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Looking forward to making remarks on Venezuela at the @realdonaldtrump rally in Miami. I will be introducing video remarks by Venezuelan Interim President Juan Guido.

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Juan GUIDO? Don’t you puppeteers even bother to learn the names of your brown puppets anymore? Drag his ass, #Venezuela.
Боже.... Болтон опять перепутал фамилию лже-мадуры.
По крайней мере, узнай его имя. 😉😉😉 "Гуидо" - Даже хозяин Пиноккио знал его имя.
John Bolton to make remarks on Venezuela and video remarks from Juan Guaido
Looking forward to hearing remarks on Yemen. The world’s greatest humanitarian crisis that we caused. 85,000 children have starved to death during the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, says new report washingtonpost.com/world/2018/11/…
John Bolton: "Deseando hacer comentarios sobre Venezuela en el @realdonaldtrump Rally de Miami. Presentaré observaciones en vídeo del Presidente interino venezolano Juan Guidó".
Thank you Mr. Bulton for being Juan Guaidó's voice to the Venezuela people
Venezuelans are forever grateful with you!
Are you sitting around and tweeting about rallies during a national emergency?
thank you Mr Bolton thank you dear president @realDonaldTrump Venezuela loves youuu
En Venezuela queremos un PAÍS POTENCIA QUE PRONTO seremos un PAÍS libre, sin socialismo, sin comunismo, integrado por la diáspora Venezolana que están luchando por su pronto regreso a su País!! Gracias por su Apoyo🇻🇪👊🏻
Sir, what about the crisis in Haiti? Why you are not extending your hand to them?
At least there's no need to investigate this election meddling for 3 years
Regime changes often affect oil rich countries — it would be less hypocritical to tell us that you do that for the oil, instead of draping yourself behind a veil of democracy and humanism. This is unbearable
. <⌒/ヽ-、__ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ∧_∧ (・o・)"Still buying imperialist _| ⊃/(___ propaganda?” / └-(____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ <⌒/ヽ-、__”wake up...” /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ #Venezuela theintercept.com/2019/02/13/neo…
ESTO NO ES JUEGO...! Arriba Trump. Venezuela 🇻🇪 confía en esta administración @POTUS gracias no deje sola a Vzla, saque a todos esos delincuentes que tienen como guarida a mi país, Hezbollah, FARC, ELN, son enemigos de EEUU, deben ser eliminados; cuente con el pueblo para siempre
Excelente...Total apoyo a Venezuela. Libertad Libertad Libertad.
#Pray…4USA #Pray…4Potus #Pray…4OurLeaders #Pray…4OurLeaders-Integrity #Pray…4MSM-Integrity #Pray…4ourMilitary&Vets #Pray…4ourChildren’sFutureAmerica #OneNationUnderGod #DrainTheSwamp #DCTermLimits #Prosecute…EveryDeepStateMember #MAGA
USA does not want freedom, they want oil!
Thanks Mr Bolton for coming to Miami and support the Venezuelans to obtain their freedom! GOD BLESS YOU!!
Loathsome illegal regime change imperialist warmonger
💛💙❤️ Old man, how I love you! You're the best! 🇺🇸🇻🇪
🧐 According to Wikipedia, Guaido heads the "Popular Will [party] (Spanish: Voluntad Popular) [which] describes itself as a progressive social-democratic political party in Venezuela admitted into the Socialist International in December 2014..."
So they're installing someone named Guido?
Great just make sure BBC camera men are filming by helicopter.😂
Get ready for Bloody Bolton's war-mongering rant.
Old man, how I love you!
You're the best!
A rally, huh? During this nAtIoNaL eMeRgEnCy?!
There are no words to thank you and the USA for your great support!!! God bless you all!!! Venezuela Libre!!!! Gracias!!!!
What about Israel? That regime is fascist. Why Venezuela and not Israel?
Thank you, Thank you, @AmbJohnBolton 🇺🇸🇺🇸
I have a cup of oil in my kitchen... :) please take it... :)
"I don't care, I believe Putin." .....Donald J tRump.
Bolton to self: "Must resist urge to just shout, 'Let's bomb the shit out of them,' at the rally. Patience, John, patience."
Rally? I thought it was going to be a serious foreign policy speech? “fool me twice, shame on me.”
Thousands of racists and fascists together. You will be turning up the volume to make the hate flow to even greater heights without doubt Mr Bolton. You come across as a total Nazi.
#Venezuela #HaitiProtest Like HAITI you have no interest in people of Venezuela , you want oil obviously
Hands off Venezuela paedophile prick!
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
whether you like it or not
When you can't even be bothered to know your puppet's name. pic.twitter.com/rrOWDXkLdd
[Resp a Bolton, aki trad:] Juan GUIDO? Vocês, operadores de fantoches, já nem sabem o nome dos fantoches?! #Venezuela ACAAAAABEM COM ELES! …
Help Us Please! We're Starving Here!!
Where can we watch this live?
#HandsOffVenezuela It must be hard to sleep for a murderer. Do you drink a glass of oil before going to bed?
Trump just threatened military action #Venezuela
Que onda Nacho. Ya no entendí. ¿Cual es el objetivo de retuitear propaganda belicista gringa?
Lo amo señor de la guerra si tengo algún día un hijo se va llamar como usted en su honor mil gracias
My heart filled with Pride 🇺🇸💗First Lady and our Brilliant President Trump! FREEDOM FOR LATIN AMERICA WILL HAPPEN!! 💗🇺🇸🕊️🌹Cuando Sali De Cuba g.co/kgs/2Mu6Ti
Hey Everybody! Both of us Dodged Vietnam 🇻🇳!
You think your hayseed base care what some “furraner” has to say?
I can’t wait to see U tonite, Trish ! 👍
Time to send in Bolton's al-Qaeda hero's. Exposing the White Helmets : Collated Video Evidence of Terrorist Collusion - Over 50 Video Clips youtube.com/watch?v=CCmN6X…
Two Old Farts and a Little Puppet Boy: The Idiotic Invasion
Why don't you bring some democracy and freedom to Rusia or Germany, you assholes?
The majority of Americans are looking forward to the day you go to jail.
Not appropriate and a big disgrace! Your no better than them! #UnfitToLead
Looks like one of those Islamist MEK rallies you get paid to go to?
Beautiful, inspiring speech. Lifting hopes of refugees from communism/socialism all over the hemisphere. God Bless President Trump!!!
استاذ اترك فنزويلا العراق اولا ارجوك
Where can I see this? Is it on YouTube?
About time you swung your sites on South Africa 🇿🇦
Will the Trump’s administration lie you into interfering with Venezuela? Is Venezuela Trump's Libya? WikiLeaks’ tweet at Archived at archive.fo/bnWDu .
where is the video Sir?
By signing this petition, we reject the menaces of war and U.S will to invade a sovereign, free and independent country. We also call on the civilized world to rise up against this threat against peace and stability of #Venezuela. #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela change.org/p/donald-trump…
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