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Bwahahahaha. Bwahahahaha. Did you see Hillary Clinton’s #PresidentsDay instagram post, ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩?

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You know who's not in it? Hillary Clinton.
Bwahahahaha Bwahahahaha
Did you see @realDonaldTrump is still your President?
It’s perfect. Hillary ain’t in it 😂😅🍻💯
🤔Isnt it funny how @TheDemocrats favorite line is ‘America is better than this’ yet each time they seem to go lower & lower than the thing they’re bitching & complaining about??

Thy cant even see the hypocrisy in their own missteps. Or maybe they do & just dont care. #TDSIsReal
Yeah, she is still throwing shit against the wall and is still not President hon
When you lose twice and still try to stay relevant.. kudos Hilary
If crazy were a color you’d be a rainbow-striped Bob Ross Afro dipped in pastels, with the personality of a deflowered cactus and the fragility of stained glass.

He’s still your President, @Alyssa_Milano. None of those other 4 dudes are.
Awww I'm sure he's really sad seeing this post by Killary.
As he's sitting in the oval office.
As President.
On President's Day.
Good burn! 👍

Bwahahahaha! Bwahahahaha! You know what’s really funny? There’s no President Hillary Clinton in that picture.
I see you have moved on from the #JussieSmollettHoax @Alyssa_Milano Flakey is totally your spirit colour...
I’m sure you can relate since you’ve also never won an award in your field. My sympathy to you and Hillary.
I see she’s not in the pic either! Hmmmmm.... let that sink in!
He didn't see it because @realDonaldTrump was in the Oval Office of the White House

Thank God she can be left out of this picture. If there’s one good thing Trumps done it’s that he kept her out. Or maybe she’s the only reason he got in 🤔
Nope. All President Trump does is point to the scoreboard. The ultimate burn.
Bwahahahaha! Bwahahahaha! You know what’s really funny? There’s no President Hillary Clinton in that picture.
I wish Bush would have been there too though, just to complete the snub.
If he did he saw it from the Oval Office... 😉
She even posted a photo of her rapist husband? She's bragging about him?
How 'bout you, Alyssa?
You LIKE Bill Clinton?
Did you Notice She’s Not In it @Alyssa_Milano ?
Bwahahahaha Bwahahahaha
.@realDonaldTrump is Hillary Clinton and your President!
Looks they are all pretty happy. It has to be because TRUMP is the President of the U S of A!!!!
Of course he did. She still hasnt conceded. Had a mental breakdown i heard.
You know who else isn’t in this photo? Hillary Clinton.
Thank you so much for sharing @alyssa_Milano. Holy crap this is a monumental moment in history.....Hillary @HillaryClinton finally realized she lost the election and @RealDonalTrump is her President. By the way, @Alyssa_Milano Donald Trump is your @POTUS as well. pic.twitter.com/OZINiTiAOt
Alyssa, you and many others from Hollywood have lost their way to be relevant so you find the need to “pile on” your meanness towards our President. Doesn’t matter. He’s done more for America in 2 years than any other POTUS. Too bad, sad . See someone for your TDS
this would be mildly funny if like, ya know, she didn't lose the office to trump in 2016 after massively outspending him and all but rigging the dem primary. But, close, kinda.
I think someone is missing???.....oh yeah, it’s Hillary. 😂
is yours and @HillaryClinton’s President. THANK GOD!
Can a reasonable person really not see this as Hillary being a petty sore loser? This tweet, and Alyssa’s response to it, are an exquisitely poignant example of just how disconnected some on the left are regarding how the majority views their words/actions
HRC can mock all she wants but she still won't be President. And Donald Trump is.
Alyssa doesn't realize the point she's making here unintentionally.
Not sure what the point of this is? @Alyssa_Milano We have another 6 years of Trump
It’s missing someone. Jokes on you
Actually wouldn’t mind there being a day where we go “Look at those four Presidents together.”
Two failed policy POTUS’s and the elitists “Commander En Vogue” first couple... I hope @GOP retweet this?
I did notice Hilary wasn’t there. Bwahaha!
I noticed Hillary is absent
from this photo ! 🤣🤣
Can someone pls diagnose how Alyssa Milano went from top-drawing TV child star to teen crush to fictional witch to then...INTERNET TROLL?

...because all the boys and girls who grew up between "Who's the Boss?" and "Charmed" want to know what in the fuck happened.
Still all of yalls presidents tho 😂 Ps. U have six more years
How does it feel to always be on the losing end of everything
Still your president @Alyssa_Milano , for another 6 years 😉 pic.twitter.com/jVP0xfA058
I like how Bill Clintons hand seems to be grazing micheal’s behind oops I mean Michelle’s behind
Happy Hillary isn’t President’s Day!
Yeah, I see four men, but one was not president
I’m not sure one of those guys was such a shining example of how to be a good president.
Do you know who's *actually* president?
and Hillary is still not President and Trump is.... bwahahahahahaha. Bwahahahahahaaha. You truly are an idiot...
It’s all the living Democratic Presidents (plus Michelle.) It’s a self-own more than anything.
Actually, quite remarkable considering the Clinton's and the Obama's are not the best of friends.
What are you 12?
Who'd be interested in anything Clinton had to say
Even These 4 men know that
Wouldn't be the truth anyway.....
Bwahahahaha. @realDonaldTrump is #POTUS. And @HillaryClinton isn't. (Nor will she ever be.)
That dude in between Carter and Bill was never President
I miss having class, complete sentences, and style in the White House. Those were the days!
4 gentlemen waving. Nice
Love it! Better than what I’ve been tweeting all day. #PresidentsDay pic.twitter.com/a0uPsl4pDx
Michael has bigger biceps 💪🤣
Alyssa? Re-Re-Remember when you were on TV making money hand over fist, overspending until you were so broke and then the acting job offers dried up so you started wasting your time being a social justice warrior on twitter which pays ZERO? That was AWESOME! pic.twitter.com/W6rdDEgjvp
You know who else isn’t in that picture, @HillaryClinton 🤣🤣🤣
I see bill has learned hand placement from John Wick. pic.twitter.com/mqFyRioe5A
Who is (thankfully) not in that picture? @HillaryClinton Signed, a grateful American!
Bitter woman wakes up from her chardonnay induced coma to post a dig about her president. Keeping it classy.
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