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Yall new niggas different. This shit ain't funny.
If you needed to laugh today here you go pic.twitter.com/1MbUMHL229

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It’s all fun and games until one of them accidentally pulls the damn trigger. Y’all play too much with these guns now deadass
Definitely wouldn’t trust them after that!
This ain’t even funny
On god , we wouldn't be friends after this
Automatic fades are a must
This how you “accidentally” kill someone
Now what if he pull his out too...then what? pic.twitter.com/fLhaHNLmEr
Get new friends. These ain't them.
If that's the homies then what do the opps look like?
Fr y’all could’ve all poured water on him or something but guns was what you thought was gonna do it
I'm pretty sure everyone in this picture and whoever thinks this is funny has to be under 25 years old. Grow up young men. Grow up
What if one would of accidentally go off ??
All fun and games until it’s manslaughter.
And America wonders why they're 8th seed smh
4 weapon safety rules: 1.treat every weapon as if it were loaded 2.never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot 3.keep your finger straight and off the trigger until youre ready to fire 4.keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire
They was all his friends. Chill out.
Ya know there's always a chance somebody forgot to put the lock on one of those things........😐
meanwhile Zimmerman still free along with others but we do this nonsense to each other
So we go from having police point guns to now pointing guns at each other??? OK you can count me out of this phenomenon
“Don’t pull it out if you not gonna use it” is what I was taught.

Not funny at all
They got murder on their mind
Seriously man, I don’t understand why you fucking idiots do this. Do you want to blow your friends head off? You never point a firearm at something you don’t intend to destroy. None of them deserve the right to own firearms. Irresponsible, stupid, and dangerous.
Friend got killed by a friend with his OWN gun. He was 19 and it was stupid and he should be here. So nah not funny to me.
I see the comments section is already taking care of this
Waking up thinking ( damn I knew these mfs where gonna do me wrong )smh
I would've lost my life that night cuz fuck that, my reflexes too quick lol
Facts don’t point no fuckin gun at me. Friends or not that ain’t no joke.
My dad always taught me to never pull a gun i don’t plan on using. You new niggas different
Friends like this who needs enemy’s🤔
Ain’t no way they loaded
That poor baby. He need new friends
It's all fun and games until someone gets shot accidentally
Know niggas who died playing like this shit not funny 🤔
I’m sorry but idc who you is or if you playing don’t point no fuckin gun at me, all them would of had to fight me fr
It would’ve went a little something like this pic.twitter.com/xmG7eE0asz
Niggas with no common sense smh
Nigga need to find some new friends
Yea iont play like that.
Idc how close friends we are don’t ever point a strap at me
Yeah, I'd be quick to find new friends. Niggas aren't gonna pull a damn gun in my face and call it a joke.
stfu that shit funny asl. sensitive ass lil bih
I hope he finds new friends
That’s cause they ain’t really sliding 😴
I saw trigger discipline I trust em
I wish a niggah would boy y’all weird af g code
I hope his heart ok ......the leading case of hypertension in black mean is now guffy niggas..... !
this what I was talking about the other day. This ain’t funny in the slightest 😒
Yea them niggas on a different type of time 💀💀💀
They would have all got smacked for that shit, better not pull that shit out unless you gonna use it.
We ain’t friends no fucking more if you EVER think this is playing or being funny. 🤷🏾‍♀️😳
On mommas 🤘💯
People are just fuxking dumb this shit isn’t funny ..
Lmao how tf is this funny
On god y’all niggas lame asf 💯
Not Ya Dogs if they moving like this
If anybody point a gun at me we ain’t speaking after that , I dont play that shit
Not even a little bit funny 🙅🏾‍♂️
I know niggas that would've woke up and sprayed that whole room..you cant play wit everybody
For real, one of them really gonna own a Hi Point. You need money for lunch bro? I know money’s tight.
And if someone accidentally pulled the trigger?? Not funny.
one of my niggas bet not ever point no gun at me on god dgaf if it’s loaded or not .
🙄 this shit isn’t even cool
No bullshit guns go off all the time shit dangerous don’t point shit at me
I’d cry my eyes out and never talk to them again
Ain’t shit funny most of y’all niggas don’t know how to handle a gun thinking it’s not loaded and the safety on now you got a body 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jeeez some people are ridiculous man. Pointing a gun at someone ain’t no joke 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Then someone accidentally blow his head off make a rap song and get famous ...
Niggas these days jus fukin different ... that gun play ain nun to play with and they act like this shit cool but woulda been crying if one of them accidentally shot him 🤦🏾‍♀️
Definitely born after '99 😂
fell asleep and woke up in hell 😂
😂😂 hell na..
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