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Bret Kavanaugh has a whole calendar THAT HE KEPT dedicated to underage drinking that he showed off in front of a senate committee that was during questioning about him ATTEMPTING TO RAPE A CLASSMATE and y’all want me to be mad about Malia Obama swiggin Rose?

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I’m gonna be blunt about this: it’s because Malia has more melanin than Kavanaugh
Today is national drink wine day! Malia drinking wine today is more patriotic than anything Donny has done in the past 2 years. Now back to real news...
Technically the drinking age was 18 when Kavanaugh was in high school. But I'm sure he didn't wait till he was 18 to get lit either
Malia Obama waving while she continues to drink her wine pic.twitter.com/NXG2CHIoB3
i don't know you, stranger, but PREACH
She needs better friend, though. They need to buy her a nice red wine.
They should go back and look at all of the whites kids at Woodstock and it wasn't Rose they were sipping, but there was a combination of liquor, beer, marijuana and other drugs and much, much more. Consider the beer parties that Brett and his friends had.
Brett Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford were NOT classmates. Not one scintilla of proof the two ever even met. Her entire fabricated story has been debunked, hence he is now a Supreme Court Justice and she’s wealthy due to her performance.
I assure you nobody cares that Malia is drinking Rosé. Nobody.
Nobody is saying that. You are creating fake outrage. Ok, Jussie. Hell if Obama was my dad I’d be chugging wine too. I feel her...
But but her one piece bathing suit!
Well said Kin. The hypocrisy in the attacks on Malia is unbelievable. pic.twitter.com/06Ula88Xmh
Love new info! and he still got the job. Yet he wants Malia arrested? Hah! What a joke.
Exactly... let that girl live.Sheesh
A bazillion times this.
and drinking age was 18 for beer and wine,how did that investigation turn out,btw?
Girl the drinking age was lower when Kavanaugh was growing up and he wasn't the child of a president.
🙄🙄🙄 I can’t with the double standards... this is what we mean by white privilege. Leave that girl alone.
Drunk tweeter!!!

I do so love a drunk tweeter. The horse💩that pops out of their mouths is positively hilarious.

This is perfectly said!
I yelled all of this in my head while I was reading it, and ran out of breath in real life at the end!!! 😅
Best comment I've seen so far.
HAHA your ingnorance is amusing ......
But who cares, very few people nowadays can say they didn't drink before 21, before 18...Who the fuck cares if Malia has a glass of Rose, who cares if Brett had a few beers, who cares if Barack lit a blunt, or @KamalaHarris hit that shit listening to Snoop and Pac back in 89
In high school.. while he abused women
If you keep repeating it do you think it will eventually be true?
Except when Kavanaugh was in school legal age to drink was 18. In Florida the legal age is 21 like all states now. But go ahead & change the truth to fit your narrative. If this were Barron Trump at same age your liberal media would have a field day. #hypocrite #demsarefrauds
Don't get mad. Join her. Everyone underage can drink now. No problem.
I realize you like to make s**t up, but the rest of us with a functioning brainstem know you're lying. The drinking age in the 1980s wasn't 21. You should also learn what corroboration and direct evidence is (she had NEITHER) and all her "witnesses" turned on her. Sit down.
Drinking age was 18 in DC when Kavanaugh was in high school pic.twitter.com/pJ9XWAxFkb
nobody cares about Malia or her idiot parents
No...one...gives...a...shit...but...you...It must be awful going thru life getting offended by imaginary straw men
Who wants you to be mad? In fact who the hell cares? This whole thing shouldn’t be a thing.
This 👏 right 👏 here. 👏
This shit right here!!!!
getting fake mad about black women drinking grandma water at 20 while a dumb old racist signed a national emergency them said he made it all up AND THE NEWS CHOOSES THE BLACK GIRL INSTEAD OF TREASON IN CHIEF.

Lying ass left wingers. His calendar was dedicated to underage drinking? LIE

Attempted to rape: LIE

Is this Jussie's relative?
While people are idiots for publicizing Malia’s underage drinking (like seriously, who the fuck cares), Justice Kavanaugh *allegedly* did not drink underage, since the legal drinking age was 18 at the time. Poor example.
Goodness me, people can be so hypocritical and mean-spirited. Youth does many things, and a twenty year old having a glass of wine is not our business.
"attempting to rape a classmate"😂😂😂😂😂 Gee, I wonder why this is getting a reaction?🤣
he wasn't underage. "attempting to rape" Ahhh, I see you completely convict ppl w/ zero evidence.
No one cares you fucking moron
Serious objective question: Trump or Northam which would you want for President? pic.twitter.com/WpfCKwfhhW
Where's the evidence that he "rapred" her?
Why can't you be mad about both?
This has to be without a doubt the dumbest Twitter post I have seen all day.. three Obama watermelons for you dearie.. 🍉🍉🍉
Which of course, turned out to be false, her lying was exposed. BUT, If he were a Democrat who raped a black woman..wait, 2 black women, it's okay. As we have learned in Virginia. Rape okay if a Democrat is the rapist. Lesson learned.
Check yourself and the drinking age when the amazingly wonderful Justice K was in high school..bye.
You mean a hearing with Democrats trying to frame him for attempted rape because he's white.
Damn, people still lying on Kavanaugh?
So she ran rape parties then!!
You probably believe @JussieSmollett too🤣🤣🤣🤣
Who wants you to be mad? Answer, no one.
It wa# all a lie ..where you been hiding
No real conservative gives a damn. Some trolls start crap and people attack conservatives like anyone cares what she does. So long as she is not driving / responsible, enjoy the wine.
Ok but who is actually mad at Malia? I only se exists about people accusing people of being mad at Malia. twitter is getting dumber by the day
Guess you still believe JUSSIE was a "victim" too huh..?... here's a look at his future... pic.twitter.com/cym1kyqibX
ATTEMPTING TO RAPE??? YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE A LEFT-WING IDIOT! I’m sure you follow the 10 yr old 50-something accuser who used her 10 yr old voice and completely embarrassed herself when she testified the BS about someone, sometime or whenever it happened??
At least be honest and report actual facts.
Who’s mad??? This is sooooo stupid
First off, no. Nobody is mad. You THINK people are mad, but really nobody cares. You’re just trying to make a racially charged accusation of people you disagree with, and that’s not cool.
Don't you see the difference between Beer and Wine? It's Racist!
More like liberals screamed how bad it was for Kavenaugh to be drinking while underage but when a liberal does it you rush to defend them. It wasn't dedicated to drinking it documented significant events. Why is it OK for your side but not the other?
There is no evidence that Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh attempted to rape anyone.
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