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Chicago. Ohio. Newark. Massachusetts. Boise. McAllen, Texas. The White House.

People are gathering across the country this #PresidentsDay to fight the #FakeTrumpEmergency and show solidarity with immigrant communities.

We refuse to tolerate America's slide to authoritarianism.

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At almost 60 years old, my first protest ever! I'm usually working or caring for a disabled relative. pic.twitter.com/1F0kXiGAdc
I am all for legal immigration but not for anyone coming in with no background checks. The border needs a wall to control who gets in and what gets in.
we had 300+ rally today in Princeton thanks to @RustinCenter, Coalition for Peace Action, and many others who showed up to speak. pic.twitter.com/IEyYgRnSZ8
I guess none of these folks have jobs...which is amazing given this economy. I wonder what their issue could be...馃
FYI- there are more people waiting for next game at the DC YMCA then showed up for this rally
The sad.thing is @realDonaldTrump doesn't listen or care what "We The People" think about his #FakeTrumpEmergency or anything. #TrumpFakeEmergency is coming from a #Dictator not a true honorable @POTUS cc @GOP @TheDemocrats @SenateDems @SenateGOP @LawLibCongress
Salt Lake City did some alphabet resistance today pic.twitter.com/UGWgUiOpcK
Those are some crowds!
But the legal immigrant communities support President Trump鈥檚 National Emergency and Wall. Legal immigrants believe in obeying the law
Does he understand this is not a gathering of love and acceptance? People HATE you this much .@realDonaldTrump not only bc of your #FakeTrumpEmergency- it's bc of your presence. Learn from #PresidentsDay #PresidentsDayProtests it's not a coincidence.
Awesome!!! 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦 pic.twitter.com/IVfXoaIWCq
Protest all you want, it won't make a damn bit of difference! This is a court issue now. Throw a #fbr party if that makes you feel better
Isn't forcing people to give up their guns, go against their religion and hand over their hard earned money to others authoritarianism?
Even my little town of Portsmouth nh had folks out in our town square doing their civic duty.
Go Boise whoo, hooo.....
Alyssa Milano, how many more Kate Steinle's are you willing to sacrifice in the name of political-correctness?She was shot to death in front of her father by an illegal-alien in a sanctuary city. How many cops like Ronil Singh's? Mollie Tibbett's? ojjpac.org/memorial.asp
Watching the lunatic conspiracy theorists on the Left completely melt down on social media (see Seth Abramson) as their collusion hoax falls apart, and the perpetrators of the hoax turn on each other, is rewarding to watch.
While the rest of us work and pay taxes.
Wow you got 10s of people to show up LMAOOOOO
If only this were true.Plz visit the southern border in El Indio,Tx,NM & Az open desert areas where ranchers & citizens aren鈥檛 safe.CARTELS.they have pd off politicians to keep it that way,research & u will c the truth.Not about illegals who want better.ElChapo knows who,he paid
There was actually more people this afternoon in Miami for @realDonaldTrump speech about #Venezuela than ALL of these protests combined! pic.twitter.com/SgqWKvBRcf
One thing I had not considered is whether Fed gov't can take real property for installing border wall w/o having to go thru process of eminent domain law?
Bullshit on every level. No one wants to ban illegals. You can bring in as many immigrants you want in.. Legally, like every country on the planet does. But you need a fake platform to separate you from the conservatives.
== > Hope you're all as active and focused on President's Day 2019 as our nation's first chief executive. pic.twitter.com/YEkDSWFFhI
These are the true American patriots. This is how you make America great.
NO. We should have National Mail In Ballot like WA, OR, CO and CA. One day is not enough time. Still have lines. Most low income people will not have the day off anyway as their work will be open. Use State ID for address or just sign up.
Why can鈥檛 liberals comprehend the definition of illegal and legal immigrants? Legal immigrants don鈥檛 want illegal immigrants here either.
Congress is going to sue Trump for violating the constitutional separation of powers. #FakeTrumpEmergency politicususa.com/2019/02/17/sta鈥
Only public sector union workers b/c the rest of us have to work馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔忦煠
Small crowds ...BUILD THE WALL
There is an emergency: it鈥檚 called illegal immigrants flooding our southern border. #BuildTheWallNow
Who is funding these groups? Why are these groups never talking about our struggling veterans and seniors? #nationalemergency
Whatever makes the crazies on the left feel better! #MAGA #BuildTheWall
Embarrass trump and mar la go. March there and everywhere trump goes. Eventually it鈥檒l take him a second to break the law by committing another constitutional amendment. trump is a bully that can鈥檛 handle pressure.
We refuse to let America slide into Socialism and Anti American Democrats. Democrats =Pro illegal immigration/Late Term abortion/Socialism oppression/ Real Racist( Black face Northam)/ Sexual Predator (Fairfax) Fake News race baiting Hypocrite (Smollett).#JussieSmollettHoax #MAGA
I鈥檓 all for immigration through designated ports of entry. Why won鈥檛 Democrat鈥檚 get behind this idea? It makes no sense.
Stop all ready. Just stop
While the rest of us work and pay taxes.
Soo a nation wide protest mustered up about a hundred people including the press. Way to go ...
Wait I thought families being seperated at the border was an emergency. Good to know it's not.
Do not give New World Order globalist, George Soros, your critical thinking skills. You are more valuable than you know. Think for yourselves. If not, tear down the walls around your homes/neighborhoods are leave your doors unlocked.
United States has a legal immigration pathway u fool
I skipped the McAllen protest to help at the Humanitarian Respite Center. ICE dropped off over to EIGHT HUNDRED asylum seekers today--700 yesterday. It's insane.
Are they gathering for fake jussie crime?
鉂勶笍 everywhere.
Build the Wall!
You folks have no idea of how we are being overrun by Other Than Mexicans (OTMs) in Rio Grand Valley, San Diego and Yuma Sectors. Short of a moat or a minefield there are no other preventative measures to prevent the incursion of illegal aliens who do not enter at Ports of Entry.
Pretty pathetic looking crowds 馃檮
And still doesn't add up to his supporters. Your only about 35-40% the rest support our @POTUS ..YOUR POTUS TOO. 馃榾馃榿馃槂馃槃馃槉馃槅 pic.twitter.com/T5JaOBn6Hr
Lol look how small the groups are.
Time to organize and protest hate crime hoaxes. Looking forward to #JusticeForJussie
Why do you hate our President so badly?
The only parade Trump will ever get
Traitors support invaders.
Doesn't look like that many people.
Ha hahahahaha! Morons.
Hmmmmm Obama did it 8 times for other countries so doing it for America is wrong? Wake up or leave the country Alyssa feel free to leave anytime you want too.
Some big crowds there...馃槒馃憦馃憦馃憦馃槅
Sad to point this out to you but you are acting like you demand we conform to your authoritarianism.. You are against protecting our National borders, you imply illegals are immigrants but they in fact criminals according to immigration law. READ THE LAWS PLEASE
Address馃憦where you live to take care of these beautiful people Lissy!!
Damn! Once again, you caught the republicans WORKING on a Monday, lol. Sorry we missed you!
Every single person protesting should speak with border agents and allow them to show the actual statistics & horrific crimes of rape, human trafficking & drugs.
Wow! Huge crowds came out huh.....馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Wow you have about 20 paid protesters, quite the mob.
These actions have encouraged all the people in the world who fight against authoritarianism and who wish real democracy. In my country, Japan, Prime minister Abe shamefully recommend that Trump should be awarded as a Nobel Prize winner . Not division but solidarity!
There must be a total of 30 people in each one of those events!! WOW!
Dems love to waste time. You liberals are great at marching and bitching, too bad you such at winning presidential elections
Only fake if you choose to believe it鈥檚 fake. I choose to believe America does have many problems on the southern border. It鈥檚 not fake just because msm, or a person in Congress says it鈥檚 fake. Alyssa, just go down there and see for yourself. Then get back with us ok.
Why are you opposed to controlling the border? Should the US have no borders?
Right because Newark and Chicago have such a hard time controlling their borders they really understand the issue. Give me a freaking break. You people are getting more ignorant, more ridiculous, and more exhausting by the second.
Actually immigrants are for the wall.. but ILLEGALS are not..
I wouldn't WASTE my time.
Here鈥檚 the TRUTH BEHIND SUDDEN ILLEGAL MOBS & WHY illegals are welcomed by socialists in US Democrats want HONDURAN MOBS to come to US & VOTE ILLEGALLY & BREAK THE WELFARE SYSTEM it鈥檚 all part of a 50 year long SOCIALIST STRATEGY: CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY鈥硷笍 youtu.be/aiaLnQvy7_w
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