Y'all act like a gay man hitting on you means YOU gay. You cute my nigga. Say thank you.

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In reply to @Felonious_munk
They all should all just be like this guy. Walk away with a swagger and everything. pic.twitter.com/qaUg7HdNh1
In reply to @Felonious_munk
(Same dudes telling women to smile about to be mad af in my already muted mentions)
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I love it when my wife calls me handsome, but it’s expected from her. I’d strut around like a goddamn peacock if a gay man hit on me.
I always tell my girl a compliment from a gay man is the most genuine compliment in my opinion. Only real men are secure enough understand this.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Yep. Just cuz I don't want to go to the party doesn't mean I don't appreciate the invitation.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
bahaha I used to very freaked out and insecure about this years ago but now I find it mad flattering.
Niggas don’t understand that gay men have wild high standards so if a gay man thinks you’re attractive, accept it and move on.
Random funny story, my husband and I went into our favorite gay bar and some guy asked him to jump on the pole and without hesitation this man takes his shirt off and pole dances..like a pro. He ended up with like $50 cash and 7 free shots.
The deeper issue here is that men see compliments as gateways to eventual sexual acts instead of just compliments.

Yall always expect something in return from a “compliment” so when a gay man compliment you, you feel offended cuz y’all think compliment = obligation
In reply to @Felonious_munk
My dad says thank you every time. He said gay men have exceptional taste so he doesn't mind. Lol
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Over reactions are sometimes because some men are having sex with other men secretly & aren't ready to deal with that reality or to divulge it. As soon as a guy says, "no homo" or "pause" I automatically wonder if they're closeted. Doesn't matter to me. Just stop male toxicity.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
My late friend Travis said “My interest in homosexuality ends at show tunes, but it’s always nice to know someone finds me attractive.”
In reply to @Felonious_munk
True story... I was checking this chick one time... she tells me I gotta come get her from the bar club she’s at that happens to be a gay club... my toxic masculinity says “he’ll nah, ain’t gonna happen...” she says “well then you ain’t getting none tonight...”
In reply to @Felonious_munk
You and your partner make me forget my general respect for autonomy and family agency and I want to yell at y’all to RAISE MORE CHILDREN. 2-3 is not enough!
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I once got invited to lunch by a gorgeous sista who I didn’t realize was gay, I just thought we were going to lunch at the same time. Until she paid for lunch. I was so flattered when I realized it was a date. She was an 8 1/2 and I’m a solid 7 on my best day. 😂😂😂
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Gay guys love me and I’ve grown to appreciate that.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
You really shaking the table with this one. Hit dogs everywhere 😂😂
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I suspect from what straight guys told me, it's more a fear that others would think they're gay if they get hit on.
I take my compliments *brushes off shoulder*
Aye man when they starting asking you how much the ass gon cost and lowballing that’s where I draw the damn line
In reply to @Felonious_munk
When my straight son was a hs jr, a boy had a crush on him. I wanted to see where he was at with how I thought I had been raising him, so I asked him if it bothered him at all. He responded telling me, “No, he’s just got good taste.” ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Same with gay women. I never get offended by being told I'm attractive. Fuck homophobic ass people.
that’s bc they be undercover
In reply to @Felonious_munk
one time a gay dude told me I was looking like a daddy and told the girl I was with she’s very lucky and I felt fcking invincible that entire week
& that’s it 🤷🏿‍♂️
If this was about a man making a pass at a woman yall wouldn't be saying this lol
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I've always appreciated whatever compliments I've gotten tbh. It's all love at the end of the day.
I wish more straight men thought like this omg!!! If I give you a compliment take It trust I am not hitting on you. I PROMISE
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Years ago Don’t Ask Don’t Tell came up in one of my classes. This one guy said he’d never join the military *but if he did* he wouldn’t want gay guys checking him out in the shower. This other dude turned around and said, “What makes you think any of us would be looking at you?”
In reply to @Felonious_munk
“I’m flattered, but straight.” Easy. And usually a damned fun time out if you stick around.
Same attitude for straight women getting hit on by straight men? “You cute bitch. Say thank you.” Are we keeping the same energy?
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Look, if a gay man hits on me, I know I'm looking GOOOOD. That's flattering as hell. That's an ego boost and a half.
I feel like this could become a Twitter thing about the one time a gay guy complimented me on something. For me, it was a pair of shoes. And, oh my, thank you baby. I was hoping someone would notice.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Niggas be salty. 😂 A simple “ No thanks, Chief - but I apppreciate it” could do so much to make the world better.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I've been hit on by men a few times and each time I respectfully let them know I'm not gay, they're fine with it and I walk away thinking I'm more handsome than I give myself credit for.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I worked in theater for a long time, so a lot of gay guys around, and, occasionally, I would get hit on. Say thank you (because someone finds you attractive) and just let them know you're straight. No one ever got mad or questioned my sexuality, including me.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I always feel flattered, actually.
Same goes for you straight bitches. “Oh I’m not gay” bitch idc I’m completing you take it.
not gone lie...you feel for women after a nigga hits on you. the aggression is violent feeling. dudes really gotta chill.
As a straight woman, anyone hitting on me when I'm not personally attracted to them/sexually compatible with them makes me very uncomfortable. Furthermore, I'm not thanking anyone for anything unless it's truly appreciated.

Perhaps apply this logic to gays hitting on straights?
In reply to @Felonious_munk
We love secure masculinity
I dated a guy who would get hit on by men. His response was always, “Appreciate it. I’m not interested.”
Also compliments aren’t always “hitting on.”
It only offends me when they are ugly af, like damn I must be ugly too if they think I'm in their range. Tuh.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
sooooo many "nah thats gay" dudes in the replies. If yal musty asses were so damn comfortable with yals sexuality/masculinity, yal would just say "thank you, but im not gay" and move tf on. i promise yal aint hurting nobody. be glad that SOMEONE is aleast complimenting you.
if a gay man hittin on me that’s how I know I’m drippin sauce!!
A compliment from a gay dude is worth 3 compliments from a chick
So much homophobia and toxic masculinity in the comments.
I complimented a cishet male neighbor once. He took the compliment and kept it pushing. I happened to mention this to a cishet male cousin of mine (I forget why) and he reposnds with “nah, he’s weird for that”... in relation to him accepting the compliment.

Nigga, wut? 🤔🙃
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Straight women will change the world cause they don't get offended when I glance and blush if caught. They usually do this shimmy smirk as to say "Even the Young and Old M.A.'s know I'm looking bad ass today...Mike better". 😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/6LmfvgoXVw
But if you KNOW he’s a straight man why even go there at all
I've never understood guys who would get offended by something like a compliment from a gay man. I heard guys all through my later grade school years saying they'd be offended by it. Makes absolutely no sense. I'm taking any damn positive compliment my ugly ass can get.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Lol! Women shake their heads @ this type of overreaction. All. The. Time. If we were offended every time some one not our type hit on us, we’d stay offended. The gracious among us do exactly as you suggest. We say “no, but thank you for asking.”
So if a man keeps hitting on a woman who’s not interested is that okay? Are we supposed to say thank you?
In reply to @Felonious_munk
True, I never got why dudes wanna fight or something. I have been hit on by guys and have always felt flattered.
plot twist: it does mean that
In reply to @Felonious_munk
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Whycome it’s always the ugly dude with the crooked edge up that chics ain’t even checking for be worried about gay guys lusting after them? lol u safe bro
In reply to @Felonious_munk
Toxic femininity not understanding the boundaries of masculinity
Nah keep the compliments my g lol
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I cut out the middle man and get them to buy my clothes for me.
Gay Nigga Told Me I Smelled Marvelous One Time. Never Bought Another Cologne. All The Women Love It.
Kill niggas be doing the most. I just be like “thanks bro I’m good tho” and keep it moving. Ain’t like a nigga touched you. Niggas be gettin all angry tryna fight cuz they got a compliment 😂😂😂
if a gay guy compliments you, you know you dripped out cause they speak nothing but the truth😂😂
not only that, in most instances compliments are not always “hitting on” anyone. 😭
A gay couple called me handsome while I was thrifting
I thought it was the coolest shit 😂
In reply to @Felonious_munk
No cishet man who is secure in his heterosexuality has to go so far left to make sure the world knows it.
In reply to @Felonious_munk
If anyone hits on me, male or female, ima be like “you know what? Thank you for acknowledging my dopeness. I’m not interested, but thank you.” But that’s just me and sometimes I need folks to gas me up LOL
Facts bro. Like two of my co-workers are gay & they be hyping me up every chance they get & I’m just like “Thank You lmao” take the compliment & GO
Some men don’t like to feel just like the women they harass, that’s all.
This isn’t a problem for people, or more so men comfortable with their sexuality 🤷🏾‍♂️
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I ADORE threads like this because I can just browse thru the comments & block every nigga making homophobic, weak dick statements. If only real life had this filter option 😩
do you know how fine you have to be for a gay dude to even compliment you 😂 this is accurate
A guy shot his shot at me today so at least Ik I'm cute.
Gay man said he liked my shirt one time, that’s why nobody can tell me nothing about how I dress
Lmfaooooo @ “Say thank you”
💯and just because a man is gay does not mean he is attracted to you. Humble ya self
In reply to @Felonious_munk
New follower for this!
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I would be flattered actually🤷🏿‍♂️😂😂
I don’t mind it at all. I entertain their advances and still tell’em no. Alotta them awesome people to talk to.
Exactly. Just say thanks and keep it moving. Niggas getting upset should think about how women feel about unwanted advances.
Girls calling me cute < guys calling me cute
In reply to @Felonious_munk
In reply to @Felonious_munk
When I used to work out with my boy in the YMCA he used to get hit on all the time by gay dudes and they never once looked in my direction and it kinda hurt my feelings.... I wanna be fake offended too my nigga damn!
In reply to @Felonious_munk
I'm cute as shit. Every woman I ended up in a long-term significant relationship with first thought I was gay. My gay dudes set the fashion & cleanliness standards! Get you life, and get on team fabulous!
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