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Today we celebrate #PresidentsDay. Here’s to two of my favorites, 41 and 43. Grateful for their service to our country. 🇺🇸

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Having a penchant for committing war crimes is inheritable, apparently
Look forward to your Presidency!!
& a future President!!!
Definitely two of my favorites, as well
They certainly have grown in stature, compared to #45
Nice pic of the 3 Georges
The Bush Family is an honorable and respectable one, and has served our country faithfully!!!
Wasn’t a fan of some of their politics, but they’re great men.
Ok some good some bad but I respect them. Unlike the one we have now who I do not respect.
Let there never be another Bush President. Although they’re looking pretty good compared to Trump...
What an incredible picture! #PresidentsDay 🇺🇸❤️🙏
My favorites too. Happy President's Day. Love them so much ❤️
Beautiful Picture. I think George P needs to be #3
What? Well, let’s see. One pardoned those involved with the illegal Iran Contra Arms Sale to save his own butt and the other got a tax cut passed while adding the federal Medicare Part D and initiating 2 wars.
41, 43, and 47 🇺🇸
I mean GHB MIGHT be considered like a not reprehensible president but come on my dood are you really going to call George W. Bush like even remotely close to a good or honorable president? Don't you care about your credibility at all?
Of course you do....they were trying to install you as the 4th Bush President by allowing doubling the amount of Hispanic illegals into our country. They are both TRAITORS!
and we Texans also appreciate you, sir. Thank you for your service, in Naval Reserve and as commissioner of TXGLO.
The one on the right, didn’t he used to call you “The Bean”?
They both were horrible people
41 was ok... 43 just sucked but 40 and 45 are awesome!
Happy Presidents Day!
For sure they are the greatest to me
Both great allies with Canada.
Two great presidents of this era!🇺🇸
Fantastic photo of three generations of true Americans!
Two of my favs too!!
Tell us about W’s service? The real story. PS...I understand you’re a bush...soooo..
Great Photo of 3 amazing men! Don't you think you have a bias though as to why they are your favorites?😉😊 #PresidentsDay
I'm really surprised you don't call out the current president for destroying and besmirching the Bush's past policies and legacy.
Uh huh. And you sought the endorsement of @realDonaldTrump , a person who trashed both those good men and mocked your father to his face. Happy President’s day? You’re an embarrassment as a political hack in a distinguished family.
Look how YOUNG 43 looks here!
Good men. You got big shoes to fill.
I second that ! 👍
is terrible, GWB wasn't much better! Let's all be real here
Scott Scott Scott, yet you support, ad nauseam, a man who has repeatedly bad mouthed this family. Smh.
I absolutely agree with you, P! They are two of my favorites also. And, if I may be so bold, many of us would like to see you as #POTUS one day. One of my neighbors in Houston went to UT with you back around 2000 and she had nothing but great things to say about you as a person.
Yes, I believe they’re both human unlike our current 🍊in charge. Absolutely no empathy, shame or humor can be found in The Donald.
Your grandfather should and will go down as one of the greatest presidents we ever had
43 was a horrible president. #Facts
I think George could be the president. Would be great to see him run after Trumps 2nd term unless Ivanka runs then he can be the Vice President.
Wish we could have them all back right about now. We were better before a Trump.
The one on the left should be rotting in the Hague like other war criminals.
They weren't then, but they sure are now.
"Vanity. All is vanity."
41 ? Yes, to a degree. 43 ? Do not make us laugh! Do you really wish to examine his tenure ? Really ? A stupid, ignorant, lazy man who attempted to sound smart while showing himself to be a buffoon and thought he was hitting it out of the park. Get a grip!
Dear #43, I quip: "Dubya...this is a fine mess you've gotten us into", but at least you were up to the rigors of the job. Best,
Actually we celebrate Washington and Lincoln for their birthdays. But whatever...
remember when the other party you disagreed with were still Americans
Where’s your odd 45 love?
.@gop Presidents who were honorable men and part of an honorable party ... THEIR party no longer exists... today the so-called @gop has no heart, no soul and no balls
grateful enough to pay back the trillions they mismanaged. They wont be.
You are truly blessed to be in a family with such an outstanding legacy. I see great accomplishments in your future.You have already started.
It’s really not hate it’s just lots of anger
You gotta be incredibly rich, I mean really#
Sorry but just go away, your family has done enough damage.
The reason we went to #Iraq. For nothing other than to gain control of the oil fields. It never was about democracy and saving people - otherwise we would’ve stayed and helped the #Kurds instead they were left to be gassed to death
Yes, a person—even a scion of the #BushDynasty —could take a lesson: @GeorgeHWBush, w/all his faults, for sure. @GeorgeWBush, for all his charm & bonhomie, well– brookings.edu/articles/an-au…
RFLOL! #41 was part of plot to assassinate President Kennedy? You still consider him a hero? SMH
Conditions have deteriorated to the point where I am liking this tweet... with a teardrop in my eye.
We miss your Grandfather.
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