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Under @POTUS Trump, the United States will seize every opportunity to achieve peace. But we will approach every challenge with our eyes wide open. We will deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.

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“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And when we hold fast to our faith & freedom, & its Eternal Author, freedom always wins.”

So blessed to hear Vice President Pence witness of the true source of freedom to Europeans who have largely forsaken God & Christianity.
Hey Pencey, how did it feel like to be greeted with sardonic silence by ALL of our allies? How did that feel?
Indeed. A thread on the Vice President's remarks.
Thank you for your visit to Poland, @VP Pence!
Sorry if I don’t clap
💜👁️✝️👁️🇺🇸 thank you for your dedicated service to Our Country. We appreciate all that you are doing. #WWG1WGA - Sarah
Merkel received standard ovation for this speech: “...she “accused the United States of strengthening Iran and Russia with its plans for a speedy military pullout from Syria.” She then received a standing ovation from the crowd with only Ivanka Trump remaining seated.”
Ta afera skończy się dla nas lepiej niż zeszłoroczna. W tamtej lekko Ameryka wsparła Izrael, teraz stoi po naszej stronie. Może powiedzą debilom w Izraelu, że jak wybiorą Niemcy to de facto wybiorą rezolucję, że syjonizm to rasizm.
♫ But my words like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the wells of silence ♫
That's impossible coming from you since your religious beliefs have you viewing the world the way you wish it was rather than how it is. And... if the religious angle was removed (not just yours but everyones) there'd be more peace.
Way to alienate our allies
Your team will steal children from their parents and blame victims who flee danger for a better life to make up some BS so the idiot Trump can fulfill a campaign promise of a wall! Your despicable and the world stage knows it! You embarrass America! Fake Christian!
I liked that you mentioned God. Keep it up! Godspeed & God bless you & your lovely wife & family.
Under POTUS we will watch a record number of indictments against a Administrative.... a daily bout of lies and bullying..,, And it just goes on and on
Complicit fraud. Resign
How does it feel to be loathed in the US & abroad?
Crickets chirping.
Why did Manafort pick you?
I thought Trump was the Anti-Christ. It beginning to look like Pence should get that title. Trump doesn't know what he is talking about. Pence does and he believes it, all of it, and with bible in hand.
Remember the (non) response from Munich? America concurs.
...or, after dismissing US intel work, we will deal with the world as we mistakenly believe it to be #SyriaWithdrawl #PutinPuppet #Helsinki2018 #IDidNOTprepare
You’re kidding, right? Deal with the world as it is? I thought everything going on you didn’t agree with was a hoax.
Peace through strength.
Trust, but verify everything.
"And we will achieve all this and more from the Trump Golf Course in Palm Springs while working on our tan"
No one cares what you have to say. That was apparent in Munich
I know what you were thinking about during one of those awkward silences in Munich. pic.twitter.com/v0N0140N0j
you lie! Las Vegas Shooter, Sandy Hook Shooter, Parkland Shooter, Pulse Shooter, Charleston Church Shooter, Aurora Movie Theater Shooter, Gabby Gifford’s Shooter: Not immigrants.
Under @POTUS tRump, the US has become the laughing stock of the world. But we will approach every challenge with continued lies. We have no idea what the right/left hand is doing 'cuz @POTUS relies on @FoxNews for his intelligence. And no one clapped for me" Fixed it fer ya!
Amen to that brother keep up the good work I'll be campaigning for you in 2020 and Donald Trump thank you for your service
Just so you know Mike. That "moment of silence" that vile Sanders woman alluded to... That is done when someone has DIED. But we do so love how this WH constantly tries to change the optics. Your and Donald's base may be that stupid, but the other 80% of the US is NOT.
You a complicit Russian Asset. Fuck you and your ugly hateful politics. You are a sick fuck.
Poor Miss Pence, stuck with #Trump as his work husband.
Silence is the true rebuke...not that you will recognize that.
副總統彭斯:在川普@POTUS 領導下,美国将抓住一切机会实现和平。 但是,我们将睁大眼睛迎接每一项挑战。 我们将遵循現實主義原則,而非一廂情願地處理世界問題(We will deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be)
How do you sleep at night?
This is a real President! Bet he wouldn't get the silent, no clapping, and no response after his speech, like you did! pic.twitter.com/O6JWwSGJSC
Tell us, how do you achieve peace when you are hated by your allies and are no longer respected by your enemies?
Their silence confirmed that America is now on its own. Never to be trusted again. Trump has set in motion, the fall of a Nation, the destruction of our Democracy and destroyed our good standing in the world. The fall out of this Presidency will be devastating to us and the world
Why did Manafort want you?
Trump is our clear and present danger😳
Thank you Mr.VP! We stand with you and @POTUS as leaders of the Free World! Thank you for all that you do!!
LOL. The world leaders greeted him with deafening silence when you said Trump’s name this weekend. With good reason. He is a worldwide embarrassment. A stain on humanity. So what does that make you, Mike???
This administration has done nothing of the sort- from trying to wreck the western alliance to gifting Syria to Putin, to leaving the Iran agreement and the INF treaty- Trump & co march us toward greater conflict each passing day.
You went down like a lead balloon in Europe this week didn’t you? Your greeting from Trump was hilarious.
This is just sad, Mike. No thinking person believes you.
¿Quieren traducción libre?
Qué USA quiere que el tirano se vaya por las buenas, pero estará mosca y si el régimen usurpador se pone con cómicas, USA actuará sin contemplaciones...!
Kind of like how @realDonaldTrump said he didn’t believe North Korea had ballistic missiles that could hit the US because Vlad told him it wasn’t true???🤪
God bless America!
Exactly,society must return to being free. Not under the control and desires of a small group of power. pic.twitter.com/6dCqnoH5IQ
The words Trump uses to attack his own citizenry are not those of a peacemaker. How can he make peace in the world when he's not at peace in his own country? #FakeTrumpEmergency #PresidentsDayProtest
Eyes Wide Open 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 pic.twitter.com/AdVVQHmM5c
Please shut up Lapdog. You and trump are an embarrassment to the country. How did it feel when no one responded to your bullshit in Munich yesterday. The country is sad due to you.
Zobaczycie ten filmik :)
Does that include not peeing your pants at the front of the room when THE ENTIRE FREE WORLD makes incredibly clear that you are the only person in the room who doesn't retch at the sound of @realdonaldtrump's name?
Thank you @VP Pence.
We support our president and we stand by you both for your ever strong stance on we the people behalf!
Excellent messaging, @VP. Thank you.
Under @POTUS Trump, the United States has become so Great that gay/black guys have stooped to staging attacks on themselves just to get beat up!
Now that’s a President and First Lady not what we got with Michelle and Obama.
SIEZE is an aggressive term that isn't generally used in conjunction with PEACE. I think you meant SIEZE every opportunity to STEAM ROLL over the Constitution. #TheResistance #TrumpFakeEmergency
Here is some good advice from God, who does care about all of us and wants all of us to have a safe, secure, happy and healthy family life now, and in the future….. PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY IS INCREASED! jw.org/en/publication… Watch all of these very short videos! pic.twitter.com/TJGtyhNHZj
Awesome tweet Mr Vice President. Thank you for this.
You, the synagogue shooter, and the MAGA bomber have something in common. pic.twitter.com/M9zfO5tV9F
You were the laughing stock Mike. You both suck.
Total open eyes with Venezuela...
Thank You @VP ! 💪🏼⚖️🇺🇸
The @POTUS is no trying to win a popularity contest. People with feeble minds think this is a playschool game. So he has to carry all the dead weight on his back. Although you hate him without good cause @POTUS will act in the best interest of ALL AMERICANS.
Не обольщайтесь! И не пыжтесь!
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