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Hey y’all. Don’t click on those articles about Malia Obama. Don’t give them the clicks and the revenue. Malia was drinking rosé at a party in Miami. She needs better friends. That’s it. That’s the story.

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Also, Malia has a secret Facebook account and she doesn’t like Trump. Which... pic.twitter.com/vnnriHFCdM
A man admitting to drinking beer at the age of 17 during a confirmation hearing for The Supreme Court was no big deal for many in this country, but Malia drinking wine at 20 and daring to have her own opinion on the state of this country is? #bye
I remember the Bush twins being drunk all the time.
She needs some black friends that know the value of discretion and minding their business, but I'm sleep tho 😐
Does she like beer? I hear that is totally safe to drink for your career
These hit pieces about Malia are TRASH. Some of the same ppl who were falling over themselves to explain away Brett Kavanaugh's underrage drinking have the nerve to come for a 20-yr-old woman w/ a glass of rosé? Maybe if she blacked out they'd be preparing a SCOTUS seat for her.
why do her “friends” always do her dirty?
A college kid drinking rosè at a party in Miami? She fancy. We were drinking 2 buck Chuck in my day. Malia, getchu some better friends, mama!
Someone in her circle keeps selling her out. It would not surprise me if that person(s) were trying to orchestrate stuff for a scandal. But luckily - she is a normal college kid doing normal college kid stuff. But fr/fr - she needs secret service on friend watch
She really has the worst friends. I need her to level up with a new crew.
Malia Obama DOESN'T like Trump? The man who throws continuous shots at her parents since '08? Her father's #1 hater who created the birther movement? The man who is infamous for his racist & misogynistic comments? Blasphemous! AND she drinks wine too? How DARE she?!
Kudos for keeping it classy. My underage college drinking consisted of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill and Mad Dog 20/20. The only difference was that I went to college before cell phones and social media. Oh, and I’m a pretty high functioning adult. Rosè all day, Malia!
Drinking at 20 is the biggest non-story I can imagine. The last states didn't raise the drinking age to 21 until 1987. Plenty of young Americans have also lived in countries prior to the age of 21 where we can legally drink. Our puritanical laws about alcohol seem odd after that.
That “flaunt” word is shameful. Enough of targeting women. Just terrible.
OMG. This is as scandalous as President Obama wearing that terrifying tan suit and Michelle showing her intimidating bear arms. What next, a presidential family obstructing justice, colluding w foreign govs, putting children in cages, declaring a non national emergency? #shook pic.twitter.com/ZYLaoJOMKf
Sasha’s friends would never. Malia’s “friends” are so very disappointing. pic.twitter.com/m83n9nTy0E
She is 4 months from her 21st birthday! Give me a effin brake!!
She's acting like every other 20 yo college student. Actually better than most. Leave her alone.
Hmm, having a drink in college. Why does that sound so familiar?
Isn't she in college and about to be 21?
I think it's even worse than that. She may have a Facebook page, and (like other decent humans) may even dislike Trump. Nooooooooo!!!
Rosé is only illegal for US college kids because of the backward, puritanical pearl-clutching of its elders. In literally any other Western country this would be uncontroversial Just like universal healthcare, gun-free schools, a living wage, etc etc 🇺🇸=🤦‍♂️
Also, since when is wearing a bathing suit at a pool party “flaunting it”?! 🤨🙄
But we've been told it's ok to drink in college and still become a Supreme court justice...
Big Deal. 🙄 Been to university? It’s part of the social scene. It’s not as if she was out crawling around club floors doing butt dances like the Bush daughters. FFS, lighten up.
Tweet Tweet! So Malia has an opinion. And she has a particular taste in alcoholic beverages. To which I say, probably fine if that's it. Also, her opinion on a specific subject is of commonality with the rest of us. Nothing to get excited about. Carry on.
I wish they would let these young people grow up and live a young person's life; whatever it is, I know I did much worse.
Great tweet! I hadn’t clicked and now I won’t for sure.
Sounds like a regular weekend to me. So, what's on the actual news? So, I heard California is suing the Government? Ooh🤔
It's all about the hypocrisy from the right. We all have donre dumb things, but none of us were smeared and cajoled by tabloids for it. Malia just happens to be the daughter of a former President. BTW what happened to "leave the kids alone?"
When I was Malia's age, I was getting drunk on bottom-shelf vodka purchased by friends w/ fake ids and making out with readily available guys because I wasn't ready to understand that I'm lesbian. Thank goddess no one was following me around with cameras.
She's 20 years old! Where im from drinking age starts at 18 so... pic.twitter.com/rLkRneqUhy
Thank you for making the point that I shouldn’t click this crap. I would have, and you make much sense in advising against it. I must admit that I’m a little shocked—friends don’t let friends drink pink wine.
She needs better friends + publishers need to do better in terms of what they choose to cover.
They brought her up better than to drink something basic like white zinfandel, which would have been a scandal.
The #Bush Twins had a glass of rose or two in college too and they turned out much better than anyone could have expected. time.com/4632036/bush-s…
They really using Malia as a pawn to stop us from wishing our real President @BarackObama a very happy Presidents Day
So true! Speaking as a parent, Rosé has always been my most effective litmus test for evaluating my kids’ friends. #GatewayDrug
Oooh someone underage drank some wine, let’s make all kinds of false equivalence tweets to distract from actual news 🙄
Let #MaliaObama live, #Trumpocrites
Also, it isn't any of our damn business what she does or doesn't do. She has every right to have a normal life!
They need to leave Malia alone. Just like Baron Trump.
Isn’t she legal drinking age now, or very close? Unless she got sloppy and violent, there’s no news there.
I clicked on 1 article. The pics (not the Daily Mail's dreadful copy) were a delight to see, actually. Malia reminds me so of all teen kids, now growing up and making their way in the world. As for friends, well most are all "misguided" at 20 or so. More rosé! Let 'em frolic.
I don't get the hoopla. She's 20. That's almost our drinking age and plenty of countries have a lower drinking age than us.
Exactly. Pearl clutching because she wore a swim suit to a pool party. Please.
OMG! You mean a young adult was acting like many young adults do? FOR SHAME!
A 20-year old had some wine--OH THE HORROR!!! (The legal drinking age is 16 in Germany. Of the 190 countries, 61% have a drinking age of 18 or 19 years old.)
I do wish Malia would surround herself with friends who won’t snitch on her at the first opportunity. And the Daily Mail is trash.
Her problem is she needs to stop hanging with whi.......nvm
Does this as advice sound familiar to you guys? 😁
If you take away her name and affiliation with the last President, the press is essentially just stalking a teenager. That’s gross what’s going on right now with Malia Obama. Same thing went down with George Bush’s daughters years ago. How have we not gotten better at this?
Some college kids say "yeah, we drink beer" and EVEN "yeah, we LIKE beer". They are saints. The ones who drink wine are clearly the devil. #Hypocrites #MaliaObama pic.twitter.com/FQDgPc8ieH
This country is still upset we had a black president. So now they attack a young girl that happens to be Obama's daughter.

I'm not playing part giving these click bait money.
The same people talking shit about Malia drinking at the age of 20 act like they weren’t blacked out from uv blue in a field at the age of 16
IMHO, Malia Obama has every right to hate Donald Trump. This is a man who spent years pushing a racist conspiracy theory that her father was not born in the United States. If she does indeed hate him, I say...let it flow! That hatred is well deserved. Also: LEAVE HER ALONE. pic.twitter.com/ghqeAnwqku
She does need better friends. She needs to talk to Sasha. We never hear anything about what Sasha’s getting into. Because Sasha knows that snitches get stitches.
Young people testing boundaries w/o hurting anyone is normal! IMHO...we have far more important things to deal with.
the sooner people grasp that hate clicks are still clicks and clicks are all publishers care about...
Agree. Let politicians kids alone.
Whats wrong with drinking Rosé?
Yea. Her friends are trash. She need to holla at Sasha and get friend tips.
Why are we even judging the quality of her friends? She’s a 20 year old woman doing what so many of us have done. Drinking rosé at the beach seems like a pretty good day to me.
Reminding of someone. Don't click on or share hate articles
She’s fancy. Me and my friends drank beer out of paper bags in HS. Big deal. pic.twitter.com/GJYxxDzF1n
As the mother of a winemaker, good choice with the Rose.
I appreciate this approach and advisement.
Malia Obama is right to detest the man who vilified her entire family and lied constantly about her father and her family. So what?
Or maybe we have to adjust our laws concerning alcohol to join the rest of the world.
I promise you her rosé is classier than whatever rotgut I was drinking at 20.
"Next up on Fox News: Teenager drinks alcohol. A warning to our more sensitive viewers: "
In 🇨🇦, legal drinking age is 18 or 19 and weed is legal, we have gun control and we’re fairly normal, mostly nice people. Drank alcohol with my parents as a teenager and served my kids their first drink. All of us are okay!
I beg you don't give them a click.
Let’s not forget how much people overlooked the now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s record of getting drunk all the time in high school.
She most likely already has better friends than I, and maybe you, had at twenty years old. She's twenty. What were any of the rest of us doing at 20 years of age? Probably a lot worse than sipping wine at a party. And THAT is the story.
OMG she’s normal! Shocking
I was doing keg stands in bikinis and shots of Jack Daniels at 20. She does have better friends, she’s drinking wine with a one piece on. pic.twitter.com/pDqANNV8SO
Absolutely.... I'm surprised Michelle hasn't schooled this child that her "crew" isn't taking good care of her... She need some real gurls to hang with.. SMH... pic.twitter.com/O1aTmIRcxX
I refuse to click so I don’t know if it was a friend who leaked or an ex with nasty streak but I hope she susses them out, maybe has a photo leaked online of the person in a maga hat, just sayin
It's not like she was killing endangered animals or selling secrets. Geez!
I, for one, am really glad we know about how much she’s drinking. Malia is going to have to really step up her game if she ever wants to be on the Supreme Court. Someone get that woman a whole bunch of beer!
Rose is a gateway wine...it leads to Riesling.
Thank you! I didn't know what was going on and you kept me from clicking on the b.s. to find out.
The French are laughing at this one. As in who gives a puck.
Takes a long time to know who your friends are. Must be so challenging to the famous. Will never give audience to those who betray Malia or any in her spectacular family.
Hell I DONT LIKE TRUMP and it’s all over my not private page!
Is there some human who went through college (except maybe at BYU) without ever drinking?
As if the people writing & editing those articles didn’t underage drink.
If y’all going nuts about a 20 y/o drinking wine then I ain’t saying squat about my college days
if you didn’t drink wine before 21 are you even human ?!
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