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“Malia Obama acts like a normal 20 year old with friends”

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we’re gonna forget that Bush’s kids were on coke??
also... whispering angel is like $20... these journalists are getting more and more lazy everyday. pic.twitter.com/iN82gfuUlo
If y’all thought she only drank rose, come to a Harvard college party pic.twitter.com/ySFW94liIW
“Stalker invades 20 year old woman’s privacy by secretly photographing her pool party and selling images”
who are these people just waiting for Malia to “fuck up”??? don’t act like y’all didn’t drink or smoke or do things before it was legal you fuckin nincompoops
her legs are phenomenal though
That happens on every College Campus across America. #NationalDrinkWineDay
Didn’t the bush twins do coke?
lord almighty! 20 years old, many women already have 2 or 3 kids by that age.... I won't click on those articles about her, she's a lovely young woman
it’s almost like, and get this, she’s a normal person. crazy, I know.
Imagine being 20... and being able to act like your 20 without judgment. 🤯I know i know. Crazy concept.
Is the Brett Kavanaugh fan club aghast? He just drank beer... by the gallons... often... until he passed out....and that old silly holding a girl down against her will with his hand over her mouth was goofy boy stuff.... but that Malia, what a degenerate.
oh the horrors. I'm aghast that a 20 year old would have a drink.
Why do you act like hella people don’t drink before 21
idk what they try to get out of this being all “she’s drinking before 21” like not every single normal teenager on earth was chugging svedka out of a water bottle in someone’s basement at 16
the only thing wrong with this is those poor braids. They are "i have white friends" braids and that is really what we need to rally around her about, not no damn rose'.
Meanwhile I can go right on google images and see every nook and cranny of the First Lady. pic.twitter.com/CyalKPDXu3
Omg a twenty year old drinking wine SHOCKER EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING THERE IS A TWENTY YEAR OLD DRINKING WINE pic.twitter.com/ttKn0H9W5C
I know white kids from usc who started doing crazy amounts of coke at like 19 so I think she’s ok
I’m just mad they said “pals”
Y’all americans are weird. Drinking wine is a scandal but yalls gun politic is not 🤦🏻‍♀️
We out here doing the same thing... the only difference is her dad is a legend and my dad is addicted to drugs
You can drive at 16, buy guns at 18 (14 in some states), but you can't drink at 20.
Y’all will do anything to try to throw dirt on the Obama’s name
omg the $80 rosé the classic black one piece the braids the scrunchie the mile long legs .. she’s sickening
Seen her out in Boston & Cambridge enjoying life like a normal college girl. Good for her. Nothing to see here.
She is literally acting like a normal girl but her dad was the president
U shoulda seen what I was doing when I was 14.. 🤣
Hell I was sick af before my 21st. Nobody told me not to mix liquor and beer lol
How old was kavanah again when he drank???
America would be in turmoil if I was the presidents daughter...
If my daughter at 20 years old is only being criticized for a smoking a joint a music festival and drinking some wine by the pool with friends, I’d consider that pretty successful parenting
Had she grown up in Miami she would have been drinking at 15, leave that girl alone
If I were Malia Obama I would make my friends sell pics of me to paparazzi so we could split the money
Why tf y’all act like y’all wasn’t out here fucking, sucking, drinkin & smokin before y’all was old enough. Y’all must be bored or sumn
Meanwhile 15 year old Becky is drinking vodka in a field and passing out and the British public don’t bat an eyelid
Bush twins were doing coke, Trump's ugly ass kids killing wild endangered animals. soooo ummm k
Mad the way Americans are pure enraged over this when there’s kids downing bottles of vodka at 13 over here an no one bats an eyelid 😭
Her underaged drinking is way classier than mine was at 20. Props to her.
Oh no, a under age young adult in the US drinking alcohol. This is the first time this has ever happened! pic.twitter.com/c53XSeFmod
Yeah because we didn’t all start drinking at 16
"Malia Obama doing something that would be legal in like every other fucking country on earth"
I hope so. If not there would be something seriously wrong. She is phenomenal from everything I’ve witnessed.
Imagine if what you did for fun in college was in the “news”. I would be in federal prison
Mean while I was blacking out at age 15. Get over it.
fuck the rosé, u see her legs?? holy shit
This is just like the @AOC dance video... OH NO! SHE DID NORMAL COLLEGE THINGS! Also she agrees with the majority of America that our President is excrement that has taken human form. BUT HER DAD WORE A TAN SUIT AND ATE DIJON MUSTARD! Won't someone think of the children!?
She’s aloud to be a normal human. I was drinking at age 15-16??? Just because her parents are public figures doesn’t mean she is wrong for doing what we’ve all done at 20 years old 🤣
HAVE YALL NEVER SEEN GOSSIP GIRL?! Serena Van Der Woodsen was doing coke at 15 sleeping around and roaming the streets of NY.

Get a grip.
Pretty sure Trump’s wife was in an orgy at that age but ok
wait but weren’t Bush’s kids on crack?
as if the rest of us weren’t dying in fields from drinking too much four loko at 14 lmfao leave this girl alone
Fam, Bushes daughters did cocaine 👀👀
The bitch that wrote this is jealous she was drinking Four Loki when she was 21
M’enfou du champoupou. Elle aussi elle veut pas avoir d’amis noirs. Des amis noirs ne l’auraient pas laissée avoir cette coupe
Malia needs some black friends :(
I guess y'all forgot the Bush sisters were snorting that booger sugar heavy heavy
people really talk about Malia like their local 17 year olds don’t black out at bonfires
Everybody drinks before they’re 21
this is so fucking funny it's rosé come to scotland where we start drinking at 14 mixing £7 vodka in plastic cups w a 2L bottle of pepsi in a field
is there anyone who actually waits till 21 before they start drinking???
In Germany you are allowed to buy wine at the age of 16,idk why the Americans go so crazy about her drinking wine smh
Well on the plus side she’s not wearing a bikini in this photo. Right wingers would probably faint with their faux outrage
most of y’all act like y’all wasn’t drinking from age 15. shut the fuck up
Kylie and Kendall have been doing this shit since they were 17 & 18 and y’all didn’t say shit. Let this girl LIVE lmaooo
But no one said nothing about Brett Kavanaugh throwing down beers with PJ and Squee in high school
At the age of 16 my friends and I were dead in the middle of a field almost every weekend.
Bush girls in Austin at Chuy's(?) back in the day? #normal
If this news company thinks a 20 year old drinking wine is bad I’d hate to see the headline for all the 18 year olds at the Bluff.
"A 20 year old drinks alcohol" I've not heard about that before 🤣
Is there anyone that actually waits til they’re 21 to drink??? She’s sippin on rose not smoking meth lmao.
I was drinking at 15... she grown brah
Suddenly it’s a crime when a black girl does it but classy when a white girl does it 💁🏽‍♀️
I drank an entire bottle of that exact same wine last weekend, where’s my big headline?
all these conservatives saying this is wrong but where was this energy when underage brett kavanaugh was drinking so much beer that he almost raped a woman????
yall STILL worrying about this girl? why dont u dig up dirt on the orange mans kids?
She needs some black friends.
when i was 20 i took so much ecstasy i chewed through the inside of my mouth and couldn’t eat for 4 weeks but go off i guess
How the fuck is this news? Y’all really got nothing to talk about
How is this news lmao I was drinking wine when I was 8
She's beautiful. I hope she enjoy's every minute of her 20's and beyond.
I fucking hate Daily Mail with a passion
What I wanna know is who’s the snitch in the squad that keeps catching her slipping and selling it to the tabloid. What a snitch she needs to weed them out 😡
I’m sorry but what 20 year isn’t drinking wine??? I’d like to know?!?!?! Y’all will find anything to talk about except the fact that Donald Trump is still the President and is a complete idiot....
Who cares like half of us never passed out drunk in a field off of four lokos when we were 16
Let’s prentend we all didn’t start to drink at 16
The media is really gonna act like she’s the only person under 21 that drinks lol
The same people mad at this are those who wanted Brett DrunkAss Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court 🤔
imagine the headline when Daily Mail learns that albanians give their kids hard liquor at 1 years old
I honestly fucking hate Obama with all my heart, but this is so stupid and petty. She’s 20. Who gives a shit
I don’t think people give a fuck but she’s treated like a celebrity bc she’s a public figure why is everyone so fake outraged by this omg go suck a nut
Cut to everyone else legally drinking at 18
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