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This was before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, IG. When BlackPlanet was the website to be on and Limewire is where everyone got their music from.
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The throwback jersey era is probably the dopest era in hip hop 🔥
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@Bdell_1014 Ngga Rockin A Headband With A Button Up. Early 200’s Drip Was Different 😭😭😭
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Still disappointed that the club is NOTHING like this!

Everyone just stands at the bar, then stands around in their friend group on their phone, or sits in their section and get lit for Snapchat/IG when bottle service comes, and the only LIT song is ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ 😭
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@Bdell_1014 Limewire legit gave my old desktop viruses on repeat but loved that feeling of success of burning an entire CD before the “this is illegal” government memo popped up 🔥
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@Bdell_1014 @ShotByCVI it’s crazy I could only hear this whole time
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People are fondly reminiscing over Smilez and Southstar. I’ve seen it all.
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@Bdell_1014 My ass here watching the whole video. Ain't heard this shit in a good decade at least
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Yo @TimothyDeLaG and @RickyShucks I got your Halloween costume this year
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@Bdell_1014 I had to shed a thug tear when I saw that brotha have the head band w the collard shirt 😂😂...that was definitely a combination I used plenty of club nights
3 84
@Bdell_1014 @KammBe When natural bodies were the standard...I miss those days
1 79
@Bdell_1014 I thought being in clubs was gonna be so littttt when I was little watching these videos and couldn't wait to grow up but got damn they boring 😂
7 67
@Bdell_1014 Maaaaaan this was my jam most def about to go to iTunes and add this too the library...and that headband was different mugs was ready to play ball at any minute cause they most def had on shorts under they jeans
1 63
@Bdell_1014 @imagenetion So we steal comments now 😂
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The good ol days
14 25
@Bdell_1014 The era when dudes wore headbands to the clubs ...

Song still fiyah 🔥🔥
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This goes out to all the girls out there...... WHO DID ME A SOUTH WRONG
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Ok and people used to shit in holes
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@Bdell_1014 This was before limewire too, this was kazaa and Morpheus days
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This song was so beautiful
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LMFAO @BIGMAKK_ wouldn’t let u speak about Orlando music without mentioning these dudes 😂
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@Bdell_1014 I'm laughing at all the "This old as hell" comments. This shit still new to my generation.

We getting to that stage where they gon be playing Wu-Tang in elevators and shit.
1 22
Bra this was my shit
7 13
@Bdell_1014 😭 everything bout dis is mad nasty but I was right tf there wit my Sean John velour suit & headband Harlem shakin thru da pressure
2 18
@Bdell_1014 @writtenbyher01 LIME WIRE ?! . You know how many computers died because of them ?!
0 17
Thissssssss was my shhhhhhiiiiiiiet
7 9
And this classic brought us TCB's "Keep it Gangsta"
4 11
Back when life was good 🔥
2 13
Ain't gon lie, copped this CD from circuit city -Heffner!
1 13
@Bdell_1014 Asian cuz verse still in rotation heavy
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youngins know nothing about this!
8 5
@Bdell_1014 That beat was 🔥
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5 7


Bruhhh that shit used to crankkkkkk
5 6
@Bdell_1014 Man the natural bodies and the light makeup. The jerseys the headbands. Niggas was talented the women were beautiful omg I miss
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Beat fye n look how cute the women are😭 their lil real ass bodies
1 9
These young punks will never understand the velor sweatsuit and headband era
4 5
Timeless bop. What an era.
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3 6
This song was sensational and awful at the same time. 😂😂😂
2 7
A simpler time
4 4
Aye bro niggas really used to wear wristbands on the street... like without playin basketball😭😭😭
3 5
use to be my song bruh...use to lace up the iversons and throw on the fresh enyce to dis shit lol
2 6
Gave my computer 3 different types of cancer for this song lol
1 7
I love this song then TCB hit this bitch and that shit cranked .. it was a done deal
1 7
Ayo I forgot all about this song lol
1 7
@Bdell_1014 I really thought these guy would drop some more fire after this
0 8
This the best song of all time.
3 4
This was on every playlist I had on my iPods lmao
3 4
I don’t want to feel old but I do
2 5
Always been my jam
2 5
@Bdell_1014 @BoodaDavis When felt like. were a invincible...... burning cds and just movies first before your friends at school
1 6
i aint gon lie this was my shit in middle school 😭
1 6
If she don’t remember this song then she’s too young
1 6
@Bdell_1014 And it took HOURS to download an album
0 7
@Bdell_1014 Y’all gonna sit here and front like this music aged well?
0 7
Paimon Gimme A Dope Beat Like...
I miss this song... this used to go crazy on 106th & park... I watch this video every time it comes across the timeline for two reasons. 1. Cuz the song is underrated and 2. For the part at 0:55 when Smilez gets caught checking out Kathy the soccer mom lmaoooo
0 7
LowLifeMack ⚰️🙅🏾‍♂️
Song was so fire man
4 2
This song really a classic
4 2
@Bdell_1014 Wow!! When women rocked their God given bodies. Take me back!!
1 5
Headbands and wristbands were really fashionable.
1 5
1 5
Omggg this reminds me of middle school coming home and watching Cita’s World 😩😩 such a simpler time
1 5
Wow not a lot of people gonna remember this shit. I think my oldest sister was going into her freshmen year when this dropped👀
1 5
the sixth spice girl, overthinky
Oh my god I remember this song
3 2
I used to love this shit.
2 3
If you from Orlando they shot this in City Walk !
2 3
na this just took me back back lol
2 3
Fucking banger right here lol what a classic fire song!
1 4
A simpler time.
1 4
Smiles and south star 🔥
1 4
@Bdell_1014 @y0koAna 😭 my inner baby girl cryinnn
0 5
@Bdell_1014 Nobody has put on for Orlando since
0 5
If this song doesn’t give you one hell of a nostalgic memory your childhood was ass.
4 0
@Bdell_1014 I miss the ERA🤕😂😫
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I still don't know which one is #Smilez & which one is #Southstar?!?
2 2
Kill. I thought TCB made this joint up
2 2
I remember I was down in Orlando when this song was popping, definitely thought these 2 were gonna have at least one more
2 2
Bayonne please go to 2:02 and tell me who y’all see 😭😭 @RoTwizy @ParisCrawford08 @samplesnish
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