Travis Scott’s reaction to not winning a Grammy tonight 😔
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Travis went above and beyond on Astroworld and everyone knows it, fkn robbed and fuck the Grammys
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I feel like Drake speech was directed to Travis “If you’re a hero in your hometown. You don’t need this right here. you already won.” Keep ya head up @trvisXX your real fans know the work you put into that album
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That’s that “aight y’all gon feel me” head nod. He didn’t win a Grammy but it’s all good because this is gonna spark a fire in him to create something crazy... I’m excited
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@astrotravy If @kanyewest was here .. wait wait wait imma let y’all finish but Travis Scott had the best album of the year !! We need henny Ye back 🥺
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@astrotravy kylie out here really lookin like
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@astrotravy Grammys irrelevant anyways. Fans opinion beats all
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@astrotravy i can tell he really wanted it :/
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Kylie was mad mad I need a girl to support me this hard 😤
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@astrotravy travis im so fkn sorry😖
19 702
@astrotravy After all the work after all the patience after all the creativity and vibes and all the dope shit that made astroworld they just go and do him like this maan 😭😭😭
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Wait so that aint MJ next to travis
82 388
That’s that “they gone feel me” nod 💯..
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@astrotravy AstroWorld was better than Cardi B album..
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89 303
@astrotravy i feel like trav should make an album wit no features nd just go off
13 372
Bro Kylie genuinely looks sad for Trav 😭😭😭 Travis was robbed smh
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His hardwork was soo visible, he went and did the most he could. only to be fucked over.
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@astrotravy First glance I thought Kylie was young Michael Jackson
13 233
aw kylie “you ok?” my hEart
15 224
gotta feel for him, man had a crazy 2018.
28 209
they played him his album was damn near perfect, he deserved period.
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@astrotravy We all know Astro World was the best it doesn’t need any award to show that it’s the best of all
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Bertram is a Celtics Fan ☘️
@astrotravy Astro world wasn’t the best rap album. Neither was Cardis album.
17 152
fuck the grammy’s bro , mans did beyond great and still wasn’t awarded for it
34 113
Astroworld wasn’t even all that, no shade, just facts
32 112
@astrotravy Grammys literally mean nothing anymore tbh all these great artist be getting robbed. I’m not even a die hard fan of Travis Scott but Astroworld was just amazing
6 132
I’m high asf I thought Travis Scott was sitting next to Micheal Jaccson😭
16 121
How can 4 seconds make me so sad smfh....
29 107
At first i thought Kylie was Michael Jackson
22 101
Im sorry pero Astroworld fue un masterpiece, esto no se hace
45 77
Wtf why does Kylie Jenner look like Michael Jackson
21 87
@astrotravy Kylie looks more heated than Travis
3 103
kylie so cute for asking if he’s ok😭
18 87
All that pandering for white acceptance and they still didn’t pat him on the head the way he wanted them to.
44 57
Kylie looking like Michael Jackson
20 70
I’m not the biggest fan of Travis Scott but I feel like he should’ve got it the most out of all of them. Not cause I feel for him but cause his album had the most buzz and spotlight
13 76
@astrotravy How did gods plan win over sicko mode
1 86
that wasn’t very sicko mode of the grammys
13 71
@astrotravy I have never seen an artist put so much effort into an album/tour to deserve absolutely nothing
9 74
The only song y’all fucked with off his album was “sicko mode” and y’all expect him to win a Grammy ? Lmao y’all wild 😂
24 55
I love Cardi don’t get me wrong but he deserved it hands down but all these awards are based off being mainstream so 🤷🏾‍♀️
21 58
Am I the only one who thinks Travis got robbed tonight... what else does this man need to do...? What didn’t he do last year/ this year.
12 64
No disrespect to Cardi at all because I loved invasion of privacy but astroworld was one of the best rap albums in the last 10 years, Travis Scott was robbed. Don’t @ me.
17 58
He 110% should have won a Grammy.
9 47
Do y’all realize how much effort and energy Trav put into Astroworld ?
15 40
Travis deserved that grammy
14 38
Bra he not that good😂 y’all think sicko mode is the best song ever
10 39
cardi b on instagram talkin ab how she worked her ass off on her album for 3 months - astroworld took trav a couple YEARS .. was ahead of its time production wise . overall legendary project by a legendary artist . the accolades never outweigh the listeners . stay up 🐐 @trvisXX
2 46
@astrotravy @austininahoodie Travis Scott whispering to himself:
“But I made Sicko Mode???”😂
2 45
@astrotravy KOD was the album of the year but we not ready for that conversation
1 46
Kylie looks like Michael Jackson
2 43
10 32
Not to hate on Cardi but he definitely had the better album
7 34
why kylie look like MJ tho
10 28
Astroworld will go down as the most timeless and carefully crafted hip hop album of our generation but popularity vote overrules it with you weird ass cardi b fans
8 29
So what they’re saying is if aliens came down and said show us your best music and we will let your planet live, we would show them cardi b
4 32
Travis deserved that shit bruh
3 33
He rey come so different watch y’all heads
5 30
Astroworld was head and shoulders better than any rap album that came out this past year and one of the best rap albums since 2010. Trav getting robbed of a Grammy is an understatement.
6 28
why does kylie look like mj doe
1 30
fuck the grammy's.... smh
4 26
Astroworld is 11/10 he was deffo robbed
7 22
fave was 100% robbed. but we know the gr*mmys are not a credible source for talent so.......
2 26
this makes me so sad, i’m about to go listen to Can’t Say.
9 18
Kylie Jenner? Or Michael Jackson?
3 24
This really hurts my heart
8 18
Astroworld was album of the year.
5 21
sorry ale travis wlozyl w astroworld tyle pracy i energii ze nalezalo mu sie to grammy. nie jest to jego najlepszy album ale z tych co byly.... im sorry ale zaslugiwal
2 24
1 24
Unpopular opinion but Travis should’ve won that Grammy over Cardi. Politics tho
6 18
My heart💔 he doesn’t need an award to prove he wrote an amazing album tho. The Grammys are a scam anywaysss, even Drake said it.
3 21
Did he not listen to Drake? Calm down
2 22
Imagine turning your back on the culture and preforming at the world's worst superbowl to have white people not give you a Grammy anyway. Yikes.
7 16
I’d be upset too if i put 3 years of work into an album and then Cardi wins bc she slapped 3 good singles and 10 throwaways into an album
4 19
cardi b is completely trash I hope offset cheats on her again
4 19
Dire qu’il a sorti le meilleur album de la décennie 😔
2 20
Why tf kylie jenner look like michael jackson lmao
2 20
He deserves it more then anyone
8 13
He don't need that. Teve uma filha, sold out shows em horas, os fãs amam ele, álbum Platinum, singles Platinum, Superbowl Halftime Show, collabs com a Nike, provavelmente a merch dele deve ter sido a que mais vendeu entre artistas... entre outras merdas
6 15
I'm not a fan of his music but hard to think he didnt get robbed. I can't name one song off Cardi's album whereas Travis had several topping the charts
5 16
astro deserves it hands down
4 17
next album he comin harder i promise you
3 18
At least he gotta sit next to Michael Jackson
2 19
Astroworld is trash. Debate your dead grandma.
13 7
Unpopular opinion but I don’t think in any of his categories that he deserved to win it 🤷🏾‍♂️
6 14
𝓋𝒶𝓁𝑒𝓇𝒾𝑒 🥂
astroworld was a fuckin banger & fuck all y’all who think otherwise
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