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These inmates on work duty rescued a baby in a locked SUV

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Luckily, there were several that knew how to break into the vehicle. 😏
Getting into locked cars may be what got them in there.
people acting shocked are what is shocking.
of course they would help, they're men who have made mistakes, fucked up, they're doing their time but they're still human.
society forgets that humanity doesn't disappear for people caught in the system.
I once locked my keys in my car when on a delivery for edible arrangements, i kindly asked someone for a wire hanger and they tried to help me for over 30min a tweaker on a board stopped and said “hey big dog i gotchu gimmie 5 min or less” that mf got it in 2 min! 🤣
If they are in prison for those reasons then reduce their sentence as they potentially saved a life.
Zo zie je maar, in een auto inbreken is ook een handige skill.
Good story but the news still shaded them! 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/gLmHfrW1FA
Thank God the baby is okay. Now let me laugh 😂 The sheriff saying “Unlock the car”
Inmates have so much potential, many of them just dont know any other life and dont have any resources. I can't wait to one day work with them and help them get their shit together 🤞🏼
And why didn’t Sheriff have the tool to break a car window?
The majority of inmates are people with feelings. Only a small percentage of the people we lock up are real monsters.
Some of these guys look like they’ve broken into a car or two in their past. 😬
ladrão de carros usando seus talentos para o bem ;p
I guess Pasco isn't all bad. There's good too.
Work duty with life saving results!! 👏🎈🙏😊
The inmate who broke into the car to get the baby out was charged with GTA! Received an additional 5 months and a 2 week visit to the hole!
A locksmith would have charged this parent $100 for a minutes worth of work to jimmy that lock. Cash due up front.
I love a happy ending, thank you guys
This is great but also so funny to me bc this guy accidentally locks his baby in a car and the sheriff must have looked the inmates with Grand Theft Auto offenses like well?? Nows your time!
Jesus. I can’t watch this. I am already crying thinking about it.
What is wrong with humans?😰
Inmate: y’all gon cut out sentence or what? I ain’t do this shit for nothing
Inmate: Yo, I’ll help you, whatchu stealing??? Oh, a baby?? 😒
Something rich white men would have never done because they believe that help should only be given to those who are willing to work. Unlike themselves, of course...
When you want something done. Go to the professionals.
I hope the parents are charged with child endangerment.
After the rescue, in an unrelated story, three escape convicts are on the loose. They were seen in a black SUV
Police in America have always carried a device to open car doors,that takes seconds to open..this is leads people aware of that fact,to concede this is a publicity stunt.
I not crying. You’re crying.
”Woohoo. This makes up for those arrested deputies!” At least some inmates could get them good PR. That makes up for Deputy Steven Walker (no more A&E LivePD?) arrested for DUI, DUI damage to property, Dep. Joseph Mercado lewd & lascivious on a child...PR bonanza for Kevin Doll!
More censorship ?? I’m an adult , I don’t need you to “protect “ me !!!!! Stop it
Why didn’t the father break the window ?
Well the father is cheap as hell. His kid could be dead. All he had to do was smash the window to save his child.
These guys are going places ♥️🙌🏾😊
Well done gentlemen 👏
He was in his lane. He had ple ty of oractice of breaking and entering.
Well well, not all skills are wasteful... Lol
Observation... At beginning of video, dude with the long hair... He doesn't want any part of this.... Lol
Ironic that those exact same skills probably got them where they are.
The frightening thing is that it took so many people before anybody actually did anything. If you see this immediately smash the window and get the baby out of there, don’t wait for the police, don’t tell anybody, just do it, a child’s life is paramount.
The child’s mother needs to be in jail, and her baby removed from her custody until she can prove she’s not a total idiot.
It's just like that O'Henry story, A Retrieved Reformation!
Es cuando dices ¿Porque no pasa un pinche robacarros y me abre mi carro??!!
I hope with all my heart the video is shown at their parole hearings.
RS if I was an inmate I would’ve dipped they are too focused on the car 🏃🏾‍♂️💨
Let them use their talents!! 🤣😂🤣
God bless the child that got his Mom 👩‍👦I love happy endings
When knowing how to break into a car comes in handy
There is goodness & miracles in this world! 😊
Good, hopefully they get paid properly instead of a few cents an hr.
Well done, and proof that inmates are not to be discarded as dregs- they ALL deserve a 2nd chance!
Hero’s of the day.
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