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Malia Obama drinks wine and hates Donald Trump, she is no different than any of us going through this hell.

But, she does need better friends, all they do is snitch.

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I thought she woulda learned the first two, three times.... pic.twitter.com/xtjucg19zP
She needs friends like her Lil Sis, Natasha, has.
I think Blackness in this country means you're supposed to take no money in a settlement, never question police abuse, never engage in legal activities that cause moral panic (loud music, drinking, owning a weapon, walking, breathing) & maybe then you live up to their idea of MLK
She needs better friend, they need to buy her a nice red wine.
I also drink wine, and hate Donald Trump.
Great tweet. But it鈥檚 important that we draw a distinction between wine and rose.
But didn't she call teachers "losers", fraternize with KGB and shoot an endangered species? Oh, right, that was grown-ass orange caveman / village idiot DJ Jr.
They鈥檙e not her friends though if they are revealing aspects of her private life to the world.
She definitely needs to pick better friends. Her current ones are not to be trusted.
I saw Malia Obama trending and my heart about stopped. Do these dang reporters have nothing better to do? I refuse to even read the article because what she did is her business, not ours.
1) GOP fears Malia will go into politics. They're starting the 40-year, Hillary-esque defamation campaign now.
2) I'd certainly prefer President Malia Obama over Pres. Ivanka Trump
3) Is there a single one of us whose teen years could have withstood social media?

Pick your friends carefully & get rid of the Blabbermouths!馃槈 pic.twitter.com/iwrGssLAhM
I, too, drink wine and hate Trump.
Kylie hid a whole pregnancy for 9 months and this girl can鈥檛 even drink in peace
She needs to be more like her mother and less like her father. He seeks white approval. And sees safety in whiteness. Black people (some) are willing to kill or (if necessary) die for the Obamas. Sasha gets it.
鈥淒rinks wine and hates donald trump鈥 describes every girl I hang out with
They snitch鈥檔 or is it the paparazzi?
the overall crowd she be around is just sus. from pics that are taken of her, they seem like sneak photos, not the way actual friends would take of friends. her friends need to do a better job of protecting her, knowing that she is a target for antagonization.
Oh, thank goodness that鈥檚 all it was. #MaliaObama, girl YAS! Have several drink 馃嵎馃嵎馃嵎 You have earned them, but get better friends. Not a drop of melanin in your squad. No es bueno. pic.twitter.com/iXTDmsVZgG
I am concerned, tho... rose?
Yea I was thinking the same thing about her friends...
The picture I saw did not show her drinking anything; she had a bottle in her hand, on just on the edge of the photo, a glass held by someone else. Looks to me like she was pouting a drink for someone.
I was also drinking wine and hating Tr*mp at age 20, like come on she's just like the rest of us
Yes to all this 猬囷笍 and also NO ONE IN HER FAMILY IS IN PUBLIC OFFICE
She needs to stop hanging out with those white mofos!
biiiiitch 馃槀馃槀 we stan
But she's not 21! Because I NEVER drank while underage! 馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃
She aint the only one that doesn't like him
thats cause homegirl only hangs out with white ppl
Where did yall get the hating trump part from?
Malia needs Kylie Jenner type friends that will keep her pregnancy a secret
ill remember this tweet when its a republican child drinking underage
underaged drinking is a no no even for Obama's kid though
she needed HS friends like us
In my best Sophia voice, I loves me some @MichelleObama @BarackObama God knows I do! But how did Malia end up with little to no Black friends who constantly betray her trust?
Never too old to learn our nation no snitching policy...
Because Malia Obama lives in the sunken place.
The comments under the Daily Mail article would be funny if they weren't so ridiculous. I guess Trump supporters read brit rags, as well. Just wish they would read actual facts that matter about their country before it ends up in ... as they say in UK ... "the dustbin".
It鈥檚 all about the likes. If you find a friend that isn鈥檛 posting every single moment, they are keepers
You call it hell I call it haven
Hell, was 8 years of your boy Obama. Malia is only 20. guess what, drinking age is 21 . illegal right? if trump had a 20 year old doing this, y'all would lose your minds & call for an arrest or impeachment or whatever u idiots want to use that day .smh
Malia needs people like me around her. I keep shit to myself.
Yeah she needs friends with top lips so they can zip it 馃か
Facts here friends the opps
Them non melaninated girls stay tellin on her
Complainers r nasty nasty ppl. How would I know? Private contractor. Left my industry to get away from tired, broke, busted, disgusted of the generational adult children, who have unresolved untreated chaotic past trauma being reared in ongoing dysfunctional families 21st Century
What kinda of hell are 鈥渨e鈥 going through liberals are allergic to specifics do any of you have anything to say other than generalized tweets about nothing bet not.
This hell. Lmfao.
What hell are you going through sir?
That鈥檚 nothing! I drink bourbon, smoke weed and despise trump with every cell of my being.
Hell, Freddy? How is 4.2% GDP, "Hell"? How is 3.7% Unemployment, "Hell"? How is 3.2% Wage Growth. "Hell"? Do tell, I am all ears.
Wow your life must be so hard, you鈥檙e such a victim! 馃槩
It should be immediately pointed out that ZERO conservatives or republicans care about this.... Before it becomes a story of fake outrage that never happened like @AOC dancing.... Leave the kid alone. She鈥檚 in college.
Stay drunk and poor, commies. :D
You sure it's not the protection detail dropping a dime?
So true. She will learn to keep her circle tight. Her dad is masterful at it.
They do seem a tad allergic to her best interests...
All her friend seem to be young white women. Go figure.
They all have one thing in common wh*te
Her name also likely not mentioned in state and federal investigations, unlike the trumplings (who may have their own wing in Sing-sing)
ALL OF THIS 馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従馃憞馃従
Shoot i too drink wine and dislike Trump, welcome to the club.
Agee @FredTJoseph and take pics of her. Better friends needed.
Malia is having a normal reaction to this Presidential abomination. Sorry, this is news, why?
I remember when Sasha said she was on twitter under a fake account some years ago, we still dont know who she is and what she be doing 馃槱
We gotta remember that snitches get stitches 馃憡馃徑
Classic media move to divert public attention from Trump emergency declaration 馃槖
Better...blacker ...synonymous at this point.
The only Obama family member I trust is Malia Obama because she is a communist who smokes weed. She鈥檚 definitely our hope for dismantling America鈥檚 violent imperialist state when she runs for president.
She need some black friends
Bro you鈥檙e not going through hell 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 why are people so fucking pussy about shit they don鈥檛 even gotta pay attention to?
Yes! The sub 4% unemployment is just *awful*! You people 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Actually it was a King Cobra!
Please talk about yourself. Not any of us. trump is the President. And just to remind you My favorite, . Obama quote is this one... "Donald Trump will never be President." - Barack Obama I think it show's his keen insight and political astuteness. Kavannagh liked beer.
People in Africa are living in hell. Get over yourself.
Welcome to hell. You'll be here for a while.
Unbelievably sad. I hope she knows who did it and whomever it was should be thrown out of school.
Except you are supposed to be old enough to act like a man.
Don鈥檛 speak for all of us. We don鈥檛 all hate President Trump
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