"Honda's been very clear – decision made because of global trends & is not related to Brexit. Turkey factory will also close as all European market production is consolidated to Japan where company is based"

Let's back our factory workers
Post Brexit ✂️ taxes, tariffs & red-tape
BREAKING: Japanese car maker Honda is drawing up plans to close its manufacturing plant in Swindon.

Full story here: po.st/EWgaza pic.twitter.com/Rfb4FSZW1W

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BBC has point blank lied about the Swindon Closure on Radio 4 news tonight. It said it was caused by Brexit carrying the opinions of a TU official. This is a disgrace. It is an insult. We are paying for them to lie to us. Their senior management are liars and hold us in contempt.
Now EU and Japan have an FTA it makes complete sense to consolidate production. It is interesting that no one is blaming EU/FTA as a potential cause of closure.
EU signed agreement that cars built in Japan can be exported to EU tariff free. Why did the EU agree to that, because most of the cars are built in the UK.
Good that Honda say brexit had nothing to do with decision but will Remoaners accept this or will they continue to lie
Agree with earlier comment noting the EU Japan FTA plays a significant part in this decision.
That the closure is nothing to do with brexit won’t stop Remoaners saying its because of brexit. Time is running out, and they’re getting desperate.
Nothing to do with the 10% tariff sweetener on cars imported from Japan ?? The EU Japan fta deal has just had a large dump over Swindon !!
Perhaps the loss-making coal mines should be re-opened! Business and economic cycles occur and investors and stakeholders make decisions. The #UK still employs over 29 million people. Such a shame that negativity is so prevalent in 2019 🇬🇧
The BBC and Sky News have all the credibility of Russia Today.
Stop telling the truth, you know remoaners don't understand it.
Just imagine if we started to bring back manufacturing of many goods from China to the U.K. ?
Honda out, get Tesla in. Save the planet
Perhaps not being in the EU the U.K. government could invest in this plant to build a new triumph a Sport,saloon , luxury car maybe petrol and LPG as battery power is quite there yet and fill the gap that’s missing now diesel is the enemy
If we were out of the EU we would be free offer financial incentives to make it possible for Honda (or anyone else) to justify maintaining or starting production in the UK; something that the EU did to encourage Ford to close the Eastleigh Transit factory and move it to Turkey.
Japan must surely loathe the terrorism climate in UK, Europe & Turkey/Syria. They must be running a mile as any intelligent government would.
Or increase tariffs on car imports to encourage cars to be manufactured in UK.
Brexit will remove any benifit to having that plant in Swindon.
Amandeep.Strategic and economic benefits for japan not to become embroiled in trade administration,part distribution and regulation for a singular block country (namely UK ). At some point you are going to have to face the reality and the wisdom to accept that Brexit is 😭
If Companies withdraw from the UK to then supply the same goods to the UK made elsewhere, Smash them with punitive tariffs. I'm all for Tariff free trade but on disinvestment ....nope you get punished.
Maybe this an omen to build #UK cars take over the factory.
Is this also due to the EU\JPY FTA?
ITN ignore what the company says & get some bloke on a bike to blame Brexit!
EU / Japan FTA was a smart move then wasn’t it? More of the ‘UK must be punished for Brexit’ agenda. Then again, the EU has subsidised moving manufacturing out of the UK for decades.
Of course i would try to emphasize the size of the UK market - The Japanese aren't stupid they are looking at a free trade agreement which would let them manufacture in Japan instead of locally
Fair weather friends are not needed
Whatever the facts anything negative will be blamed by anti #Brexit media on #Brexit @BBCPolitics @SkyNews
Honda wants UK to keep buying Honda.... words are cheap
Just a reminder that Turkey has free access to the Customs Union without Freedom of Movement and without payment.
How many houses will be built on the site after Honda have sold the land?
As a Tory with a diminishing 'T', cuts in taxes, red tape and tariffs, I presume mean lowering environmental standards, clamping on workers rights (maternity, sick pay, holidays etc) and giving fuck off back handers to random US, Chinese and Indian companies?
Nope it's the EU again that has shafted us. Why build cars in Europe? The EU-Japan agreement will remove EU tariffs of 10 percent on Japanese cars and 3 percent for most car parts.
If the British are only going to build other countries cars do not complain when they take them away....build our own. They can take them away anytime they like..we have no control really.
Absolutely right. Coupled with the perfidious no tariff trade deal done by the EU, oddly just before Brexit, Honda have reneged on a promise made 6 months ago. Hearts are with the workers.
I cannot cope with the #BBcbias machine any longer 😂
Right mate, meawhile 3500 people are losing their jobs your are singing the dead men song over their ‘graves’.
Whilst it is devastating for those involved and Govt must support them the ~3,500 job losses between now and 2022 numerically are one quarter of the 14,000 reduction in unemployment in UK just between Oct and Dec 2018
These companies are doing it now and using brexit to mask the bad decisions they made.
No Honda Turkey are not closing the plant. They are ending production of the current Civic saloon in 2021 but crucially continuing with operations unlike Swindon.
That's the smoking gun that it's not a Brexit issue. Turkey factory to close too. Of course, the EU propogandists will be rubbing their hands, but the picture is clear.
Bad news for my town of SWINDON😲
Always going to start happening. With electric cars coming, asia is becoming an even more appealing market place... Have said this for ages.
Perhaps we don't want that EU trade deal with Japan after all. Could be same with the EU one and the massive trade deficit it brings with it. I'm 100% behind the #WTO #CleanBrExit as a matter of principle. But there IS a downside to trade deals. Arrange them with a plan in mind.
My mother's fav saying comes to mind when I read this: Non so blind as cannot see
What you mean the remoaners got the wrong message again, well it was due to economic conditions, that is hard to understand, easy to blame Brexit!!
You want to blame someone folks for job losses? Here, and there'll be far more after London's ULEZ starts in April too!! london.gov.uk/press-releases…
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