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On this #PresidentsDay, celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of this man, who is living proof that no dream is too big.

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One of his 鈥済roundbreaking achievements鈥 was turning Libya, the country that had the highest standard of living in Africa, into a safe haven for jihadists who now sell human beings in open air slave markets.
Libya has open slave markets because of this man
All Records Sealed
First Mulatto First Gay President
Groundbreaking Achievements
#Liz We Are Awake Return To Your imaginary Teepee 鉀猴笍
achievements: a bogus nuke deal with the greatest state sponsor of terror in return for 500k dead Syrians. A man that traded in blood and lives for a selfish legacy. Not to mention a disaster of a healthcare plan...give us break.
Happy President 鈥榮 Day Mr. Trump 馃嚭馃嚫 May god bless you.
Apart from the dream of stopping chemical weapon use in Syria.
For once I agree with you.... However they were not the kind of groundbreaking achievements we were looking for... #WakeUpAmerica pic.twitter.com/nsMcj1vvgW
WOW set aside all of your deceit and fraud @SenWarren this comment just secured your loss in your futile run for president.
Obama dreamt he could trade Syrian blood for an Iran peace deal and he got it. 600,000+ mass murdered Syrians is the legacy of Obama.
It's also worth remembering his bail out of Wall Street, at the expense of American home owners, when he could have done both! Pleasae don't be a neo-liberal like Obama!
He has as much ground breaking achievements as you have Indian DNA!
Ask him how it felt to be President because you will never know the feeling yourself.
Celebrating Presidents Day with gratitude for our great @realDonaldTrump President of the United States. Best President EVER!!#Trump2020LandSlide #Trump2020
Two peas in a pod. Not one rational idea between them!
What the politization of federal departments, justice dept. IRS, FBI, etc. To completely reshape the USA.
This isn't going to go at all the way you expect....
That wasn鈥檛 a dream, it was a lie fulfilled
LIVE: 馃敶The @POTUS who has been PRESIDENT since Jan. 20th 2017 speaks to Venezuelan-American community... #SocialismKills #MAGA video.foxnews.com/v/600357706200鈥
Thank you President @BarackObama for all you did for our nation and the world and doing it with honor grace and respect for the people, country and our democracy. Most of Americans miss having true president.. 馃槖 pic.twitter.com/I2usAx93Yj
and somehow became a multi millionaire during his presidency... and don't forget Michelles' 23 assistants.
Doubling The National Debt? Great work at spending more money than any leader in history!
Groundbreaking achievements such as fueling the explosive growth of murderous jihadists across North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia? Well done, @BarackObama!
He sure taught you how to lie..you both do it so well
Any man can inspire to sell his or her country out like these two have done in the past and how they both continue to see out this country for their own personal greed. Nothing but lies out of both of their mouths.
"this man"? Same man who ran the govt/regulator enabled protection rackets for the Wells Fargos rollingstone.com/politics/polit鈥
Haha.....what accomplishments besides being the 1st half black president?
Except your dream to become president. Might want to manage expectations, kind of like your Native American status.
Libya says hi.....why don't you go live there and see how it looks....
he IS the American Dream
and what exactly would those be ?
Oh yeah the big O. How many countries was he bombing when he left office? 7? or 8? @BarackObama
On this #PresidentsDay you too can vie for achievements like war-criminal, mass-deporter & fascist normalizer. If yr lucky, yr drone bombings can also result in wedding party massacres & ripping babies limb-from-limb. #Obama #Warren2020 #KlobucharTownHall #AmericaWasNeverGreat
*First President to murder US citizen with a Drone Strike. *Took us from to 2 wars to 7 *Prosecuted more whistleblowers than any previous president *Presided over a massive expansion of the surveillance state. Fantastic Achievements! Also, see here. mobile.twitter.com/eshalegal/stat鈥
Everything is possible. Even a guy who runs as a lefty can end up being a war criminal who gives people a neoliberal healthcare plan, makes tax cuts for the rich permanent, bails out the banks, but not the home owners and repeals habeas corpus.
鈥淎 Squandered Presidency鈥 let many down.
Oh Mr U can keep U R plan and UR doctor! Lied in front of the camera!
On this #PresidentsDay in US (Family Day in Ontario), my guess is most Americans and the world wish that the man below were still president.
Voted for him twice but will admit my error at this point........
There is nothing to put in his Library. Trump dumped it all, to get Americans working. Chicago does not want his library.
Keep pretending Pocahontas!
The Iranian people hate you. They love President Trump because he supported us shame on you #Obama ... @restartleader pic.twitter.com/Co3cFr0aES
馃槀Are馃槀you馃槀joking馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ Delusional. He nearly bankrupted this country into Venezuela and created the illusion of racial division tearing this country apart with identity politics. He鈥檚 a parasite, a cancer you don鈥檛 know about until it鈥檚 too late. Wake up & #WalkAway
鈥淕roundbreaking achievements鈥 of that man include:

-turning Libya from the richest African nation into a pile of rubbish
-creating ISIS & FSA to overthrow Assad
-destabilizing Ukraine with neo-fascist paramilitaries
-hitting Russia with sanctions after sanctions
His policy of "Strategic Patience" in Korea resulted in allowing the North to develope nukes and ICBMs ~ so yeah, i guess Obama made Kim Jong-un's dream come true... Liz - you should not twitter and think ~ not working out so good for you...
What accomplishments was that?
Which is why the notion that Elizabeth Warren is not a white supremacist is utter horseshit

Here's Warren celebrating genocidal white supremacists day by honouring a man who turned Libya into slave trade haven
Not forgetting how you lied about "this man," his character and judgment, and his trade policies, Senator Warren. #TPP
Not forgetting how you lied about "this man," his character and judgment, and his trade policies, Senator Warren. #TPP
I may take heat for this - but this is why your problem is problematic. Obama is an outlier to #AmericanDOS life. A Kenyan Father granted him legacy at Harvard - Many Black folk are 1st generation college students from 1990-date.
On this #PresidentsDay, celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of this man, who is living proof that no dream is too big. pic.twitter.com/3adJMRA9XL
Citizenbases taxation together with #FATCA is not a dream. It's a nightmare for the (accidental) overseas Americans. They aren't taxevaders. Pay tax in country of residence.
I am now concerned that this photo will not bode well with the new Nobel Prize "recipient" Don J Trump. Let's all pray. 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫
Or nightmare for that matter
Squeeze that race card, squeeze!!!
Barack Obama鈥檚 longest-lasting and greatest achievement? Getting Donald Trump elected! #ThankYouObama
She just earned another contribution from me! I鈥檓 sold. #Warren2020
Is President Obama endorsing you Elizabeth Warren? Too early for that. Would he not support Joe Biden, or someone else before you. Seems like you seize the opportunity to try to deceive people much like your Indian heritage claims.
Yes , he became another servant to Wall street , insurance companies , tech giants and AIPAC just like his predecessor . GROUNDBREAKING IS A LAUGH #Bernie2020 #Tulsi2020 pic.twitter.com/YFy7tahLJR
Yes. He was our president. I #Pray for our present @POTUS too. pic.twitter.com/b2KsThXwkP
Hey Pocahontas! Not sure what you are smoking but the facts reveal something much different. "鈥楶resident Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.鈥 --Clint Eastwood"
I am so glad that he's no longer prezzy.
Nope, wrong again. Not about the dream, but the achievements.
Drone strikes for all!
Amen on that president Obama 馃挭馃挭馃挭
An African American and a Native American walk into a bar...
Flying all that cash to Iran was ground breaking, I suppose....
Also a living proof of your dreams shattered.
The only achievement I care about is, he kept Hillary out of the White House.
He bombed the Middle East with grace and wit.
I don't think being President of this country is the biggest dream anyone can dream.
No dream was too big...except for #MedicareForAll & ending the wars...or raining in the big banks...oh and NOT drone assassinating US citizens...oh & NOT ending Habeus Corpus...& NOT expanding the surveillance state or NOT creating a "ministry of truth"...so many big dreams..
Yeah, he won that Nobel Peace Prize, for saying "Hope & Change". The Nobel will never recover
Well, I went to see you Saturday in G'ville and liked what you said, but you just lost my vote.Obama: Meeting with top bankers, no fraud charges on any of them. Points bank lawyer to head Justice Dept. I guess I'll look elsewhere for a real reformer.
Two of my favorite people.
I can鈥檛 make out the man you are referring to in the painting. These flip phones don鈥檛 have the very good cameras.
& no country too small to bomb, no citizen too insignificant to spy on, no journalist or whistleblower too big to prosecute, 鈥榶es we can鈥 #Obama
By that you mean all his traitorous acts? Fast and Furious? Benghazi? Millions in cash to Iran? Uranium One? Spying on and trying to oust a duly elected President? Russiagate?
Yep..look at the wealth he has accumulated! The Uranium he sold! The amount of hush money to Saudi he sent! The number of weapons he gave drug dealers via Fast and Furious! The healthcare disaster he orchestrated with Obamacare! Big dreams! Big results!
No Dream is too big when you are Goldman Sachs choice for President.
...that he drone killed more civillians than Clinton & Bush combined. Quite an accomplishment. 10 more yrs til his torture record is public... #FeelTheBern
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