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I will never forget Namjoon's speech about the division of Korea and the similarity to the past of Germany.
This moment really was special.

#PresidentsDay #BTSinBerlin

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Spoken like a person who from the depths of his heart, truly wants to make the world a better place. A leader in every sense of the word 👏 @BTS_twt
His speeches. Theyre so breathtakingly powerful. He UNITES people.
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Wow namjoon on the pain of division. This is a Ted Talk I need to see
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One of many reason why we called him President Namjoon..
Namjoon is truly one of a kind. He always speaks with such eloquence, with such prowess.....he puts so much thought into things that you can feel his sincerity oozing out from his words. We need people like him in our lives. We are so proud of you Joonie.💜 #PresidentsDay namjoon
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Namjoom snatching my bias list ever since... He is a rare find, i cant--
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RM is such an amazing human being!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 im always spechless when i hear his speech!! im inspired by him and at the same i think woooww he has such amazing way of thinking, which we all need to learn from him!! He is truly the leader!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜 @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/i0DYr8vf6N
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I'm remembering so many things...I love our leader, thanks for this😢
This right here is a big reason why Kim Namjoon is a person that millions of people around the world look up to. His compassion, empathy, and ability to connect with people is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. 💜💜💜 @BTS_twt #PresidentsDay
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This brings back so many memories from that night. What an insightful speech!
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i Remember reading about itnon twitter and crying my eyes out and having to give my gc a history lesson so they could understand why this speech was so impactful. It hit me so hard just know what he was taking about I can’t imagine how the crowd felt
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He is really a presisent. Someday he can unite the two koreas 😢
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Where ur from? I'm from the ex East part, Thuringia. What I'm proud of is, we made it without death and losses! I know what that means. My dad got an order to fight against people demonstrating, but he didn't go, because they were his fam and friends. So proud of him!
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I got goosebumps while hearing it again 😭 That night was so special and than his speech.... I was nearly about to cry 😭
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This made me fall in love with him again even more
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That's why he is my bias..He is one of a kind We are so lucky he chose music We are so lucky to have him as a leader in @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/S2XyJL9xG1
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Not only is his english amazing but the words that he uses to convey his messeges and speeches is just so inspiring and intelligent ❤❤❤ Namjoon, you are an amazing human being
"We might look different, we might speak different, we might eat different, we might live different... but we share the same heart"
Truer words have never been spoken! Ladies and gentlemen... President Kim Namjoon!
Listen! I was so mad at myself for not recording this and i desperatly looked for a video of his speech for months and now i see this! Thank you so much for sharing, i'm crying right now!! 😭💕
omg how have i never seen this before “someday i wish our piece of berlin wall in korea could be displayed in the city of berlin”
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My German ass is quaking
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This is why, I appreciate and love this man so so much! Like I just want to sit down, listen to him talk about his thoughts, how he feels all that and really get into a deep convo. He's so sweet, genuine and metaphoric, I am in love! No words can describe how beautiful he is!
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Artist. Intellectual. Our president
es ist noch zu früh mich zum Heulen zu bringen 😭
Das Konzert war so Großartig
Holy sake!!!!!!! I always love his speech. Damn sweet sexy and thoughtful. #RM #BTS #ARMY
As I grew up in West-Berlin when the German wall was there: Love you RM!
This moment was indeed special.
I remember it so well and couldn’t stop smiling and feeling so proud of his words and Namjoon himself.
He really is the most amazing man on Earth 😭❤😭❤😭❤😭
We might look different, we might speak different, we might eat different, we might live different, but we share the same heart. 😭
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How can he be that perfect ? 🥺🥺
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RM made me tear up..he has such a heart💜
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Can we like make him Korea's next president or smth
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I love intelligent man💜💜💜
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His understanding about societal issues, and his ways of talking about it is something that i have never seen before,. I am so proud of him..
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This was so fucking beautiful
One of the reasons why We ARMY called this man President Namjoon
Omg this ment!!! Namjoon you absolute gem #PresidentsDay
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@BTS_twt This precious king 💜💜💜
When u stan an intellectual :")💜
I never knew this speech existed. This is so beautiful. He truly has a way with words 💜 @BTS_twt
The way I cried when I heard him talk about it
His mind, his words, his heart 💜❤️
Indeed a president ☹️
Due to personal reasons, I have decided TO LOVE THIS MAN FOREVER UWU
I was not expecting this to hit so hard omg 😢
I love him so much, please everybody watch this!!!
Thhe way he always say his end ment while touching his heart😭
like, literally, it was so amazing to hear the most important person of your life. sometimes i feel even overwhelmed because he is so smart and unique. i couldn't imagine better role model than him
Gerçekten sen nasıl güzel düşünüyorsun öyle❤️
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Okay there is still hope that they are Coming to germany?
The world will definitely be a better place if he's President💜
j'avais pas vu qkqksjsss mon amour jlaime trop président du monde
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Look at what he has to say about division twitter.com/ari0bts0army/s…
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Here's one of his speech during their concert tour ☺ twitter.com/ari0bts0army/s…
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