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The awkward moment for India when comedians start making more sense than all the 'experts'

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After we #boycottkapilsharma, Pakistani terrorists would be laughing, seeing how we've boycotted our brains as well.
Well said @KapilSharmaK9 . Times we live in. Hate filled.
I’m not ur fan @KapilSharmaK9 but well said . I totally agree. We need to focus on the larger issue here
Things I thought I'd never say 2318 : Kapil Sharma making sense. #Respect
Never thought I would be RT'ing a tweet in which Kapil Sharma would be making sense. The times we live in.
I fully support removing @sherryontopp from Kapil show, not because of his comments about Pakistan. He deserved to be fired because he laughs on non funny useless sorry jokes resulting in further degradation of comedy.
#AskTheRealQuestions ...it's high time. @KapilSharmaK9 made an extremely valid point here, which our "leaders" fail to understand.
Proud of u @KapilSharmaK9 for standing up by what's right.
is a wise man. He knows the truth & double standard of trollers .
You forgot to invite @SirPareshRawal

Oops ... I keep forgetting

He ceased being a comedian 🐒
What he is saying is not rocket science, but simple common sense. Actually right wing of our country needs a punching bag and Siddhu paaji is that bag. Even after 5 years of this govt, I have still not understood this govts Kashmir & Pak policy.
कॉमेडियन सीरियस पोलिटिकल स्टफ दे रहा है। पॉलिटिशियन चीप कॉमेडी कर रहा है।
Really nice to see him take a brave stand especially because it is just couple of weeks he has started his show again.
Daya pata karo kahin daaru pk toh nahi bol raha.kyun ki sach bol raha hai.
now a days only either a #satirist or a #comedian can make sense because sensible people are busy in abusing ,protecting cows and spreading hatred on the name of nationalism..
Mera Desh Badal Raha hai
Lot of respect to this guy. He talks sense.
Now bakths will be like "boycott Kapil too.. Please keep on doing what we say to save PM..sorry sorry India.. Jai Hind"
Yeh desh ka durbhagya hai ki comedian ko sensible bana pad raha hai kyunki rajneta toh rajneeti mein busy hai😕
Good to see someone talk with somuch of.. clarity...
Dhyaan divert karna hi asli uddeshya Hai.. sahi sawal mat karo
So you accept that Comedians actually are senseless..??
BTW dissension in viewpoints regarding Political/Economical issues of country is appreciable and it's the beauty of democracy..
But dissension in viewpoints regarding terrorism and terrorists is not acceptable at all..!!
It's not much. He's just talking common sense, but common sense has become such a rare commodity that we are celebrating it.
So true and good that Kapil Sharma spoke on this! Immense respect for him! Govn is indeed fooling people by giving irrational and misplaced judgments. I just hope good sense prevails and needful is done instead of misleading citizens and tormenting journalists! Jai Hind!!
You have been advocating for Rahul a long time.
Kapil sharma has become the new anti national element according to sources from @republic @ZeeNewsHindi @TimesNow
Such a shame that even a national crisis like this terrorist attack is being reduced to a mere political tool! Why aren't we holding the defense minister Intelligence agencies accountable? Soldiers are worth more than vote banks
Chalo certificate certificate certificate, kaun sanghi kharidega iske liye chalo pic.twitter.com/Iwxc8R1jYY
Ab kapil sharma ko bhi anti national bol dega ye log
@KPadmaRani1 @MrsGandhi @RiaRevealed @narendramodi @SirPareshRawal Mam what Mr 56inch PM/Jumla Party Leaders shld hv said.@KapilSharmaK9 says if Mr PM n his leaders who r trolling. @sherryontopp has any answer to question raised by Kapil Sharma they shld come in open
This man always makes me feel breaking the boundries of thaughts.... We love u KAPIL n proud of being ur admirer.. Thanku Akash sir, my two favorites, one side !
At least... rationality is somewhere alive in the country,,,
Times when comedians like @KapilSharmaK9 are taking a correct stand than our 56" heroes like @ajaydevgn @SrBachchan etc. 👍🏻
So now @KapilSharmaK9 is the new terrorist sympathiser, anti-national for bhakts
Never liked his comedy but is making more sense than entire bollywood.
it makes no 'sense' for an Army man to die for the people who can't even take a stand for their own nation. Yet he does. So stop finding 'sense' and start thinking from your heart. There's a thing called 'Symbolism' if u r still looking for sense. #BoycottKapilSharma
Asli mudda to yeh he jisse bjp vaale bhatkaana chahte he
India has plenty of depressed ppl . This show is medicine for them. Boycotting kapil sharma can not solve problems. Problems can be solved by hunting pakistani terrorists. Indian army is in process of doing this.
Bro you are the best. Your sarcastic 1liners make more sense than Feku or Papu's 1 hr rally :-))
Hats off #kapilsharma wish people understand your message and don’t start trolling you
Aab bhakt kehega kapil sharma deshdrohi hai...😂😂
Comedians like @KapilSharmaK9 and satirist like @akashbanerjee always made more sense here in the social media, where IT media coolies of political parties and their paid trolls and bots run amok
I can't help but agree with what kapil has said.

The real issue is - #चोकीदार_कमज़ोर_है
He told the truth in such simple words. Wonder what charges will be filed against him? I am sure goons will randomly pick something against him soon.
Sahi bola kapil ne kiya ho gaya hai youth ko
Comedians have been making more sense than Govt since May 2014. While on the comedy front, Govt has been way ahead of so called comedians.
It's one for a comedian to make sense. Another for Kapil Sharma to.
Sidhu ko show se Hatana Sahi tha ki nhi??
100 taka ki baat bola re baba
BJP has only three Topic to talk. 1. Ram Mandir wahin Banega. 2. Muslim are our Enemy , Hindu are in Danger.. 3. Anything happen Blame pakistan as they are our neighbours.. Apart from This Anything else they have for the upcoming election...
Siddhu issue chhoti cheez nahin hain.☹Everytime we forgave him.. This time he crossed the limit.
Won't agree with you, comedians are actually intelligent species. It's not easy to make someone laugh without good intelligence. You need to think, you need to deliver and you need to be consistent. Though not a big fan of him but I respect his work.
olthough said in "badle ki bhawna", bt exactly true paaji.
The times they are a changin' ~Never thought we will come to a point where Kapil Sharma will make more sense than the so called journalists who are supposed to present facts.
Wow ! Kapil got skills .... Is it the effect of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Skill development programme ?
Excellent said..!!! 👏👏👏
is not going to take RW seriously neither he care for #BoycottKapilSharma as he know Sanghi are as such do not watch his show. They supported #kanpurwalekhuranas of Sunil Grover which is going to close . A big tight slap to hatemongers.
Kuch nhi hone vaala #BoycottKapilSharma karne se. He said the truth in a way.
If we go ahead with this toh Pakistanis would be laughing at us, seeing how we've boycotted our brains as well.

Jai Hind 🇮🇳
चलो एक और देशद्रोही बढ़ा
सोनी Tv का बहिष्कार करो
When did @sherryontopp even support the act of terrorism ? If his remarks were unconstitutional, threat to national security or criminal offence then police would have taken action ! An abusive, retarded, criminal minded, terrorist from BJP/sanghi gang have become Khap panchayat
Never ever thought there would be times when comedians ll talk sense. Comedians, artists n oppositions need to take accountability for disasters. Wah ....ji wah!!
At least one celeb is talking sense even after taking a selfie with Mr 56"
Awkward moment for all fake nationalists @akashbanerjee @BDUTT @ndtv @sherryontopp @KapilSharmaK9 they found themselves in the same court of fake nationalism and fake liberalism. #boycottkapilsharma #BoycottKapilSharmaShow #BoycottSiddhu
respect for telling people what needs to be told. Perfect points
High time you also started making some sense..
True comedians are always more real
😄 sir because comedians are more intellectual in real if you pay attention to their way of work.😊 Science also proves funny people are smarter. Be it Albert Einstein or Stephan Hawking they had a very great sense of humour and its not a coincidence😏 Glad you realised this😊.
It’s not experts or sense , it’s paisa but below one is good #Armyruleinkashmir @adgpi rocks @crpfindia Both given free hands , good decision @narendramodi No mercy for terrorists and separatists All separatists leaders security removed wow #scraparticle370
सिद्धू नहीं निकला तो @KapilSharmaK9 भी निकलेगा।
This is the irony that we have to face.
This comedian is expert -In making people laugh & spreading joy in people's hectic lives.

Those so called experts are experts - Of increasing the sales of Disprin, Saridon etc

Not much of a prediction about who's gonna make more sense.
Does he make sense? Really? I think u need some rest these days.
Sahi aur simple se baat boli hai!! Itani se baat bhi samjha nhi aati logo ko! PM se ques krne ke liye puch do toh bolte hai “start Nehru ne kiya tha” 😂
Any person with common sense is better journalist than journalists today.
Wow! This guy has nailed it
I have started to believe that everyone else has more sense..much more sense than the “experts”
Earlier we used to listen to Politicians & laugh on comedians. Now We listen to comedians & laugh on politicians.
Always love you @KapilSharmaK9 phaji. You were always the sensible one and the reason behind my smile. 😘
Been like this for some time now. About nearly 5 years. If you know what I mean.
Superb Reply to Bhakt Burnol Movement

@KapilSharmaK9 is more intelligent than the so called 'experts' in tv shows 👍👍 #AskTheRealQuestions
As long as people don’t take up violence, they have every right to not make sense, given the context. You lose sanity when you lose someone you care for and that’s okay. Let people be hurt and angry.
Turns out sensible than most of the people there
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