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Just when I thought I couldn't adore Malia Obama more...

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Everyone should have these post-its up somewhere.
I would be more worried if she didn't hate Donald Trump ..actually at this point I'm more interested in her seasoning selections. Let the secret service find the snitch.
I’m more interested in the spices she uses but I can’t read all the labels. 😭 #IwantToCoolLikeMalia
The Obamas need they're own family Twitter account. I'm a "like" who-ah for anything this family tweets. I know I'm not alone...
Daily affirmations for staying grounded in reality - love it!
Obvious combination of good genetics and good parenting
I love the Post-It notes *and* the nice variety of vinegars!
I especially like that these reminders were posted in the kitchen.
With our president calling for “retribution“ for political satire on Saturday Night Live, & all the other craziness going on, I hope this young lady has matured enough to withstand crap from our megalomaniac president & his 🦊 Sympathetic Media 🦊
...wait, this is what they're upset about? this is so benign!!!!!
I find this ⬆️far more acceptable than this⬇️ pic.twitter.com/ASkbLb6Xtp
Good for you Malia!! The normal people in America feel the same way!! We hate Traitors!!
All I want to know is 1. Where is the season salt and 2. Where is the hot sauce? Maybe in the fridge?
I love seeing that she is right there with us! I have to remind myself ALL THE DAMN time not to be complacent.
Hard to believe her Mom and Dad would let her post this. Is it for reals? I love it don’t get me wrong but just seems so out of character for them.
love her choice of condiments...don't we all post anti trump notes in our kitchen?
Love that family❤️🥰
Very mature assessment by Malia
I agree with all of these post-its. @3m
what has this to do with 'hate'? looks like politics to me. can't wait till Malia gets on the world stage.
Rest, renew, replenish and #Resist
I have those same messages on my twitter. So what
Malia Obama is right. I see no lies here. 🤷🏾‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/KLUxnCIcvU
There’s a house near me that has a sign on their front door that says - No Trump Here. I like that. They are the same neighbors that posted on their lawn a pic of Trump staked to a piece of dog 💩.
Malia Obama: Beautiful and intelligent daughter of a REAL President! And I love those condiments!
#Impeach45 @realDonaldTrump!
She has every right to hate the orange Dotard. I hate him also. We all hate him...well, at least the sane people.
THIS is a needed DAILY MANTRA!

It's raw and wrong how it came to light. But no lies detected!
I see these as the words of someone who loves America and has common sense. #MaliaObama
That girl knows how to cook !!
I have the same rice vinegar! First thing I noticed. 😂
I am just so happy to see she also uses balsamic vinegar. And dislikes trump.
We are all Malia.
This young lady has more intelligence, integrity and class in one eyelash than @realDonaldTrump has gained in over seven decades on this planet.
She has the right to throw some shade!
The only offensive one is the first one.
Of course, if there was a bottle of hot sauce in that pic both the RWNJs and the bernie bros would be claiming it was staged, so... 🤷🏼‍♂️
She's right! (Of course, pretty rotten her FB was invaded...)
someone ask @realdonaldtrump and @melaniatrump to define 'complacency.' $1000 #FLOTITS can't even spell it. pic.twitter.com/B7edf3AcQF
And I just ❤ that she's pals with Joe Biden's granddaughter!! 😊
That’s some damn good parenting right there ❤️💜💚 Cheers 🍷 #MaliaObama
Oh, she is just ‘telling it like it is’. She doesn’t use those ‘fancy’ words. She is ‘plain spoken’, like one of us. We like that about her.
Like the spices 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
The only thing I disagree with is the use of the "P" word with Trump. I don't think he won that election, I think he cheated. I never use the P word with him - it would denigrate the 44 who held that position previously.
The difference between her and me, is I don’t recognize him as president. Now if had she written @realDonaldTrump known to me as #DelusionalDonnie, #FakePresident i’d be more impressed.
Malia should have added:

She sounds like my daughters!
These post-it notes are my mood for the next two years. #WeAllFeelTheSame
Psst... once she fully seasons, she still be a force to be reckoned with on an International level. These sticky notes are her motivation, IN BLAZING HOT PINK✊👡👜👚💖
Oh I know!! I just love her and the entire Obama family❤️❤️
What is this from?
She'll never have to work a day in her life, so of course she doesn't understand why the working class elected Donald Trump. She's just a spoiled brat who will likely one day run for office of some kind, and she'd win because her father is a relevant figure in American history.
What’s this got to do with Malia?
Become an alcoholic like Nancy Pelosi.
That was my first thought.
Evil? You libs are too cute (oh, and certified bat shit crazy)!
Rice vinegar! I love rice vinegar!
The #FakePresident is EVIL & don't be complacent. 👏🏽👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻👏🏿
I tell myself the same things that are on those post-it notes. Every Single. Day.
But I love that she is affirming the horror of DJT. And is she is not ignoring the pink, drunk elephant in the middle of the family room, slobbering and vomiting all over the rug.
Looks like she’s in section 8 housing... I guess she’s living off us taxpayers as well! Her parents taught her well 😂
I guess they imply that she is not entitled to harbor her own views on the presidency,at least in private...How is this news worthy!?
I love ❤️ that Malia even has a spice shelf while she is still a college student. And her hot pink, anti-trump shelf ruffle is fantastic.
If you could only bottle #MaliaObama class.❤️
Most of us on Twitter have said a hell of a lot worse about #MarALardass.
I love those wonderful young ladies.
It makes me proud to say Malia Obama and I have the same post-it note, “This is not normal”, in my room.

Also as someone who has a burner account, doxxing burner accounts is considered snitching and you know what happens to snitches?!
SAME. ♥️#props #respect #maliaobama. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND YOUR SISTER #SASHA AND @BarackObama @MichelleObama @POTUS44 STILL THE MOST RECENT PRESIDENT OF THE USA. (We are currently without a president)
Malia has the Obama spirit! You're making us all proud. :)
I literally just thought “I love the Obama’s so much”
I had the same thing written on post its the day after the election.
I couldn't disagree more as I prefer my salt and pepper shakers (or more importantly grinders) to match.
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