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I absolutely refuse to click on this gross violation of Malia Obama’s privacy. What I will say Is that Trump ran a racist smear campaign against her Dad for years. She is entirely justified. Donald Trump is a life-long racist. Don’t forget it.
Malia Obama's secret Facebook account reveals just how much former First Daughter hates Donald Trump dailym.ai/2SF0dwG

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Daily Mail seems desperate for a story.
I also refuse to participate in this.
I read it. The @DailyMail headline is click bait, but the article portrays her as a sweet, normal teenager. That's right, she was a teenager at the time and the Daily Mail acknowledged that this is all old "news."
Leave her alone. Every normal person dislikes 45.
Going after political opponents children now. I remember the rage when Barron was mentioned in a few articles. It’s a classless act in both scenarios.
What does Malia Obama drinking alcholol have to do with Trump? Nothing.
They award life-long racists medals for not being racist? pic.twitter.com/wIYd7KNLDN
Obama spent 8 years proving he's the most racist President we've ever had.
He had a top rated tv show for 15 years, with 100's of guests and yet no one ever mention this racism. Why?
I clicked on accident but I read it anyway and its such a non issue shes just having fun with her friends
Nothing bad in it. I clicked it. They refer to her as pretty, & typical, & say she supports causes close to her heart such as gun reform. Absolutely not any kind of attack on her.
I think it is human to hate someone who's every thought was to disparage your dad. I could not be silent if my dad was Barrack Obama or John McCain.
we all hate him she isn’t special LOL
I refuse to click also but in the future I won’t even retweet the content or comment on their thread: twitter.com/jsmooth995/sta…
Mind your own politics..Trump was right about Obama who was placed in his position to bring down AMERICA and by the Grace of GOD we now are restoring her at no help of OBAMA
Life-long racist? Did Trump’s former BLACK girlfriend know?
Amen! #Trump started the #birther foshizzle with Barack!!! Oh, wait. That was #Hillary. Nevermind -mao
Right. I don't even know Trump and I can't stand that apricot, imagine how she must feel.
Seeing as a lot of people are seeing this tweet I encourage you to support @swingleft and help pick up and defend Democrat seats in 2020. Please help make Trump a one-term President. Do the Obama legacy proud and participate!
I reported the tweet I think that’s the terms of service violation...
Trump isn’t a racist. You are just putting labels on someone again without any evidence/proof.
Seriously. We have more than enough genuine complaints with liberals without dragging their kids into it. Stop it already. Malia Obama
And Trump had the audacity to try and come at Michelle Obama after her powerful memoir calling him out on his role during the "birther movement". This shell of a man says whatever he wants smh
Can the Daily Mail leave this young lady alone.
Its not racist to write the truth.
I won’t click either. I will, however, stand with her in solidarity.
No he’s not. Obama was the true racist. He pitted Americans one vs the other by their race. Squandered the greatest opportunity to improve race relations. OBAMA SET RACE RELATIONS BACK DECADES. We will never forget.
Well Democrats need to clean house and stop smearing Republicans with false allegations of racism. #JussieSmollettHoax pic.twitter.com/Ow7FrS2FgS
Like she’s the only one who detests the man 🤣
It’s was Hillary. TRUMP has won awards from NCAAP and Ellis Island Foundation. Was a bit different with the bush twins as well. You see that bias...it’s obvious. You know that thing about laws...and getting caught ...and paying for it...well this is privilege
Yes because Facebook is private. Lmaoooo.
It's NOT about clicking on the link. Her name is trending. Quit using her name. Retweet the f outta this. The good guys are keeping her name trending no 1. QUIT USING HER NAME
Under age drinking is not a private matter T. Typical Dem, when 1 of us F's up we deflect to Trump to justify bad behavior? The Law is the Law! The country is not lawless like it was for 8 years under her dad! Actions have consequences..
All it does is prove: 1) Malia is intelligent! 2) Malia has a valid opinion! 3) I like Malia!
Thanks, I was looking for this link.
Foh you goober ass Londoner. Stick to your own country's lame ass shit.
,her sister Barbara, @ChelseaClinton & the Obama girls will always be smarter, classier and better human beings than any of Trump's miscreant brats.
I hate trump most of the entire intelligent world hates trump and the rest is just like him more or less
Obama is a race baiter. He's a liar and a hypocrite. pic.twitter.com/urbtKQQ3vF
Were u equally outraged when Peter Fonda tweeted desire to kidnap 10-yr-old Barron & place him in cage w/pedos? If Malia wants privacy she shouldn't be on Facebook. She's a big girl. She knows better by now.
I'm not clicking on any articles about her FB account either. That's BS. But I totally agree that Malia has every damn right to hate that piss poor excuse for a man in the WH now. Hell, I can't stand his ass, and he didn't even talk shit about my daddy.
God bless Malia! We are right there with you against the Fat Nixon ! Traitor Trump will go down in history as the most openly hated fake potus ! Love your family Malia
Complainers r nasty nasty ppl. How would I know? Private contractor. Left my industry to get away from tired, broke, busted, disgusted of the generational adult children, who have unresolved untreated chaotic past trauma being reared in ongoing dysfunctional families 21st Century
She is "entirely justified" *cough* underage drinking *cough*
It's under a FAKE name which is against Facebook policies (fake account) so not only is her privacy not being "invaded" but if she actually feels this way she is a pussy for not just putting her name to it. This is just like kevin durrant making fake Twitter accounts. Her fault
" Donald Trump is a life-long racist. " used to it working every time. not going to work anymore
Sure - because when a white man speaks out against a black man it's racism, but when a black man speaks out against a white man it's because he feels oppressed. How about we start taking race out of every argument & discussion and see where that leads us?
Look, another guy who cant explain why Trump is racist!
Newsflash: if it's on Facebook, it's not private.
Plus, the account hasn't been active since she was in highschool. I wonder what Daily Mail's motivation was with this?
Delusional!! He’s never been racist!
Same. No click & if that jerk Trump treated my dad the same I’d feel the same.
Ya, I hate him too and he hasn't done squat to me besides be a POS human. I like Malia even more now! 😍
Trump is a racist?! Can you link me to something racist that he has said or done?! I’m very curious because that would be unacceptable for a sitting or former president.
The Daily Mail is racist rag. They attack her because she is dating a British white male just like they attack and vilify princess Meghan. They are harsh to mixed couples.
And it's not exactly like Trump's kids LOVE Obama either.
All of America appreciates your opinion. Good job. I bet you feel more important now? lol
The Daily Mail used to have a column on the right hand side of the page called the 'side bar of shame', so called because they ran stories about young women 'flaunting their bodies/curves/figure'. The *girls* featured in these stories were often underage children of celebs.
Trump supporters don’t care. I wish her well. Party on Garth
To this day he bashes Obama every opportunity he has.
What about the smear campaign from Obama against Trump?
Well Obozo did hate America so there's that!
You should click on it. It shows the depths of her depravity.
We’re about results TJ, do you know anything about results?
I bet you absolutely don’t refuse to deep dive into someone’s old social media accounts so you can publicly shame and ostracize them
Spoken like a T James I am TJames also
A lifelong racist? Why wasn't he accused of that in the 90's? Why did he share an award with Rosa Parks? Why was he loved by rappers all the way up until he became president? He didn't even campaign against Obama. Asking for a document isn't racist.
Now malia is a racist
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