9
A true queen and a beautiful soul. I will love her forever
4 9
so upset i missed this last night
3 10
She ain’t no bitch, that’s a goddess. OK OK
2 11
god is a WOMAN!!!!
1 12
Why they just ain’t have Alicia do the black history tribute doing something like this !
5 7
How she not win a Grammy on the spot?
3 9
I will always be in love with Alicia Keys
3 9
This is so fucking dope
2 10
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