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Modi shooting for a Discovery channel film the day of the #Pulwamaattack

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The perpetual actor!!!
Soon he will be on history channel after elections.
Training with 1.Crocodiles to learn how to shed tears... 2. Snakes to bite his opponents... 3. Chameleon to change colours instantly... 4. Fox to lie to the Nation... 5. Hyenas to intimidate his dissidents...
Tutoring the crocks how to fake tears of grief at the Jim Corbett! #PulwamaTerrorAttack
Reminds me of Junior George bush sitting with children during 9/11.
Discovery channel is way too hard to digest for those who's paymaster appears exclusively on POGO.
Ye holiday me count hoga ya office work me
मोदी जी घड़ियालों को आंसू बहाना सिखाने गए थे
He was there from 12 in the noon till 6:45 in the evening and the blast happened around 3:30 Shame that he was either not informed or was not interested in leaving his camera lust
WOW !! I feel a lump in my throat seeing the depth of his patriotism.
WOW !! I feel a lump in my throat seeing the depth of his patriotism.
Kaamchor Prachar Mantri
And will get Oscar for best actor sponsored by rss
Congress Home Minister, faced the flak for changing his clothes twice after Delhi Terror attack and then resigned after 26/11. Compare that to the media silence now and the brazeness of Modi Sarkar.
Andhbhakt : Nazar ghadiyal pe thi par mann me chinta desh ki thi ! Isliye Namo 🤗
आतंकी मसूद अजहर का सर नहीं तो भाजपा को वोट नहीं...
Every great showman of the world has said -- "the show must go on...."
Modi kept shooting at Corbet Park, left after 7pm, Shah kept rallying, boasting on Ram mandir issue, Goyal kept managing ally in TN, Manoj Tiwari(useless) kept singing & dancing. None of the them gave away any trace of them being duely abreast of #PulwamaAttack intensity. Fishy.
Wow! What a disgusting human being. @narendramodi
While our jawans were fighting for their lives, our PM was busy shooting in Corbett. pic.twitter.com/78i4gzw6MY
Self-promotion is more important than anything else.
रोम जल रहा था नीरो बांसुरी बजा रहा था।
Seriously, he should consider becoming a full time actor in case he loses 2019. He seems to be excellent at it.
Ye aadmi 24x7 acting mode mein rehta hai
Sad. It is widely reported in local newspapers as well. He was in Ramnagar Uttarakhand.
'Mitron, suna hai Pulwama mein kucch shooting-vooting Hui thi. Hum to apne shooting mein vyast the.'
Very sad. This should be exposed extensively.
गिरगिट भी रंग बदलने से पहले मोदी से पूछती है कि आज रंग बदलू या नही। #चोकीदार_कमज़ोर_है #PulwamaTerrorAttack
शानदार एक्टर! 😠
Nobody can question him and that is why he keeps doing without any accountability. He has done injustice to the soldiers community and have to pay the price. To divert the attention, all danga fasad was orchestrated against Kashmiri Muslims and Journalists and AAM JANTA. Shame
#bollywood Pls give him some role . People of this country is paying high price for his drama .
आपका पेट क्यों दुख रहा है मोटी भैंस @bainjal. तुम लोग कुछ भी कर लो PM तो फिर मोदी जी ही बनेंगे. 👎
He is best at acting!!! anyone doubt?
My simple question to GOI & people of India is how could it makes a logic to call Kshmr its integral part & on the other hand Kashmiris are being threatened & warned to leave from almost in every state of India ? @rainarajesh @TehseenMunawer @bainjal @Nidhi @sakshijoshii anyone ?
Height of shamelessness by Modi. This man is disgusting.
He is crying for jawans so that he gets votes in elections
Is this part of the 18 hour a day ‘work’?
So now Swati wants Modi to have magical powers to see future like Rahul Gandhi.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
So,what's your problem. He has handled the issue like a statesman unlike Congress blundering post Mumbai terror attack. Stop your stupid negativity. India needs everyone to stand together behind PM & eith SF
This won't flash on your TV because Indian media.

Our soldiers are killing by terrorist and this man is shooting for a channel..

What a shame..!
Main inke bhaktoon pe thukta hu.!
Andhe ho gaye ho bhakto
@Suhana_qureshi1 Bhakto Ke Papa Kitney Desh Bhakt hai
Yeh dekho
- thanks for ThisCovery
Modi ki deshbhakti poorey hindustan ko pata chalna chaiye !!!! Plss RT
Modi ki deshbhakti poorey hindustan ko pata chalna chaiye !!!! Plss RT
Insensitive PM ...heart less bigot he doesn't deserve to be the prime minister of this great country ..he just playing with emotion of jawaan kisaan .and navjaawan of indian people
What do you want to prove? At what time the news of #Pulwama attack came? At what time this picture was taken? Don't forward random pics to politicize the issue.
It is not confirmed whether @narendrermodi really filmed for @Discovery channel. What is confirmed that india head of the channel was present in Corbett and the park was closed for two days for the prime minister. All bookings were cancelled.
His days as PM are numbered..
#Modi doesn't realize the fact that the same footage will be used by Discovery Channel for purposes other than his praise once he's declared a criminal for the #Gujarat2002Pogrom and other crimes committed along with his sidekick.
An insensitive joker, playing for the promotion of his self image. When you elect a joker, be ready for circus & unfortunately we are paying heavily for the stupid decisions made by him.
Incredible. Either he is campaigning or he is acting. The joke is on us who had chosen him for governance . #PulawamaTerrorAttack
Omg !!!!! Shamelesssss
इसकी कमी रह गई थी.....कार्टून नेटवर्क बाकी बचा है
What an utterly, despicable human being we have as PM! Hang our heads in shame! twitter.com/bainjal/status…
What an utterly, despicable human being we have as PM! Hang our heads in shame! twitter.com/bainjal/status…
Inko koi Oscar dila do “for male actor in leading role” 🙏🙏🙏
Jai Jawan ! #Bhakts will say - should he stop all functioning because of the attack. And I will be like - Yes. Stop all activities of self propaganda.
please check this news fake or real ?? pic.twitter.com/NvO0phSkFZ
Shame on @PMOIndia to continue shooting for a TV channel, despite being informed of the #PulwamaMassacre #PulwamaAttack
Why isn't he suffering the wrath of his goons who bay for the blood of opposition for even raising questions abt a train that failed before it started? Double standard BJP can't even explain how Intel for #pulwamaterrorattack was ignored. The least they can do is not pose around!
But wasn't he elected for having fun? It is the RSS, looking after security no! #PulwamaAttack #PulwamaTerrorAttack #Pulwama
Still @sherryontopp is the reason for everything according to #bhakts , but no problem with #AjitDoval son's paki business....
such a shameless man
क्या पक्के सबूत है या ये भी फेक न्यूज है
After he got to know about attack he was still continued his shoot. Is he PM or some kind of actor who keep promoting himself without caring abt anything. Shame
Election ke bad Inka full-time job hoga ye
You guys should have informed him earlier that there was a #Pulwamaattack going to happen so he could have prepared himself... 🙂
Seriously PM should have been informed in max 5-10 minutes of this attack, he should have cancelled all the programs and call for a situation / Emergency meeting. When country is not priority for our PM, then what?
And did not cancel the shoot even after the incident.
While our jawans are being bombed & shot our PM is busy shooting! If he spent less time on photo ops & more on special ops the terrorists sinister plots he would have made a “Discovery”, his muscular policy backfired & Kashmir didn’t make a Recovery! PM u r skating on thin ice
Why is BJP silent on china’s role in defending massod Azhar. Why are they not protesting on street. Why they are signing #rcep. Why they don’t oppose Trade deficit. Why wuhan. Why NSG. Why China likes Modi. Why no ban on Huawei. Why Oppo and vivo have become so big under BJp rule
Ek Oscar dilwa do. Shayad shooting mode se dhyan haat jaaye. Waise #PulwamaAttack isska dobara aane ka kaam kar diya.
What the hell are you doing during Pulwama attack madam ji, what is the status of the day of you and your premier pappu ji??? India wants to know ..
And Pappu was busy in arranging POGO playlist even during the 2 min silence for martyred soldiers.. #SiddhuThrownOut pic.twitter.com/9XWfe263r0
This is what Modi was doing when 44 soldiers were blown to bits.
what a shame....!! when Indian soliders were attacked, modi was shooting for Discovery channel. Despite knowing about the attacks, he carried on with the shooting...what a shame @priyankac19 @rachitseth @GauravPandhi @abhisar_sharma
Yeh bhi 24×7 kaam karne waale Saheb ke schedule mein shaamil hai.....yeh Aadmi camera ke liye kuch bhi karega 😂
राहुल गांधी अगर मोबाइल चेक कर ले तो वो एन्टी नेशनल हैं अगर मोदी फ़िल्म की शूटिंग कर ले तो वो बहुत बड़ा राष्ट्रवादी हैं। औऱ देखना ये जो भी डॉक्यूमेंट्री बन रही है वो चुनाव के टाइम आएगी वोटो की भीख मांगने।
And you were busy playing mooligajar andarbahar.
Sure...just cross check he must be on animal planet
He is India’s biggest actor
lgta h oscar toh pradhan sewak ji le jayenge. Thoda guru se acting sikh lo ap akhir bhakt jo ho ap.
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