Posting this video without any comment for @sardesairajdeep @BDUTT and other ******

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Meanwhile Burkha will try & find out how many of these gunmen's fathers are headmasters & did any of them was ever slapped by the army.
They are poor headmasters sons !!
MSM basterds talk about innocency of Kashmiri Awam....😠😠😠
Kill every terrorist including their support in India.
@vel_jaya @hindujedi @SundaramChitra
Rajdeep and Barkha Both will never speak on this. Expecting a miracle.
Read one Hizbul enabler front online with another Hizbul enabler, that he'd never seen such hate against Kashmiris

And my eyes rolled to the back of my head
But,but,they r just misguided youths. Sons of poor headmasters. Choose militancy because police abused them.
if you dont mind would Like to ask you that is this video real or not?? Please Verify if possible...
इन कुत्तो पर रहम देश पर जुलम के बराबर है
It is not only the leaders of Kashmir Muslims who call Kashmiri issue an Islamic issue. The people (Muslims of course) do seem to agree. What should Hindus do?
कुछ भटके हुए लड़के, पीठहु खेलने वाले, क्रिकेट के शौकीन। असली मुद्दा कुछ और है , मुफ्त की रोटी। बेरोज़गारी
नेहरू रंगगिले की भारत को देन है.....
I didn't follow. Are the stone pelters forming a protective caurdon around gun carrying militants?
Right one is misguided youth and left once father is poor headmaster Case dismiss
.@nidhi have guts run this story tomorrow on @ndtv & @adgpi will find out the coordinates. I challenge you.
These people whom you are referring are one of them. Don't bother about their opinion.
Thok do saalo ko jo encounter ke beech me aaye. Patharbaazo par koi raham nhi
Sorey I am busy today.. Getting lot of messages with gentiles pic. ... 😂
Har kashmiri muslim atankvadi he
Bhatke hue peacefuls of Kashmir. Rajdeep's and B.Dutt's home doors were open for these peacefuls. Clueless to see such sick mindset leading to such absurd support. @aditya2585
रखता है जो हौंसला आसमान छूने का, उसको नहीं होती परवाह गिर जाने की। दुनिया में हर चीज़ ठोकर खाकर टूट जाती है, बस एक सफलता है जिसे ठोकर खाकर प्राप्त किया जा सकता है।। कुछ ऐसे अंदाज़ में काशी में दिव्यांगों ने किया स्वागत पीएम @narendramodi का!!
Watch this also, will they listen to us, they understand only one language, language of Army. @majorgauravarya @GeneralBakshi @vivekagnihotri
This looks like an old video...nevertheless the truth be told!
जल्दी जहनुम मिले।
Jitna Bharat me khade hokar ye nare laga rahe ho na... Agr DUM hai to Pakistan me jakar rah ke dikhao CHUHO....
अरे, यह सब तो गरीब head master के बेटे है, क्यों देश द्रोहियों ?… Will you condemn this or it doesn't suit your agenda?
Allah hu Akhabar, Jihadi are roaming freely with their fans, #IslamicTerrorism
These both journalists are cowards. They report news which is favourable to their masters across borders and terrorist apologist politicians.
LIVE : कुलभूषण जाधव केस में ICJ में सुनवाई जारी, जज ने पाकिस्‍तानी वकील को टोका- कृपया धीरे बोलें…
They often write these people’s script - who knows.
Kutto ki fouj hai kuttey ki mout marengey.. JAI HIND
but but .. they are our own people. BLOODY SCOUNDRELS!
Also paste why are they doing this? What is the resentment against the Indian rule? Why do they hate U so much? Once U get the answers U will understand the real problem of Kashmir and may try and resolve it. Traitors aren't born they are created and Indian army hasn't helped.
Pathetic poor cannon fodder with a gun in hand cheered like heroes by a drugged youth courtesy of Indian taxpayers ₹ &Hurriyat benevolence for throwing stones don't understand it's not the gun but the man behind it that wins everytime !! Suckers will die soon if not already dead
Rajdeep Sagrika nidhi barkha will still say they r the misguided youth & kashmir doesn't support them as coz of ppl like them they earn their bread and butter. That is the real paid media for you.
#Misguidedyouth #woundedvalley #BadPolicies in #IndiaadministeredKashmir #MuslimsRKashmiris #PanditsRRefugees #POKIsAzadKashmir this narrative is what makes terrorism survive.this is d motivational song of JK terror!it is all about ☪️ & not self rule.hear song full.peaceniks 🏃‍♀️🤔
Could you please show some analysis on this video?…
They are heading straight to those people's houses and dm's , they are the scared kashmiris. Welcome them @sardesairajdeep ,thaali saja k rakna.
Was this suvar dispatched few months ago?
All these terrorists should be shot down without mercy. And, the journalists / #UrbanNaxals who are supporting them should go behind bars.
I think V Indians should not treat @BDUTT @sirdesairajdeep ++ as some sort of International/National Judges that V put facts before them for their view. They are not worth it & not worth their salt & must be completly ignored. And being biased media,never accept realities.
कश्मीरियो से हमें हमारे जवान ज्यादा प्यारे है, कश्मीरी जाए उनके मा के भो....डे में, कश्मीर में हर व्यापार और पर्यटन बंद करो।
Inki maa ka🤬🤬🤬
Other Dogs will also bark with these Prestitutes
जल्दी ही 72 बकरीयों के पास भेज देंगे इनको
These are bloody a
Majoroty of kashimiri muslims....who are with laskar, jaish...
ये मादर** भटके हुए नौजवान दिख रहे हैं?
आज का पत्थरबाज कल का आतंकी गोली मारो हरामजादों को जो भी सेना की कार्यवाही में बाधा पहुंचाए। साथ ही मीडिया, बॉलीवुड और नेताओं पर भी कार्यवाही होनी चाहिये जो इनको किसी भी प्रकार से सहयोग करे।
To set right these Bloody Cultists,these scourges of humanity,India needs an Adolf Hitler!Enough of this nice looking politic posturing! Let them know that Ghazwa-e-Hind means their total annihilation.Nation, humanity are in peril.Let's defend it with all our might. Sieg Heil!!!
You yourself invite abuses by spreading fake news & rumours , afterwards complain of it to police. @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @MIB_India @PTI_News Plz acknowledge..!!!…
Ye seer nahi chuhe hain.
Some communities multiply like rabbits & cockroaches. Even if a few are killed it doesn't matter.
Ghar se niklate hi halal hojate hi ye 🐖🐺🇵🇰ki aulad ise dekh kar liberals ki g pat ti hi
we have to send strong msg to stone pelters and terrorist sympathiser. Need to destroy each and every stone pelter. They are nothing but one type of terrorist.
क्यों अंधों को आईना दिखाते हो
The dual face I was talking about @gautamshefali14. And why they shouldn’t be targeted as well. And why they should play the victim card.
Please answer both u if u r true journalist
Hopefully these three are eating 72 raisins up there.
when will we have Swach Bharat
Hi @SethShruti just look at your INNOCENT kashmiris. @ReallySwara, @VishalDadlani, @sonamakapoor I would like to hear your views on this.
i seen barkha darling @BDUTT with pigs
Broker like Barkha will call them misleading what if these coward killed pundits and security forces raped women and what not.
THIS is the true face of izlam. The dregs with guns marching to kill kafirs are "extremist" mozlems. The ones around them yelling for kafir blood are the "moderate" mozlems. The only thing that unites them all is their PR team led by renowned poet Gaddaar Amritsari @sherryontopp
Ohhh misguided youths along with Head masters son Bank clearks son Postmaster's son & Finally journalists son walking in the streets holding some toys #tweetlikebarkha #PulwamaAttack
Indian army must act hardly. Only Modi can do that. Need another 2002
Sorry both are busy "measuring" and comparing d*ck sizes on Whatsapp! 🤭🤭🤭🤭🧐🧐 #BarkhaIsMale #RajdeepHasMicropenis
Strike with missiles without any fear ..nerby these terrorists there can be no common people
So good statement without any words. Spoken or written. Pressitutes wake up. Else get out of public life
They are with India to feed themselves and make themselves stronger Cut all Govt Subsidy to Kashmir
Can someone please translate? What are they saying?
Point blank range se maarneka time agayahyeeee...@adgpi
Do not correct a fool or he will hate you; Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you.
भारत माता की जय
Oh!! they are misguided children of poor head masters & teachers😣😣
कश्मीरी साले देशद्रोही होते ही है
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