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If I killed a lion wit my bare couldn’t nobody tell me shit the whole hood gotta come correct you wouldn’t hear the end of me
This man fought and killed a mountain lion with his bare hands after being attacked during a run pic.twitter.com/Li6rHAqHFz

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Facts!!! I would’ve been stunting so hard! I love animals and all but a lion attacks me n I kill it with my bare hands bruh I’m wearing that mofuka like a coat in the hood‼️
I’d be rocking it’s head like the latest drip pic.twitter.com/CIAXMyIXUG
R/S I’m taking over all operations! The top dealer running me bread or I’m running these lion killing hands, ya heard me! pic.twitter.com/SfjdOUe0Y9
Big facts 😂😂😂 mountain lion slippers on my feet
He was feeling like takamura from hajime no ippo i bet pic.twitter.com/DsWmH76hKM
On god 😂😂 “the whole hood better come correct”
He tells the story like he didn't win the fight thou I woulda been on some... pic.twitter.com/INxcX1kaor
Trust me, he going with a pistol from now on too.
Y’all gotta think... at that moment it’s life or death... y’all lettin a mountain lion kill y’all? Nah not me
It was only 40lbs.. this weak asf😂😂
😂😂 shit talk would be on level 1000
David and Goliath 🔥
I would’ve got a tear drop & changed my name to Liono. Jus walkin roun slappin niggaz 😂
Gotta refer to me as Simba after that
Thought yall were talking about a LION lion.
He really put the paws on the lion
You’ll be seeing me in that new new Liona Goose fur. Talk to me nice pic.twitter.com/jUaFHbNRQQ
Me stunting with Karen in the Chevelle😂 pic.twitter.com/JgWA8iUJyY
I think a lion and a juvenile mountain lion a little bit different...
Facts I’m walk-in round like Debo you ain’t telling me shit pic.twitter.com/uceX8AXdbz
You aint choking out no damn wolf @JMVL_LVMJ
What in the years spent cultivating an innate sense of security and unwavering social saftey nets is this mess right here pic.twitter.com/uN4GPeIbtS
Homie you black they giving you 5 years in jail for that lol
Factsss I’m talking big shit til the day I die, people gone hate my ass 🤣🤣🤣
Loool facts no one could tell me shit
It was like a baby mountain lion that weighed about 40 lbs....
I swear I would talk shit about everything for no reason
oof! Ive never really liked vanilla but 'Hey Zaddy!' 😂😁
Every time I tell this story, the lion is gonna get bigger, more ferocious, etc “I was fighting it, then the lion went Super Saiyan 2....”
how the fuckkkk 🤯 a freaking mountain lion 🤔😂 pic.twitter.com/JdLPpbMFEH
Ms. Omwomo telling her classes she wrestled lions back in Africa💀💀
Note that the lion was 6 months old and weighed 45lbs. This dude did not kill an adult animal.
See running ain’t lead him to no where good
Mountain lion and lion are VERY different
Buddy walking round the hood like deez after that pic.twitter.com/P6K3pKkJ0p
i feel like there’s a few words missing here i had to fill in the “blanks” lol
I’m talking my shit 😂
u can’t kill a bullet
Bruhhhhh...this man killed a whole mountain lion out here. Wow. pic.twitter.com/4IrIyXtebB
I would’ve skinned it like we on red Dead 😂😂😂
that HAD to be a Lvl.1 mountain lion
imma stay running in ft Greene park Kate 😩😭
How does this tweet get so many retweets? Who has the Rosetta Stone to understand this guy?
“Nigga remember that i fo-“ Me: pic.twitter.com/vj1K5ZMMzY
Everyone: .. Me: I killed a lion with my bare hands pic.twitter.com/1zoHlqM7Tb
“You trash at 2k bruh.”

Punctuation marks are fucking important. Sigh
Yea cus I’m not fighting a regular cat
Mfs gone be gettin nat I'm not a mountain lion I'll beat yo ass
If you killed a Mountain Lion with your bare hands they would’ve arrested you
40 pounds? This nigga fought a pit bull
Tough skinny nerd. So much braver than those big muscle bound testosterone guys. Usually tattooed cowards
They a shoot you for clout
Forreal. Im hittin tha strip disrespectful after this.
Walk to the ball court and clear that mf up
If you watch the full video the cat was only 40lbs
Shoot you probably be like jazmine Sullivan singing I’m not scared of lions and tigers and bears .😂😂😂
This “Lion” was only 40lbs 😭🤣
The hood would have to call me the Lion King from here on out pic.twitter.com/hJY8SqnEm6
A mountain lion is just a big stray cat ffs🤦‍♂️
Yeah that is billboard worthy or at least a commercial for Hummer or something!!
Buggin I woulda took that shit with me 😂😂
Deadass💀💀 like you wanna end up like that lion and i know your weak ass not stronger than a lion bill
I would fuck that nigga up too WE ARE THE APEX PREDATORS
I was wondering what he looked like! I was imagining a much bigger dude!
Imagine being part of the mountain lion fam..... his/hers family getting clowned every day 😭
Lmfao no cap, I’m lookin for beef on purpose and all😂
NEVER hear the end of it yo - our children's children's children would hear of the tale of Tina the MF Mountain Lion Slayer
I'd make a whole pelt out of that mofo💀💀
Stay out their hood. 🤷🏾‍♂️
“Niggga I fought a mountain lion, what have u done lately?” Type shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I see no lies here
Only a white guy would get attacked by a mountain lion on the trail and already be back on it running again
Horsetooth be wildin out
Somebody said mountain lion slippers on they feet😂😂
exactly! 😂 be at mc donalds like yea can i get a number 5 , make sure its fresh cause i kill lions n shit
He was attacked by a mountain lion and killed it 😮
Man fr fr😂😂 my ego be so big 😂😂
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