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Forty-four days away from Brexit and they haven't got a clue."

A Honda worker accuses the government of "completely incompetent handling" of Brexit and "idiocy of epic proportions".

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Idiocy of epic proportions. A Honda worker speaks for the real national interest of the U.K.
Zo pijnlijk en bijna niet om aan te zien. Brexit is een drama, zowel voor de Britten als voor de EU.
En dan te bedenken dat er twee Nederlandse partijen zijn die een Nexit willen..
This Guy was the star of your news today without a doubt..
The human cost of Brexit is getting higher and higher. I really feel for this man and he is absolutely right: they haven鈥檛 got a clue!
This bloke is bang on - I hope he will be ok
Treurige conclusie na een dag van gesprekken in Londen: hij heeft volkomen gelijk 馃憞
Is there any way we could get this bloke to be leader of the opposition?
Cute that a car factory worker - who will have a subsidized Honda car at home - prefers to cycle to work.
You can tell he鈥檚 not a politician, he鈥檚 stating the truth
鈥淚diocy of epic proportions鈥 best summary of uk politics i鈥檝e heard yet.
I visited the Honda plant after the Referendum - it's transformed the fortunes of the town & local people directly & indirectly employing many thousands. Honda leaving will be devastating - this IS what Brexit means!
Honda are not closing down because of Brexit. Get the facts right!
Why would Japan want business in a country that doesn't know what it's doing, can't plan ahead & has an inept government ministers?Capitalism in action. This is what Tories and Brexiteers wanted-the freedom to choose where to do business? So, Japan is doing just that.馃檮
Worth noting that it's only 39 days now.
While it's worth always being sceptical about vox pops, this illustrates how Westminster may be severely underestimating the potential political ramifications of a disorderly Brexit. We live in an age of identity politics but competence still matters.
This is what sickens me about Brexiteers/ERG.. They champion no-deal #Brexit without care for the jobs/livelihoods it would destroy. #Honda
That's what 'fuck business' means, from @BorisJohnson. It means fuck YOU, fuck YOUR job, fuck YOUR family - the Brexiters will be alright.
Idiocy of epic proportions. 沤谩dn媒 dal拧铆 koment谩艡 vlastn臎 nen铆 k Brexitu pot艡eba.
I鈥檓 with this bloke.
Feel for him, a vast majority of us voted remain because knowing anything about EU law means you know Brexit is a 馃挬 idea
Poor man, No wonder he鈥檚 angry, what a bloody mess!
#Honda #Brexit Honda worker: Brexit = Idiocy of Epic Proportions
Idiocy of epic proportions. I love this guy. #BREXITCLOCK #Honda #PeoplesVote
Sums it up!!! I feel for this guy!
Hope TV news producers reflect on how vox pops in high streets in the middle of the day are totally unrepresentative.
He is absolutely right. If I was as incompetent at my job as they are at theirs, I would be 1: sacked 2: struck off.
Was Brexit ever going to go any other way than this ?馃憞
And he's fucking spot on. Thousands, upon thousands of families having their futures destroyed. All in the name of some stupid Tory vanity show which could not have gone more spectacularly wrong. It's beyond tragic.
This bloke speaks for the majority of the electorate. Democracy demands the People have a #FinalSay. Better still Article 50 is revoked! The Tories must not be allowed to save the Tory Party at incalculable cost to the Nation. MP鈥檚 - your country needs you! Stop the Tory madness!
Haver谩 raz玫es de mandato democr谩tico, por viciado que seja, para defender que se siga com o Brexit. O que n茫o h谩 茅 raz玫es de esquerda para defender o Brexit. E os que o defenderam e aplaudiram o resultado do referendo fariam bem em ter uma conversa com um trabalhador como este.
Well spoken that man. Impressive and passionate speach.
Thank you for being the one true and honest voice of news - @BBCNews should look on ashamed - you are what they once aspired to be. Genuinely thank you.
Das gilt nicht nur f眉r die Regierung, sondern auch f眉r die Opposition.
Labour kann es sich Tag f眉r Tag weniger leisten, sich wegzuducken.
Brexiteers hav茅 betrayed fellow brits - shameful
With the level of dishonesty and incompetency being shown openly now by the Unionist parties (both the Tories and Labour) , we must now move for an Independent Scotland this year , in England they have no means of extracting themselves from this chaos, in Scotland we do #IndyRef
"This is idiocy of epic proportions"... Jag kan inte annat 盲n 盲lska britternas s盲tt att uttrycka sig.
鈥淚diocy of epic proportions.鈥 P谩n, kter媒 pracuje 24 let ve swindonsk茅 tov谩rn臎 Hondy, si ohledn臎 brexitov媒ch v媒kon暖 lond媒nsk茅 vl谩dy nebere serv铆tky...
Making Britain Great Again, one closure at the time. Wonder how deep recession they're about to fall.
Impact goes beyond just Honda. Suppliers from Gloucestershire will be forced to cut back
Utterly heartbreaking. Millions of people saying this.
Absolutely spot on. Why doesn鈥檛 the media hold the Government to account? Stop letting them get away with soundbites and cliches. We all know the ERG don鈥檛 give a shit about workers. They only care about their own pocket. Bastards the lot of them.
Gutted for this bloke - gutted for my town - gutted for my nation
And on the day that Hunt and Fox manage to alienate the Japanese Government and trade officials. Did they ask Failing Grayling to advise on the most appropriate use of diplomatic language? #LedByDonkeys
I'm reminded of a vox pop the BBC did in Sunderland on the day after the Brexit referendum, where they found a Nissan worker in a chippy. He said he realised that voting leave might lead to him & colleagues losing their jobs but he felt it more important to "take back control"
This guy speaks for the majority of Britain. Even many leavers
Concerned for thousands of workers like this guy who have been let down by the incompetence of @theresa_may Government and the conniving of @jeremycorbyn Labour. This is not a game #brexitshambles is destroying #business #jobs #StopBrexit
Couldn't agree more. I've always said that the only risk of Brexit is not leaving the EU, it is having a government - and as it turns out, a parliament - too incompetent to manage the process. No vision, no objectives, no plan, no direction = no leadership. That's tribal politics
In a nutshell my friend! We have to change our broken political system and our idiotic MP's. Mostly self-serving elites that wouldn't know the real world if it crept up and gave them a Domestos enema! PR please and an end to broken, 2 party politics. #Honda #BrexitShambles pic.twitter.com/bSsq16iVFx
Well said that man. Unfortunately hard working people losing their jobs is a Brexit dividend.
He鈥檚 right. If the Government can鈥檛 decide what #Brexit means how can they say voters knew nearly 3 years ago? They are failing duty of care to all of us ...... Remain or Leave voters alike and all those who for whatever reason could not or did not vote. They are negligent.
It could be even worse than he fears. What if all the bad faith negotiations are nothing but a circus show, a distraction to Brexit day and their desired No Deal? Every decision since 24/06/16 screams No Deal & chaos here we come. #RevokeA50 #JustMakeItStop
How many cracks need to appear in the dam before someone realises there is a crisis #brexit pic.twitter.com/mS4UJnyyqb
Honda man calls out UK government idiocy for what it is. #BrexitShambles
I鈥檓 gutted for all the families this will impact, whether they voted Brexit or not. #PeoplesVoteMarch
Anger is being directed firmly at government

Parliament you can end this nightmare once and for all.

We can stop the damage from getting worse, we may be able to reverse some of it and we can bin off this whole #BrexitShambles.

#RevokeA50 #StopBrexit
When asked for the telly, the vox of the populi often makes limited sense, but occasionally one strikes vox pop gold:
Hard to disagree with this guy.
'Idiocy of epic proportions'
@Tobias_Ellwood @RobertSyms @Simon4NDorset @Michael4MDNP @oletwinofficial @RichardDrax_MP
How can you let this farce go on? Still no plan. Ignoring all expert advice, treating us with distain. #PutItToThePeople
I'm surprised this guy can speak, I'd be so angry and its not Honda's fault this is brexit in a nutshell
Now go live to @JuliaHB1 in her Swiss ski chalet,& she'll explain how this man can pay his bills with all the new sovereignty.
Too right mate, this Government is going down faster than the Titanic.
Has anyone told him it鈥檚 nothing to do with Brexit. They鈥檙e closing in Turkey, consolidating production in Japan and can now deliver tariff free into the EU.
"Idiocy of epic proportions.鈥

That鈥檚 a pretty fair assessment
This is #BrexitBritain . Shame on all who continue to push it.馃槪
You people voted for it and you didn鈥檛 even know then what it was you were voting for, two years later and still you can鈥檛 decide what it was all about 馃馃檮
Justifiably bitter and angry that 24 years of his life has been thrown on the scrapheap for some tory bastards fantasy.
We must stop #brexit now
"Nissan insisted that its U-turn on the X-Trail was largely not related to Brexit, and Justin Tomlinson, the Conservative MP for North Swindon, said the Honda move was similarly based on international trends." ft.com/content/d1c842鈥
Brexit, "idiocy of epic proportions" indeed.
How many more jobs are to be sacrificed until sense is seen & this shambles stopped?
You peddling misinformation as well then .....they will pull all production back to Japan 2022
Perhaps the horny handed proletarian columnist would like to have a word with this elitist car worker. twitter.com/channel4news/s鈥
One for @theresa_may and her sidekick @jeremycorbyn - real people losing their jobs because of you two useless clowns. Which spineless 鈥榣eader鈥 will grow a pair first and fix this mess?
The Japanese gov/industry will view this as both dishonourable and poor management of the country. They have effectively said this a number of times over last few years
This is so sad. The people of Swindon have been taken for a ride by those who promoted Brexit. It is a tragedy of epic proportions for our country. In normal times the government would be in overdrive to save this plant. Now nothing.
#Brexit: idiocy of epic proportions
If only our leaders spoke as much truth as this guy!
This gent summed up the mood of #Honda workers outside the factory in #Swindon this afternoon I have to say
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