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Is Malia Obama not supposed to hate the man who spent 8 years baselessly claiming her father wasn't a US citizen?
Malia Obama's secret Facebook account reveals just how much former First Daughter hates Donald Trump dailym.ai/2SF0dwG

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My public Facebook account reveals the same thing. So does my Twitter, a little bit of my Instagram, and any conversations I have about him.
Fairly human daughter reaction to me
Malia’s in good company.
I guess it isn't secret anymore. Please leave her alone.
Good for her. My FB account shows the same thing.
Also, I refuse to click on the article because it's bullshit to drive ad revenue for Malia Obama's private digital space being violated. Please join me in being a responsible netizen on this.
Malia can join the club. I don’t think she will be lonely.
I’d be shocked if she didn’t post about hating him. Next ...
Actually, she would have gotten roars of approval for putting the jackass in his place!
Also maybe a private citizen’s Facebook account shouldn’t be news? It’s seems like she made a secret account to prevent this very situation. Perhaps we should let her remain that way?
She's in very good company!
Oh.... so she’s smart...shocker.
I know, right? I like her before but now I REALLY like her. She rocks!
Plus she’s a private citizen who can express her views to her friends.
My not-secret Facebook account shows the same thing...
Something tells me Meghan McCain and Chelsea Clinton are Team Malia.
I don’t blame her in the least! As President Obama’s daughter, I can only imagine how hurt and angry she must be! Poor thing☹️. I miss having an intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken, and decent President like President Obama🇺🇸.
My public Facebook account makes it clear I hate Donald Trump as president.
If only they had a video of her dancing on a rooftop, this would be a true scandal.
My first thought is this... Look at Trumps kids! Damn...at least she’s not possibly implicated as a #FilthyTraitor like it’s pretty obvious Don Jr. & Eric &Ivanka are for sure going to subpoenaed, possibly indicted for Conspiring agsinst America!
She's right too. The Post-Its said nothing wrong.
Honestly this is tame compared how I would feel...well, how I do feel.
Can we all send a message to Malia = We all hate him too!
I hate him. And he’s never even attacked MY family. Of course she hates him. This isn’t rocket science. You didn’t just discover a family of talking bears living on Mars....
Flat out - if you are an asshole to either of my parents - I don't like you. If you did to my family, what trump did to the Obamas, my secret Facebook page would be the least of your worries. Trust.
I don't think she's the only one who hates him. I have never hated anyone so much in my life. I hate him to the point where, when he dies, I am going to have the biggest party ever. I'm going to be Dancing in the Street.
She reacted just like any human would' just like any child if someone attacked their parent .
Is there a chance she hates him more than me? Maybe, but that is a very high bar.
Smart, loyal young woman. She’s in a really big club. Your point?
This makes me like Malia even more!
This right here 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 pic.twitter.com/0LjgmJOdyA
She's in good company. Many millions in fact. We hate him too Malia!!!
Who also invented ISIS 🙄 #MaliaObama was holding back & why are we even seeing what she intended to be private? She really does need better friends
Not to mention all the racists who said her mom was a man.
Don’t most normal people use FB to post about how much they hate Trump?
Is any young woman not supposed to despise a man intent on taking away her rights?
Her and millions more others lol
bro my not so secret Facebook reveals how much I hate Donald Trump
Michelle Obama said his birther campaign put her family in danger and she will never forgive him for it. Why would their Harvard enrolled daughter not despise him after what he did? #LiarCrook
How did the Daily Mail get access to Malia Obama's secret account? And why is it publishing a private citizen's communications? She isn't involved in politics -- she's actively avoided it. Leave her alone!
We are all Malia Obama!
Everyone hates trump. I stand with Malia💙🇺🇸
I can relate to how she really feels. Daily Mail needs to leave her alone.
You GO MALIA!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
How long before Junior launches his 500th self-righteous rant about how mean people are to donald?
Besides, she’s in really good company!
Makes a lot more sense to me than @IvankaTrump always supporting her father regardless of how heinously he acts.
Hate tRump? Malia must get in line with the rest of us. But, she deserves spot #1.
Well she isn't alone. Millions of people hate Trump. I'm one of them. Leave that girl alone
I hate him and he never said anything about my father.
She's not the only one, but she is Prez Obama's daughter. She has free speech.
How can you blame her? She loves her daddy and will defend him.
Right. Because Trump’s Trust Fund Baby Boy #1 never says anything derogatory about the Obamas and Democrats.
Anyone with a soul and/or an IQ over 80 hates Trump. Seriously.
Nobody that is sane likes traitor Trump.. Only the nutjobs..
Louis Virtel: I am shaken by the news of Malia Obama having opinions and friends. If she enjoys food or listens to music, I will be devastated.
No Secrets Here #iHateTrump for what he’s done trying to destroy democracy #PutinsPuppet will NEVER have my respect!
Who doesn't hate him except the Fox cult?
I would act the same exact way
... effectively putting the entire family's life in jeopardy ....
My teenage daughters hate Trump too. Not only am I cool with that I love the fact that they care about what's going on with their country.
Exactly. I would if I were her.
Or the one that intentionally targeted every one of her fathers initiatives and spent his first 12 months in office simply erasing Obama policy?
*more than 8 years. Let's not forget this started before Obama became president
Good for her I do not blame her
Good for her! I can relate.
I don't blame Malian Obama. Not at all. Besides that racist #MarALardass words and actions threatened not just her well-being but also that of her sister and especially of course her parents. #MarALardass outta be ashamed of himself but he's not. #ImpeachTheMFTraitor
Is this supposed to be a scandal?
BREAKING NEWS: Malia Obama is a normal 20 year-old.
My not secret Facebook page reveals the same thing
Dude everyone hates Trump
GOOD ! She has every reason to! #Trump is a #racist who has attacked her father ever since his insane birther BS, long before he became #FakePresident with his #FakeTrumpEmergency We support #MaliaObama and the entire #Obama family especially on #PresidentsDay OH, & #MarALardass
There are tons of reasons to abhor and resist 45, so maybe it would be better not to repeat or authorize the headline's nasty attempt to trivialize hers by casting it as a mere personal grudge?
There would be something wrong with her if she didn't! I can't imagine the suffering in silence both girls have endured.
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