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2016 was just the beginning of the political revolution.

This #PresidentsDay, join us in urging Sen. Bernie Sanders to #RunBernieRun:

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Yes. Bernie Sanders run, so you can finally answer for not releasing your taxes, dumping toxic waste in poor brown communities in Texas, paying 13.5% in federal taxes, voting against marriage equality, wall street reform, amber alert, immigration and gun reform, and much more.
Cover blown! OR is now entirely a Sanders campaign operation. See it what it is, folks. Was always about setting up Bernie's next run.
So Our Revolution has officially become the Bernie Sanders’ PAC?
From the PAC that supported conspiracy theorist and major bigot Kucinich. #KnitBernieKnit!
Lol. The negative comments under here all sound like they are from August 2016.
I like my presidents that don’t vote to protect gun manufacturers.
I'd rather urge him to STAY OUT OF THE 2020 RACE!!!!!!! #NEVERBERNIE
Are you encouraging him to register as a Democrat and to release his tax returns going back to the *previous* election? No? Then #SitDownBernie
Oh, look. Bernie has his own Super PAC. He's a fraud.
When a superpac coordinates with their candidate.
And here's Nina Turner with Jill Stein Folks ... pic.twitter.com/dn0Q0ercwe
How bout he shows his full tax returns for 10 years?
nah. His time is past. We have far more, and far better candidates to carry the message of change.
Sorry - you're supposed to be independent from the campaign. You just violated the law!
I thought Bernie and his followers were anti-Super PAC's and yet here we are.
there are four women-senators (and Cory Booker) running for president with progressive platforms... you honestly can't manage to support ANY of them?! your for-real pick is an old white dude who is not an actual democrat? seriously?
I agree with Nick Fury! Not to mention, you are the best to beat 45 and to take on the establishment! .@SenSanders #FuckTheOligarchy, #RunBernieRun #Bernie2020 pic.twitter.com/xfS01g39lR
Yeah NOPE. #HellNoBernie We have MANY great candidates-You don't happen to be one of them!! #Harris2020 #Klobuchar2020 #Swalwell2020 #Castro2020 #Booker2020 ANYBODY but bernie or Tulsi-#NeverEver pic.twitter.com/FUb8gq7w0W
I'm with you, and to all Bernie supporters, do NOT attack @TulsiGabbard , she is not the problem and will be a great ally. Remember, Harris is the chosen one.
Hard pass on your polticial revolution and sanders.
No, thank you but you're free to join us democrats over at Kamala's table...
Nope he lost me.
331 likes in 6 hours. Its gonna be a landslide.
Our Revolution is a dark money Super PAC which almost certainly receives money from industries that Bernie Sanders oversees in congress. They do not disclose donors and have a shady accounting history. They operate as a slush fund for Bernie's children who collect a salary.
All the people saying No to Bernie, are you all independently wealthy? Or just still bitter (for no reason) over 2016? Bernie is the only one out there fighting for legislation that helps reg. people, where as the other are doing the bidding of the corporate overlords.
When is Bernie releasing his tax returns? Is Jane still under FBI investigation?
Super PACs for Bernie!
LOL You guys did sod all for the "revolution" in the past 2 years. YOu tried hard to hijack everyone else's causes & claim credit for HIllary's ideas but failed miserably. Stop kidding yourselves. YOu can't orchestrate grass roots revolutions
I firmly believe that @SenSanders will be the next President of the United States.
I'm guessing the FEC would like to know Our Revolution is done pretending it isn't a Bernie PAC.
Bernie syphoned off Dem voters and put Trump in office. With a huge field of viable candidates he needs to accept the seeds he may have helped sow, but now, like in 2016, is not his time.
Never Bernie! Not in 2020 or ever!
#RunBernieRun and let’s find out how many people contribute the very first day! @SenSanders You’re the only one who can motivate the masses this way. Anyone else have house parties like @OFB2020 ?
Don’t run @BernieSanders you had your chance step back for new leadership
"OurRevolution" height of the Bernie Bros. :::block:::: We don't need Bernie Sanders with his racism and misogyny and his tax return secrets, and his NRA connections. No thank you
Nope. And no $27 to help Bernie buy another house or employ @ninaturner.
No. Did not vote for Russia sanctions? PPPHHHHTTTT?
The political revolution is in full swing as evidenced by @AOC successful primary win over the establishment that outspent her 18-1 as well as other progressive victories
Please. Like he hasn't already decided to run. This is designed to gin up excitement for his tired assed campaign.
Yep.... #RunBernieRun. He should run far, far away from The White House! Do not even think about running for POTUS.
Nope! Bernie needs to totter off and learn how to knit.
Oh, Nina, I'm writing this while a "7h" timemarks your tweet. All the ratio numbers are only in the mid-hundreds and the ratio isn't that good. Just how irrelevant do you have to be before you go away?
AKA the Sanders for President PAC.
Love you Nina please run with #Bernie on his 2020 ticket
Who else have you considered endorsing? Is OR just a slush fund for Bernie?
Girl no How about help us regain state legislatures and government in Ohio instead wasting all this time shilling for old man grifter
You guys may want to look into this 501c4 endorsing political candidates
Bernie SHOULD run.................far far away. #NeverBernie
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