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LIVE NOW: President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Venezuelan-American Community pscp.tv/w/bzserjFxTFFH…

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Los oficiales militares venezolanos deben acatar las palabras de @POTUS de hoy. Arriesgan su futuro apoyando a Maduro. Deben permitir la entrada de toda la asistencia y trabajar hacia un futuro democrático para #Venezuela. #EstamosUnidosVE
Venezuelan military officers should heed @POTUS words today. They risk their future by supporting Maduro. They must allow all aid to enter and work towards a democratic future for #Venezuela. #EstamosUnidosVE
Proud to have him as my president.
Other nations haven been laughing 😂 at America ever since Trump became POTUS what an embarrassment.
👉 @TheDemocrats Here In California Are Turning The Golden State Into Venezuela☣ CHAOTIC & LAWLESS! 👉 @GavinNewsom The Governor Has Commissioned "Tent City" Encampments Be Built To House HOMELESS AMERICANS🇺🇸 👉SEX OFFENDERS🚫DRUG DEALERS ARE BEING HOUSED WITH👬KIDS👭#HELP🙏@GOP pic.twitter.com/6qqNFgnMXU
That's our President Trump what a great speech what a great man what a great president not since JFK was murdered have we had such an Ardent Patriot for president not self-serving not self-seeking but a Godly American Patriotic Man

(get me outta here)
You are so phenomenal, and are going so far BEYOND what I, or anyone could have ever anticipated or expected, that I am ALMOST SPEECHLESS...I am witnessing A GREAT HISTORY IN THE MAKING, AS IT UNFOLDS. For 8 years I watched my country dissolving before my very eyes. -You have
Thank you Mr. President. Great job.
Thank you Mr. President @realDonaldTrump @POTUS for your undying support of the suffering people of Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua and for wanting to turn our great hemisphere into the first free hemisphere in human history. We are eternally grateful and may God bless you.🙏🏼🇻🇪🇺🇸💫 pic.twitter.com/RkUcahd14L
Happy President's Day, our President!
Excellent excellent speech ever heard on the soi of United States long live Donald Trump the academic speaker for us for you for every free person I loved the way he hit hard on communism socialism and how bad it is for humanity! Provo mr president Donald Trump !
Here comes the liar 🤥 in chief
Happy Presidents day mr. Trump
The fact that a sitting President HAS to say that “America will Never be a Socialist country” is a sad reality of our times. Each member that is elected to government, regardless of party, takes an oath to defend the Constitution, the only Protection to a free nation. Yay Trump🇺🇸
Happy Pres Day Mr President! Thanks for making America Great Again!!
#Pray…4USA #Pray…4Potus #Pray…4OurLeaders #Pray…4OurLeaders-Integrity #Pray…4MSM-Integrity #Pray…4ourMilitary&Vets #Pray…4ourChildren’sFutureAmerica #OneNationUnderGod #DrainTheSwamp #DCTermLimits #Prosecute…EveryDeepStateMember #MAGA
Love him ! This is what Venezuela need the support of the first world power (USA), And the support needed to be public and this is what we are watching!! Dear Maduro you better leave or USA will destroy you! #usa #VenezuelaGritaLibertad
🚨1776 #IRAN @realDonaldTrump SIGNALS SUPPORT FOR IRANIAN POPULIST MOVEMENT #RESTART 🎬This is the story of RESTART🙏 Full video👇 🌐infowars.com/1776-iran-trum… 🏁@ReStartLeader 🇩🇪#MGGA 🇫🇷#MFGA 🇧🇷#MBGA 🇺🇸#MAGA 🇮🇹#MIGA  🇧🇪#MBGA 🦁#ReStartMIGA#PersianEmpire pic.twitter.com/gRs1DvrDhc
Salute sir Trump; We love you ❤✌🏼😉🤜🤛
This is completely bonkers.
Thank you President Trump not just a great and good President but also a gentleman as he escorted gently the “woman” off stage. Not just a leader but a good example of what a good “man” is taught to do. I’m so proud as a woman to have this man as my President!
现在现场:川普总统向委内瑞拉 - 美国人社区发表讲话
Trump: The dictatorship in Venezuela will end and there will be no turning back this is beautiful!!!!!!!!! BRAVO ! ! ! !
Watch @WhiteHouse's broadcast: LIVE NOW: President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Venezuelan-American Community pscp.tv/w/bzsewDF4bmpy…
Many Thanks President Trump @POTUS. The Venezuelan people deserves a better present and future and I am sure this time the Maduro Regime will come to an end. Juan Guaido @jguaido and his leadership is our only President and he will drive us to the next step.
Best President Ever - Knock them out ♥️🇺🇸
Sorry, but American soldiers do not need to be involved in another civil war. If the Venezuelan people care enough about freedom and their own lives, they will fight those who threaten both,
Best President ever!
Nah. But do let me know when he's making his resignation speech.
Bet Trump couldn’t find Venezuela on a map.
Hey look, he brought along one of his very own immigrants who violated the terms of her Visa!
I cannot believe @FLOTUS is there with him.. I would be embarrassed to be with him since he is a bully, a liar, a wife cheater and the list goes on! I forgot she has BeBest, but not where her orange hubby is concerned. She must be getting lots and lots of money from him!
The best president in united states history-! @realDonaldTrump. Gracias amigo! God bless the venezuelan freedom! God bless america- god bless @potus ! Not comunist in our hemisphere!!! Apoyamos ! Todas las opciones de usa! Viva trump! pic.twitter.com/qEAyQ7oqH6
Watch what happened at 1:08 in @WhiteHouse's broadcast: LIVE NOW: President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Venezuela… pscp.tv/w/bzse9zFEWUtY…
Very thankful to @POTUS for such a strong commitment to the freedom-loving people of #Venezuela today! Despite the failures of socialism in Venezuela, some of my colleagues are calling for socialism right here in the U.S. Unbelievable!
Donald Trump was exactly what America and the world needed. He has made the world a safer place and accomplished what no other President has in only 2 years. Our economy is growing like never before and we are becoming safer than ever. Thank you Mr. President for everything!
Thank you Mr. President for being so concern about us venezuelan people. God bless you
Honor a Oscar Perez , la madre de Oscar Perez pic.twitter.com/caPaJNk4eQ
4K-5k businesses will be devastated if you don’t #releasethevisas this would be a monumental campaign failure and a national/economic crisis. I urge you, Mr. President, incline @SecNielsen to release all the #h2bvisas before it’s too late.
Excellent speeches, Mr. President and First Lady. #LetFreedomRing for the people of #Venezuela, #Cuba, and #Nicaragua as it does for the people of #America. All people deserve freedom.
Thanks president Trump!
#DonaldTrump needs to be delivering his resignation remarks. 🤡
Thank you Mr. Presisent
So very proud of our .@Potus!
We will have the first socialism free hemisphere!
🇺🇸 will never be socialist!
#MAGA #Trump2020
Happy President's Day to The Only President This Country Has Had in Over a Century
Trump to deliver remakes to the Venezuelan-American community
Watching so far good speech
Venezuelan ex President Nicolás Maduro will leave soon
I’m betting 5 minutes before the speech becomes about how great he is lmfao
Has Venezuela got oil by any chance ?🤔
So, yea, this proves EXTREMIST SOCIALISM and EXTREMIST CAPITALISM don't work! Look to Scandinavia if you want to see a working and happy citizenship. I've been there and they have MODERATE CAPITALISM using MODERATE SOCIALISM. Capitalism with mix of Social Safety nets works! pic.twitter.com/fQX8WSyHbx
Love that Trump is running late for his event in Miami and has become one of us.
Welcome to the club sir!
I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me what I think the US agenda in Venezuela is. I don’t know, I’m no expert, but I’d say ideology might have something to do with it.

This speech sounds like it was more directed at AOC than Maduro.
I love our President Trump👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸👱🏼‍♂️❣️❣️
Your voice makes me want to throat punch people. I will pass.
Presidente Trump: O povo da Venezuela representa a LIBERDADE e a DEMOCRACIA, e os Estados Unidos da América estão ao seu lado! #EstamosUnidosVE
.@realDonaldTrump: The U.S. was the first nation in the world to recognize President Guido. Today more than 50 countries recognize the new Venezuelan leader. They are turning the page on socialism, turning the page on dictatorship, and there is no going back!
Full speech... Not the 1 min clips the media shows us...
Socialism promises prosperity but delivers only poverty... President Trump. #VenezuelaAidLive
看看人家社区,希望独裁政府倒台,再看看华人社区,一盘散沙,被统战,中共不倒中国人形象不会有进展,永远活在中共阴影之下,没人安全,高官,精英,富豪,中产,底层男女老少无一幸免,多少事实证明那就是绞肉机,体制内外互相伤害。我们要抛弃CCP 灌输的一切意识形态,重塑自我。
America First becoming America 5th.Trump's scale of preference #WallFirst #PutinSecond #Russia3rd #Venezuela4th #America5th Very Ugly to know that a great Nation like USA whom the world depend on for everythingis being Rule and Control by a Foreign Power Trump isn't an American
Speech épico!! Como no llorar escuchando a Trump en Pro de la libertad de Venezuela, Cuba y Nicaragua... Libertad!!!!
You are a true LEADER and FREEDOM FIGHTER! - Grateful for your leadership and dedication. THANK YOU President Donald J.Trump for all you do, GOD BLESS YOU, AND GOD BLESS AMERICA! ♡
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