As a Sikh I am alarmed at the deviation in strength of character amongst fellow Sikhs.
Sikhs of Sidhu variety-seen on the feet of those who massacred Sikhs.
Are willing pawns to allow drugs into Punjab.
Hug Enemy Generals.
Lowest of low - sing to enemy’s tunes.

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Very soon you may find @sherryontopp supporting Pakistan into breaking Punjab's part into Khalistan... and he will declare himself the "PM in exile" of the Khalistan he desires...
Sir, as a Sikh, I urge you to propagate the strength and valour that defines us. 'Alarmed' is not a reaction that is associated with us. Fearless, loyal, fierce, nonchalant, is how we are known to the world. Do please encourage that instead of digging out the rat-variety.
Oh please - I would not take it to heart Thanks to the Maino years the whole country is littered with creepzoids. Based on simple statistics there should be a reasonable proportion in every community
Sidhu and Shatrughan Sinha are two with Big-Mouth but no did to Show on any Front.. They want Impt without doing any job for Nation or Party... Both are of No-Use.. Deserves Dust-Bin only... @VOANews @DrShobha @WSJ @TimesNow @sagarikaghose @BJYM @BinaySinghBJP
Sir, why does the Sikh panth not ex communicate this disgrace to the community??
praji ek sidhu kutta hai to baki sare khalse hai. ..tussi chinta na karo, character di strength mein koi kami nahi. ..
Sidhu is a true Sikh who realizes the evil of the Br@hminical lobby vis-a-vis the righteousness of the Muslims as it stands today.
They get trapped into the dream of Khalistan that Pakistan sells them that they will become kings of Khalistan
Salutes to You Sir. Never forget 1984. Never forgive. Sikhs protected India. It's people
And we all are.
We are so proud of sacrifices of Sikhs who resisted Islamic agression!!
Have Sikh friends who besides praying to Guru Nanak pray at Hindu temples but shocked & surprised when see on SM dumb Sikhs humiliating Hindus mostly Khalistan influenced once from Canada,US & Britain! Bow my head in front of a Gurudwara or Temple but this hate is beyond my ken.
Ye Saab keshdhari farji Sikh h asal m ye Isai ban chuke h. MMS bhi Isai h. Panjab ka teji se Isai arrange ho raha. Guru ki siksha bhul Gaye. @TrueIndology ko follow Karo. Sab m convent siksha lekar Isai banane ki hod h bishop Mullakal k rape jihad achhe lagne lage.
Ppl ofPunjab4gotkillersofsikhs&party deybelong2?deyVotd Congmany times2form Govt evenafter massacre ofSikhs its a sad state of Human memory
When you are is your opposite.... If PRITHVIRAJ is there then there is Jai chand too. The opposite is for you to manifest...OH! DESCENDANTS OF ORIGINAL HANUMANS OF HINDUISM... RISE AGAIN.
The fact that Congress govt is in power in Punjab shows Sikhs have forgotten or forgiven Congress genocide of Sikhs in 1984. The problem is a whole generation has grown up not knowing these truths.
Let alone being faithful Sikhs, they are not faithful to the motherland...Pathetic..
What do you have to say about those Sikhs who were distributing sweets on the massacre of Indira Gandhi?
I’m afraid scum like Sidhu do not represent Sikhs & it would be foolhardy even to conjecture in this regard. We are bound with our “Sikhi” & “Bani” ordained to us by the “Gurus.”
There are Khalistanis openly celebrating Pulwama attack on Facebook
You really think Sidhu is a Sardar ??? I don’t. Haven’t seen any Sardar who is such a buffoon anywhere!!! #BoycottSidhu
As a Hindu I hold high respect for Sikhs ,Sikh gurus are not only theirs but revered by Hindus also , siddhu like Sikhs are deteriorating the high standard of Sikhs .
is an insult and a. mistake in the Sikh community. A proud religion which Hindus look upon as saviours of Hinduism as envisioned by the great GURUS is being put to ridicule. I pray to the Gurus that good sense prevail on him and his ilk in the Sikh community.
What I have noticed is rabid hate for Indian Govt, possibly lingering rage over Operation Bluestar and Anti-Sikh riots of 1985, instead of being directed against Congress, has translated into anti Modi, I see plenty of that here in CA
There are many such still toe congi lines despite knowing they are responsible for #1984riots
Sidhu is not sikh.he is an opportunist. Next election Amrinder sahab willl not b there for Punjab..and he knows that. He is just working as per 10jp dream. Punjab ppl frustrated with both parties but after AAP stage drama they find old one more reliable.
Biggest religion in the world is the "bhookh/nasha" of cocktail of Money & Power. So, what Siddhu and likes of him are doing has nothing to do with Sikhism or Hinduism or any other ism.
Colonel u r right Hindus already lost this now this virus in khalsa, DNA ka chakker hai sir
Really Sad state sir.... Appending another tweeples take....…
No u r not Sikh but Panun(20 20 wala) is real Sikh..If u ask Sidhu he will say this goin by his current behaviour
Aab kya kare bhai dono guli danda saath khelte the’ Small brain he hamare laughter boy ka, Sonyne bhi talas dedi he, soona he
Well, in my observation majority Sikhs are thinking now as minorolity, not as Indians.. this is where problem starts. Also, becoming Hindu haters .. unable to accept Hindu politicians .. going the Muslim way.
De-Turbanize Sidhu turning him into Sikh-minus-one! LOL @republic @irajdeep
Sir, people like Siddu are not born to legitimate fathers. So even if they touch the feet of massacered sikhs it will be a sin.
We greatly value your words and share your feelings
He is a traitor and has gone to the party of traitors.
well said sir... salute. जरुरी नहीं कि सब देशद्रोही ही हों...... कुछ लोग सिद्धू भी हो सकते हैं। The only @sherryontopp is not about whole Punjab and Sikhs…
Biggest cross border drug movement from Wagah and adjacent areas in Punjab.
He is not a real Sikh like you n others...we call him थाली का बैंगन। Lopes to the side which benefits him financially and to keep him in limelight
So true, am not a Sikh but always had Sikh friends and probably one community in india who all admire. I remember my Grandfather once said you will never find a Sikh beggar they are all figther and Saviour. some scoundrel bringing disrepute to the entire community.
Such bigots must have Peacefuls blood from their forefathers. No one can betray ones motherland so blatantly otherwise.
All bcs we are not taught history properly. NCERT books are still in giraft of left liberals and BJP is mute spectator here
#Shame on @sherryontopp you Sidhu ..I named both my son on your {nick} name ...Sherry and Siddhu ....Tu Sardar hain ..Apni kaum te naaz kar .. aaj kina de naal khada hain ....Kuch te sharm kar…
Sikhs of Sidhu/Sandhu variety enemies of our faith.
Is he a Sikh ? Wearing symbols does not make you one
Sir,sorry to say that Sidhu's most irresponsible behaviour,has tarnished the bravery of Sikh Community.Even the double speak of Capt,is not going to help Sikh community,from hate towards Sidhu.Plz check the DNA of this gaddar Sikh,who lacks minimum wisdom,to pursue his politics
Even Punjab CM still keeping him in his cabinet....
Don't worry Bro. We know our Sikh Brothers are Brave and Loyal. Few rotten one like Sidhu cant change perception of Sikhs amongst Hindus. We are equally alarmed that he is rolling in feet of those who were complicit in 84 as well as Pakis.
Take it easy sir. He's a proud Sikh
Wonder why India and Pakistan always biting each other's heads off when they just love each other when they are based overseas i.e Britian, USA, Canada etc. It's the politicians that provoke the nation's. Don't u think?
Another low is Sikhs getting converted to Christianity.
How did he won election? Why people voted for him ,a huge mistake .
Agree with you, its very disheartening and sad ! Once the saviours of our motherland are now siding with their own killers; throwing away the pride !
Sir, but Sidhu is no Sikh... he's yet another Jaichand, desh aur dharma dhrohi
( Salute, Sir) they broke their pledge. They left their fold. They betrayed the gurus, the parents, the forefathers and the country. Jai hind
After Living in Punjab for 17 Years , and HAVING Sikh Family friends for all my life, I can't understand someone like a Siddhu .

Something s gotta give!
well said sir... salute. जरुरी नहीं कि सब देशद्रोही ही हों...... कुछ लोग सिद्धू भी हो सकते हैं। The only @sherryontopp is not about whole Punjab and Sikhs…
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#Shame on @sherryontopp you Sidhu ..I named both my son on your {nick} name ...Sherry and Siddhu ....Tu Sardar hain ..Apni kaum te naaz kar .. aaj kina de naal khada hain ....Kuch te sharm kar…
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