Proper etiquette to greeting ya partna’s girls
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@1Thomas_ All you gotta do is give the one arm half hug and walk away. Simple.
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ㄖ𝔻𝕚 𝕘𝕪𝕒𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕞 𝕤𝕦𝕘𝕒𝕣ㄖ
@1Thomas_ This so funny kuz how she tried to do the head nod too 😂😂
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144 3,718
@1Thomas_ Gabby took that handshake like a boss!!
58 2,569
This is Law ..
500 1,482
137 1,693
This me unless I personally already know the girl
346 1,078
@1Thomas_ @BTM__11 they use to pretend i wasn’t there 💀 would speak to him and walk straight past me
51 1,218
😭😭😭😭😭 @itsgabrielleu
105 795
Gabrielle such a G
114 705
@1Thomas_ LOL J Cole too real for this 🤣
22 631
We dappin up our homies girls from now on kings
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You can hug your homeboy’s girl, it’s okay. Not a chest to chest hug but you can give a lil church hug and go lol She’s still a woman
125 410
I'm giving my partner girl a hug because I think of my people as family she my sister now until my brother tells me shawty a goofball
133 401
@1Thomas_ @headshotpeters_ Cole smashed I can see it in the way they looked at each other
27 477
me greeting someone I’m fucking on the low
185 297
when y’all meet my girl this is what i expect
46 404
Facts don’t hug my folks
105 269
If u Cant trust yo mans & yo girl wit a hug yal dont need 2 be fw each other lmao
67 277
@1Thomas_ @JkarLiah I’ll take a plain handshake pls lol
3 333
Yea them hugs be a lil to much just dap my bitch up keep it moving 🤣🤣
60 265
this shit be making me feel part of the group like yes I’ll go hit some licks w yall 😂😂😂😂
48 213
Aye I dap all my homies girls up 😂
44 213
A dap or the ass out neck tap, not a full on hug. Have some respect.
53 185
All he had to do was give her a one armed hug
44 188
@1Thomas_ @ohiafterdark It's crazy cause some of the patnahs girls be hella awkward and act like they don't know how to do a damn hand shake.
11 213
@1Thomas_ @_Motsoaledi I wouldn't mind this at all...I don't mind hugs either...whatever boundary is set,is the one I'd respect. A greeting with respect above all is welcome
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9 215
Exactly. Don’t get too friendly wit my girl
42 171
Yeah....I feel some type of way if a dude daps my wife’s hand that damn hard
37 172
@1Thomas_ @Jd__4short i get so weirded out when my bfs friends hug me unless they know i’m cool with it
1 176
Mfs in riverside need to take notes
34 141
Please don’t dap me up.

A proper hug or handshake will do.
66 100
If my man dapped my girl like this I’d look at him like he was crazy lol
52 109
Ima be 💯 with y’all... that’s trash... you better hug my wife with respect instead of giving a disrespectful ass hand shake...
20 129
So many people weren’t raised right and don’t understand this.
Then think you trippen when you say something.
24 116
If this caption ain’t some insecure shit
35 104
on god this me ion hug no other girl
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17 121
ice bear cried, but just inside.
Honestly, cause I hate when niggas start to getting overly friendly whenever a girl is around.
50 85
Honestly, proper as fuck.
43 81
@1Thomas_ @Fyve_official ON MY MOMMA I do this & I even take it a step further

IF MY POTNA DONT ACTUALLY INTRODUCE ME TO HIS GAL! I’m not gon even speak to her at all!

Not being rude jus boundaries #Facts
12 110
Lmaoooo yes I have so much respect for men who dap me up. If you’re gonna hug me hug my man too
19 96
@1Thomas_ Ill just chuck her the duece.. ill allow her to reach for the hug whenever gets comfortable.
1 111
DatPart 🎯
19 92
some of y’all need to see this
28 80
COLE a real nigga😂
28 78
See how he didn’t go in for a hug JUST because she’s a woman? TAKE NOTES PLZ THIS IS WHAT WE WANT
18 86
Gabrielle so certified . OG .
32 61
sjsksk i love when guys greet me like this i feel like one of the boys™
19 73
@1Thomas_ How ya doin my dude: *daps and hug*

Nice to meet u ma'am: *fist bump*

Now in the South we hug everybody but she will get the half hug
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11 78
This dude really just a great human being in every way he acts
5 79
24 58
I try to always abide.
5 74
@1Thomas_ @e_ravelo10 Na theres some other shit goin on here. Right after the pic was taken her whole face changed from smile to lookin irritated. n for a sec after he daps up wade he just stares at her n she got this face like yea what ever mofuka the whole time they dappin up. Peep her expressions
5 70
Because your nigga’s friends are not your friends.
29 40
Looool is it that deep
6 57
I stay dapping up females 😂 they be bamboozled
15 47
Negative, he could’ve shook her hand gently like the lady she is...that was tacky AF.
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14 48
On God 💯😂 just dap my girl up don’t hug her
13 49
On gang y’all gettin dapped up. “Wattup fonem”
“Ite lil bro”
4 58
Twitter drag everything lmao
9 49
@1Thomas_ Theres a code, its unspoken unless everybodys been around each other for awhile, but for new girlfriends...
7 46
If you know me, I'ma dap you, ya girl, ya kids, ya dog, ya fridge. Everybody dapped up cuz that's luv
5 48
@1Thomas_ @thejacquegarcia She dapped him up better than most guys 👀
1 52
Nah fr. Dap my girl up like she one of the homies lmao .
9 40
man I got called weird for this before
8 41
I will dap a girl up in a heartbeat. I don’t need to be hugging on you if your my guy’s girl
12 36
Proper way to greet any girl
20 26
My first mind is always to go for the handshake, it's only if your homie's girl is comfortable and been around u enough that SHE will go for the hug, and even then the 1 arm half hug is the way, but u do have some who are kool with a full hug, it's all love.
5 40
Strong daps for the misses always
11 31
@1Thomas_ @Haiti_Boyyy Honestly I hesitate to dap my homies girls up.. but for now on yea about to get a stinger from hell. Lmao
1 41
facts niggas be tryna bear hug your girl right in front of you
11 29
Half-hug or she get dapped up too
5 34
!!!!!! HIGHKEY
13 25
My homies girl will be lucky if I even talk them girl idk you lmfaoooooo
12 26
frigus fumus
These niggas wanna hug ya girl
Follow on social media dm her
Like pics
From now on you getting yo ass beat if you ain’t as platonic as Cole rn
9 29
I honestly love doing this too. It’s a form of respect lol
9 29
Me with my boyfriends friends bc they think I’m still a man
8 30
Gotta dap up the lady dudes too. This is what feminism is about.
5 33
Gabby dapped Cole like a real nigga 😂😂
14 23
ask about me 😂😂 all handshakes my brotha.. respectful thing to do
7 30
🤣🤣🤣😭 why is this facts
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12 24
You weird if your homie gotta dap up your girl... lol
10 26
on god! Daps only
10 25
It really be like that 😂
7 28
Gabrielle's dap was so crisp tho. 😍
4 31
No predatory and gross tins biaa. High 5 baako p3 then we move
11 22
The realest. Motherfuckers out here ululating at your girl when they see her. Wenzani shlama
6 27
@1Thomas_ Some girls’ so used to getting hugged all the time, when you try to go in for a handshake they thinking you trying to start a team ultimate jutsu
2 31
Better take notes
10 22
I find it so disrespectful when niggas don’t say hi to someones lady... don’t sweat, just acknowledge her presence 😂
6 26
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