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College student spotted being a college student.
Underage Malia Obama, 20, spotted sipping on a $20 bottle of Rosé zoevaldes.net/2019/02/17/und… pic.twitter.com/8hO0lA4ojW

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The people criticizing her were probably doing cocaine in college
all she doing is minding her business and getting her lesson. i see no problems 😂
Honestly man shit so bass ackwards anymore I don’t even know if they mad that she’s drinking at 20, that she’s rich and drinking cheap wine, or that she’s in college and spending $20 on wine when that shit will get you a half gallon of karkov 😂😂
So we were drinking Colt 45 at 16. Get real. Mind your own damn bizness.
To people saying this is her being a normal college student: it is not. College students cant afford 20 dollar wine
Well, college students don’t drink Rosé. Only queens do. So, she’s doing it better than them. S/o to Malia.
"college is high school but with more drinking"
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If this was a white kid or the daughter of a white president the white people would look at this and say “it’s college!” “Let her have fun!” But since it’s the opposite she’s gone end up doing heroin and pregnant. Interesting and sounds about white.
Fr I’ve seen 15 yr olds do worse
I don’t even know why they care. in some states (ie texas) there is no drinking age - the stipulation is that a parent/guardian needs to be present the entire time so why do they even make a fuss about someone almost 21 drinking 🙄
Also, whispering angel is more than $30, get ya facts right
Ain't nothing college about drinking a $20 bottle. No college student can afford $20 bottles. Rende's got 3 for $10 tho
She's not drinking in that picture, just holding a bottle sooo...not proof of anything.
& as a college student... She chillin.
yea this is classier than any of us were honestly
Why is the price relevant??? LET HER BE.
nah college kids can’t afford a $20 bottle who are we kidding
But when thesd ones did it, they published smiles and “oh dear, they have it tough in the spotlight”. The double standard is real... people.com/archive/cover-…
Technically she was photographed as she was about to pour it in a glass 🙄.
People snitch so hard they don’t even know the circumstances they just enjoy the gossip 😂
Idk man €1.99 rosé from Lidl is more down my alley
People mad about this out here mad acting like they weren’t 14 and blacked out in a corn field yee fucking yee. Grow up.
The wind spotted blowing leaves
I hate that children of politicians are cursed to forever live their life under the lights. Let them live their lives please
More like a $4 bottle am I right folks
no college student i know can afford a $20 bottle of rosé
Right. Let her be 20.
She really out here just living and everyone looks down on her cause her dad was the former president....SO WHAT??? IF MY DADDY A PRIEST I CANT LIVE MY OWN LIFE AND ENJOY ROSÉ???
My bottles are under $10 boujee beach
No college student is paying $20 for a singular bottle of wine 🤣 but you chug that Rosé Malia bottoms up you go girl
Yeah can we leave this poor girl alone??
I'm outta college yet I still like my cheap rose 🍷lol
Let her fucking live. George Bush’s girls were literally doing cocaine so fuck off
Ouais sauf que rares sont les étudiants qui achètent une bouteille de rosé à 20 balles... mais ok
I’m just mad it’s only a 20$ bottle ! 😂😂
Mehnnnn I ain’t even judging cause that’s just me. Perioodddd
Shit I couldn’t afford a $20 bottle in college it would be the $7 bottle from the bottom shelf at the grocery store
This is what happens when liberal parenting leads to a decline in society. Kids in my day would never have done such a thing. $20 for a rosé? Disgusting. We drank baby duck for $6 a bottle & we liked it. Also, leave the fucking kid alone. It’s a miracle she’s normal. Celebrate it pic.twitter.com/uDMpbF1UMK
If this was a little white boy or girl their rich parents would say you know it’s boys just being boys or college student be students. Back up off of her, this is her parent busy not anyone’s else !!!
Also why are we acting like a $20 bottle of wine is a big deal have u seen how much that shit can cost
Nope nopeeee, she supposed to be drinking a LimeARita!!😂
Right like let her live her fuckin life 🙄 peirodd
$20 is a grip down here in South Africa... You can get a decent wine 🍷 for that 😂
This is absolutely awful, inexcusable and completely out of pocket. Who she think she is drinking a bottle of Rosé in college when I had to Vlad and Natty light, this is awful.
Y’all leave this little girl alone, we’ve all been there🙌🏻
Is she drinking it orrrrrrr pouring it for that person holding their glass to her. WHY ppl always reaching!🤦🏼‍♀️
these news reporters acting like they never underage drank
All that money and only a $20 bottle smh go big sis
Leave homegirl alone fuck !
Hope it’s chilled
Let her drink her wine in peace... She 18... She is already an adult.. This is what college students do... Get over it... 😂😂😂
See like when I was in college I was slapping a bag, so sis is actually living good.
Man i’m not paying 20$ for a bottle of wine, damn
Can she just get through her finals in peace
Let the girl live her life ! 💯
Lol idk what college student does that... I just got my wine 3 for $11🤧
If y’all gon get on her for this then keep the same energy for the white girls that play ukulele in class by day and down vodka like it’s water by night
GET OVER IT, she’s fucking human and her dad is the goat
... if this is what’s she’s drinking at 20... in college............... I think we’re good
Yeah if you subtract $18 from the price
Wow Obama raised normal kids. Which is something we can’t say about the current president.
I’d take this any day over being complicit in subverting the will of the American people through collusion with a foreign government... #ivanka
My ass was not buying $20 wine in college
Lol they never lived in a college town then xD
Let her live her normal life people! Keep it up girlfriend 😂👏🏻
Y’all need to leave her alone, let her do her.
Honestly I feel bad for her bc she can’t get away with anything
Damn i feel bad for her. Unlike the rest of us she cant hide shit 😂
word up . get off her dick.
I never got this much attention while drinking at 16 smh
-Gossip girl, xoxo
She’s been doing this for years... it’s not news...
They set to a higher standards because of their father. They gotta hold that.
don’t you hate when you make the same exact tweet as someone but they went viral first 🙄😂
Could you imagine if trumps daughters were still underage and caught drinking. Wow he’d probably get impeached
And the Bush girls were norotirous for their drunken antics along 6th Street in Austin. 🤷🏻‍♀️
The real problem is ones privacy to do what one wants with out others criticism who are we to judge a young woman doing what she wants
Only difference is I don’t know anyone spending $20 on a single bottle of wine
This is SO ridiculous. The RWNJ's are really grasping these days, JS
I disagree. That’d be a $6 bottle if that were the case
I waa 18 throwin shots back let this girl livvvveeee
If yall dont come and get gossip girl outta here lol
If I see any QU student talking shit about this, you will lose any shred of respect I have for you
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