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Vote for me! I'll abolish Mondays! #IHateMondays #PresidentsDay

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Sorry for getting political again, guys...
Why is everybody talking about #Bernie this morning when a far superior candidate just announced their run?! I smell a political conspiracy
If Mondays were abolished, everyone would just hate tuesdays.
This Orange man GOOD
Are you running as a Democat or a Repurrblican :) I couldn't resist it. :) I'll vote for you.
Politics on the tl 馃あ
Finally a real bonafide leftist throws their hat in the ring, where do I sign up to volunteer
I finally found a candidate I can support.
we鈥檝e already had a grumpy orange thing as a president
My kinda poll sop, move over free pressure cooker
Garfield would become complicit in the machine of American Imperialism. He'd become a war criminal. He would fully embody the "fat cat" persona we aim to strike down
hey DSA NPC why are you trying to endorse bernie when the true socialist candidate has already announced his candidacy
BREAKING: Presidential Candidate Garfield is for a three day weekend
Garfield vows to rearrange time itself if he gets elected president
Garfield if you abolish Monday Tuesday will just take its place
You鈥檇 make a better President Garfield!
Do we get a lasagna in every pot?
abolish women too garfield please
What is your take on race relations in the U.S.?
Is the US presidential system a joke to you Garfield? The USA has one of the most broken electoral systems in the world, allowing someone to become president without a plurality of the votes. The "home of the free" isn't very free you fat orange cunt and it's all your fault!
fuck off garfield
Garfield you make me want to get a 12 gauge shotgun and blow my fucking brains out shut the fuck up
Vote for Garfield and he'll abolish Monday and we'll all be on a lasagna and coffee diet.


You have my vote.
Please take funding away from Israel I鈥檓 begging you Garfield stop condoning their war crimes
*Lester Holt voice* "Candidate Garfield what is your position on the Iran Nuclear Deal and will sanctions quell this situation?"
finally, a candidate I can stand behind
This child is not mine.
This child is from the darkness.
I bore Humanity鈥檚 curse.
I can ask for mercy, which I will not receive.
My soul will be consumed, vomited up, and consumed again, forever.
A sick joke鈥 but no one is laughing.
My blood will remain.
Death is not the end.
isnt this that one black mirror episode
hell yeah I鈥檓 voting for garfield
i like the way this guy thinks
The man we need in office
Well he鈥檚 not an old white guy right?
Yup, I'm casting my 2020 vote to the man of the hour and the libertarian party nominee, Garfield. You may call me crazy, but at least I'm not libtard OR conservacuck. #Garfield
Nothing but respect for MY president
There was a time I would have found this delightful and whimsical and now it makes me feel like having a cigarette in a post apocalyptic wasteland
Garfield can we play fortnite
Government shuts down so he can take a nap
Your a fucking warmonger
bro garfield voiceoverpete AND kanye? 2020 gonna be a WILD election
A vote 4 him is a vote 4 no more Mondays
My man is out here running on a 4 day work week. Where is Warren or Bernie on this?
Keep the immigrants out
You got my vote Garfield u fat fucking cat you 鈽猴笍
If I lived in America he would have my vote.
Obligatory joke about trump being fat and orange*
Another billionaire candidate running on personal interests.
Nothing but respect for MY president馃槫
could you please shed some light about your business dealings with our current vp Mike pence
You absolute bafoon.
Abolish monday, and tuesday will just take its place.

You must abolish all of time itself
The Alt Right has a new candidate!!!!
Best candidate for president.
You鈥檝e herd of Reaganomics now get ready for Lasganomics ?!
Orange man bad.
Orange cat good!
Ma帽ana aparece uno de 鈥淕ATURRO PRESIDENTE!!1!!! 馃槶馃ぃ馃槄馃槫馃憣鈥
Where could my pipe be
*at white house*
if you abolish a monday then a tuesday will be a next monday but i guess it would not be that bad because then instead of 5 weekdays per every 2 weekends you would be having 4 weekdays for every 2 weekend days so then that means tuesday would be like monday but better
Oh man, the next Presidential race is heating up!
We already have an orange Gemini as President. Do I get to write for @nbcsnl now?
Yeah ok vote for a cartoon cat? Do you guys think I鈥檓 fucking stupid?
Kanye got some real competition coming in 2024
Im going to assassinate Garfield at his first public appearance by either shooting him from 3 or less meters with a snub nose .30 cal or by planting a bomb in his transport vehicle
I know who has my vote
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