y’all knew it was coming
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Choupette après la lecture du testament
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@igottabluecoat why is this starting to slap
26 585
@igottabluecoat This video is what sleep paralysis feels like
22 460
@igottabluecoat @LilNasX Real shit I’ve actually been full on laughing at this for so long.
17 406
@igottabluecoat This beat sounds like Squidward playing the clarinet
5 200
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
41 142
@igottabluecoat the claps are right on time and i can’t stop laughing
1 128
Naaaaaa there is no way this should be as funny as it is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
31 80
while hall here peep my new song please 👨🏾‍💻
8 86
@igottabluecoat this sounds like my year 8 music project 🤣
0 74
@igottabluecoat when the poop dealer throws in a extra 1.5
3 68
@igottabluecoat I bet he can hit a clean cat daddy
0 70
@igottabluecoat How could we know this was coming????? 😂😂😂
0 68
I know my brain is deteriorating because this is the kind of shit I find funny now
12 54
Cardi B and Blueface are the only rappers that can rap on beat to this
15 45
A peak into the inside of my brain
14 42
The clap sends me lmaooooooo
7 36
@igottabluecoat I need to know the whole song wyd
0 36
how do i explain to locals why this is funny
8 27
Ima try to teach my cat to do this 😂
7 28
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣 wtf
3 31
trippy tyler in his room making music while his mom yells to turn it down from across the house
3 30
Lmfao why this remind me of the beats Daniel was making on insecure
12 19
y’all betta be careful before blueface use this as a beat
5 22
How they get the cat to do that?
4 23
me just thinking about @Pluckers
3 21
when you hit your sibling hard and they can’t snitch because they hit you first
4 19
People 100 years in the future gonna see this and try to decipher what the fuck this means
3 20
Mdrrrrrrr imaginez devoir expliquer ça à un gars qui vient de débarquer sur Twitter
3 15
I was wondering where nike has been for the last 13 days...
2 16
Me-“can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep tonight”

My cat at 3 am -
2 16
Eddie ❝big bitch energy❞ Brock
Professor: Pay attention, this will be important to remember for the exam.

My dumbass brain:
4 13
@igottabluecoat This music is the most foul thing ive ever heard in my life.
1 16
if blueface made beats 💀💀
3 12
this keeps getting simultaneously worse and better
2 13
When you let a dude play you the music he’s been working on this is always how it sounds
3 11
Over een week is deze beat ineens fire
2 12
The Clap is Killing Me 💀
2 11
@igottabluecoat @LauraBrathwaite what death grips video is this from?
1 12
This probably what Demilich sound like to my gf
0 13
This cat been dancing on my TL for a solid 6 years
0 13
professor: this will be on the test so please listen carefully

my brain:
2 10
when @paxkrunning be like “yo sari what u think of this beat”
4 7
@igottabluecoat This sounds like an Animal Crossing remix. I can picture my person running through town trying to catch fish and insects so I can sell them to Tom Nooks cheap ass @Shaniquashante
0 11
im mad this beat startin to slap 💀
0 11
This is Luna when I’m not home
0 11
He hitting that hard 👊🏽😂😂
1 9
Didn’t know I could laugh this hard
1 9
catch me at a 2045 college lecture explaining why this is funny
1 8
@igottabluecoat @LIMPBIZKlT Me talking to my cats: Hey you guys want some treats? My cats:
0 9
Don’t ask me why but this...... this made me think of @yamilethhrangel ... like this is her in a video idk
3 5
2 6
We leave bubba alone for ONE WEEKEND smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ @dr3amgerl
1 7
This sounds like the projects I be handing into my production teacher 😭
2 5
When @__lemongrab and I back up dance for @15thcat in the club 💃🏽😂
1 6
Why is this so funny😂😂😂
1 6
imagine trying to explain this to our kids
1 6
I need to teach my cat how to do this ASAP
1 6
played this out loud in class i
0 7
This a DJ Wea$el beat?
0 7
The clap will never not be funny lmaooooo
0 7
sums up animal crossing
2 4
My final brain cell. That is all.
2 4
My humor is done. This is hilarious😂😂😂
1 5
Damn @russdiemon released a new track it’s fire bro!! 🔥🔥🔥 Straight Fire bro
1 5
@Eve_EHay @reneemascaro this is what henley does when he goes out
1 5
@igottabluecoat @Krissi2197 THE CUT AT :03 FINISHED ME 🤣
0 6
this is what my brain looks like
1 4
@Grandmaster3MC okay this one is the funniest
1 4
I h8 that I’ve watched this 10 times and can’t stop laughing
1 4
1 4
Charlie everytime she made it to the window before I’d throw her onto the couch @jessiecantdance @eveagler_ @kaitlynfranz
1 4
@igottabluecoat @LilNasX Alright this shit is starting to slap
0 5
This is how Chloe was the other night when @sammihopkins @babbyyyleeee @AshleyxMills and @ThuggieDee were having a dance party in my apartment 🙃🙃
0 5
Karım ve nişanlımın ruhu duymadan 10 /10 luk flörtümle çok iyi bir gün geçirmişimdir.
0 5
me at 8am after my 6th double espresso
0 5
I just noticed the cat grows humans hands when it claps and it’s fucking ugly
0 5
2 2
quand Tom Nook te facture ta maison a 800 000 clochettes
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2 2
This sound like my middle school band recital with a lil sprinkle of bass
2 2
dawg what IS THIS? LMAO
2 2
Stuck in traffic type beat
1 3
llego tu marido negra💍🇩🇴
i’m screaming
1 3
Gotta be my pinned tweet sorry not sorry
1 3
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