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i can’t believe malia obama invented underage drinking,,, queen

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look at her legs though wow
Can she live? Jeez
i was drinking when i was 15 years old. who the fuck cares about a 20 yr old drinking by the pool??
“months before her 21st birthday” lmao
wish i can look flawless like her when she's 20
95% of yee haw twitter are attacking this girl right now but maybe they should check on their 15 year old kids brad dylan kyle ryan and colton who are getting blackout drunk in their basement now off a four loko and a 6 dollar bottle of new amsterdam
Because as you know, no one has ever consumed alcohol underage before.
Why are y’all so deep in her asshole? Leave the girl alone.
That's why she's trending? Oh how dare she. I never drank before I was 21...
She needs a new circle bro, cause y’all some gah damn snitches
Has anyone had rosé? It’s not exactly 4Loko
It’s funny because our current president’s kids committed treason !
alright leg!! come through!!
as if brett kavanaugh wasn’t downing 15 beers at his high school parties 😒😒
I bet the person who wrote this article broke his/her virginity at 12 and was drinking and enjoying orgies by 14..but 🐸🍺
Not drinking wine underage😱😱😱 the scandal😂😂
You don’t even want to know what I was drinking months before my 21st birthday
She has good taste too. Whispering Angel is good shit.
hi is no one gonna comment on how she’s rocking that suit tho
Wow she’s like almost every other 20 y/o I have ever met
Americans are so effed up about alcohol. So she had a nice glass of wine with her friends at age 20. Who cares?
MY GOD NOT WINE!! 🙄 this poor girl
Oh my god she's a teenager and did what so many teenagers do, even when you tell them not to. If anything, I'm glad to see she's a normal teen. And at least it was wine and not something like whiskey or vodka.
yo why the media always snitching on Malia Obama tho
look at the BAWDY! go off
Oigan qué triste estudiar una carrera y terminar escribiendo estas noticias tan irrelevantes para la sociedad
I can't imagine why they didn't care when Kavanaugh had some brewski with his buds.
What they say if she was in Canada drinking??? pic.twitter.com/bWBS5bU7lU
Malia Obama is 🔥 🔥
always proud when you get the likes you deserve
god how dare malia ... *checks notepad* ... wear a one piece swimsuit when she goes swimming and drink a few months underage like EVERY OTHER person in america
the real travesty here is that they labelled the bottle of whispering angel as $80 lmao
bruh we were mixing MD with Smirnoff at 16 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
im pretty sure whispering angel is also like max. $30 lmao
This is the only scandal the right can get on the Obama’s 💀
Scandal! Horror! Never been done before! Possible sequal to the hit movie, “First Daughter”.
y'all need to leave this girl alone. she was sipping rose not covering up an affair with a porn star.
i swear the media is always trying to make something out of absolutely nothing.
Her friend right behind her looks like she smiling for the camera🤔
imagine being the daughter of the president....shit i’d be drinking a bottle DAILY
That’s whispering angel and that rosé is not “risky,” it is a basic bitch staple and therefore I stan
& looking good while doing it
the legal drinking age here is 18 so i always get so shook reading stuff like this
if u paid $80 for a bottle of whispering angel....im so sorry sweetie
y’all act like we wasn’t drinking 4 lokos in middle school, stop sucking her clit.
That Rose is def not $80 lol.
Ok but she’s so gorgeous
i asked my soon to be 20 year old in college sister what her drink of choice is rn and she said rose so idk what the problem is haha
I drank Four Loko at 16 UGH malia is the queen of class 🤩👏🏼
ANYWAYS she should model
Only issue I see is her still calling these ppl her friends when they keep selling her out
Nothing but sophistication. Could never had been more glad.
I would buy her alcohol
who’s the dude hiding in a bush taking pics of 20yr old girls in their bathing suits
okay but imagine having those legs holy shit
don’t know why this is so shocking I mean it’s not like most teens don’t get absolutely shitfaced before they’re 18 (not even 21 so ??)
I wish I was drinking rosé at 20 instead of pretending that I liked whiskey and natty light
I see that despite the bottomless dumpster fire of scandal engulfing the current First Family, we are still treating our previous First Family's non-troversies (Tan suit! No jacket in the Oval Office! Rose months -- MONTHS!! -- before 21st birthday) with the same hysteria.
don’t act like y’all ain’t do none of this shit
Man, the legs on this girl...incredible..no lust.
Um, Brett Kavanaugh would get drunk and rape girls at parties when he was in high-school and he is sitting on the Supreme Court! He likes his beer! So If Malia wants to have a glass of wine, who the F cares?
Bro we was blacking out at 16 from four lokos. Wine at 20 isn’t that bad lmaooo
Whoever took this photo is a creep for secretly taking pics of a girl who is 20 years old smh
Imma need y’all to let this girl live cause y’all love to destroy people for no good goddamn reason
Meanwhile it’s lil girls 14 sucking dick gone get up off this girl nuts man
Wow a Teen Drank Alcohol 👀👀👀👀
So it’s ok for Kavanaugh to drink beer but Malia can’t drink wine? Damn conservatives have warped minds.
At least you did not post the link to give the vultures click but so we really need to see a girl in a swimsuit. That’s creepy. Complain to the manager if you see this in a store.
The $80 is sending me
Who is taking these pictures fr.... like fuck right off, when she sees this she better be cutting grass...
@abbyyimer I can’t believe the tabloids are after you like this
Was definitely NOT drinking this fancy wine at 20...it was more like four lokos and fire ball haha
Ok and I was in the woods at a bonfire at 18 getting smashed on fireball. Leave the girl alone lmao
real talk tho imagine if she had a fake ID like could she ever get away with it omg
Lmaooo there’s just no way that this is making headlines 🤦🏽‍♀️
Ok, Trump is literally a monster. Why the FUCK is the media choosing to focus on our ex-presidents daughter?????????¿?¿? IRRELEVANT
she's drinking w i n e at 20 YEARS old. in my country that's allowed at 16 so... go fuck yourselves american media
21 for alcohol? We can buy strong alcohol in sweden at age 20. I drank 40% booze at 14. No big deal. I didn't turn into a drunk or did bad things. Mostly laughing with buds. Now though +40, depressed, out of job and less cash & unemployed, i brew cheap wine to lesser suffering.
Let's run a check on what Beavis Butthead and daddy's fave princess were doing at 20
Was probably part of the advice given to her by the Bush twins....
Don’t forget me when you’re famous
She looks up to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh!
Flaunting a bathing suit unlike the first ho who don't like clothes from the pictures I've seen.
I drank underage where’s my photo shoot??? pic.twitter.com/HJNuT3uzip
At least she is not a tranny like her mom. Michael
Can we talk about how good she looks? My God
Forget all that MALIA OBAMA looks BEAUTIFUL 👏🏽👏🏽
Daily mail are racist and utter swine. They’re infamous for their xenophobic and racist way here in the UK.
Damn thank god my dad wasn’t president when I was in high school 😂 “Dayna’s blacked out for the 3rd time this week at the age of 15”
Okay I did the same thing where is my magazine article? That’s not fair.
she got good taste in rosé tho!! We stan
yall bully this girl for being a college kid leave her alone.
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