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Wow. This just goes to show you that a simple “yes, please” and “no, thank you” can go a long way and may save you from taking a gallon of milk to the back of the head while you are high on pcp one day
Helpful one second, disrespectful the very next 🤣 pic.twitter.com/fvlBE5WoYJ
😂😂 they took the “he need some milk” wayyy too serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The accuracy he had with a water jug he’s done that before
This is sad ! Instead of breaking him down help him ! He clearly needs it !
Why he do that though?😂😂😂😂
When you nice and helpful but ppl don’t appreciate it and your temper is short 💀
bruh tried helping and got mad cause he didn’t want the help lmaooo
😭😭😭😭 like why was that the answer... what made him throw this fucking jug 😭 I can’t take it
tryna get your drunk friend to drink some water and leave the square
Mental illness is a joke in the black community. Why don’t y’all tell Twitter to do its thing and find out who threw that fucking milk carton, put him in jail and get help for this man?
Lmao when you try to help and get fed up
Wtf is even going on 😭
I thought the jug was gonna bust 😭
who let @nickhtx out the house ??
what is going on ☹️
I need the back story to this because it’s too much going on
mere a mi tu no me grites cabron
When someone says “he need the milk” this is what I’m talking about
This look like some fuckin philly shit smh
i know exactly where this is😭 one time i was parked on this block and niggas just stopped infront of the car needle in arm.. its really zombieland out there
I think he using the wrong anti bug spray bruh pic.twitter.com/FEm0F06SIf
Why ole dude in the red my twin
Throwing of the jug is equivalent to "fuck you then"
crack is one hell of a drug bro
This isn’t funny. This man is suffering. 😢
this how the last zombie of the round in BO1 be actin
yo, this shit isn’t close to funny. that’s low as fuck. the guy is mentally tangled. why are people so... nvm honestly i just got Allah takes care of them. i legit can’t express my anger
why torture people who are clearly already tortured. this shit blows me.
this is sad Pobresito, he didn’t have to throw it at him
😂😂 why would he do that
Lmaoooo that nigga temper hit 100 quick 😂😂
That man said "Fck you then" 😂
“Take the fucking MILK!”
Me trying to sober up my friends
Thats the shortest temper I’ve ever seen 😂😂
I need some context, this video needs to explain itself.
He was like “well fuck you then”
He’s like get the fuck off my car
i woulda did da same shit lol. he was tryna help his smoked out ass
😭😭😭bruh why he threw at him like that tho
For those that don’t know, the guy was having a trip and sweating profusely. The other guy tried to pour water on him to cool him down, but threw it after he thought the guy was gonna attack him
Me trying to help some one and realizing they ungrateful asf 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nigga said take this milk 😂😂😂
i thought he was trynna say he needs some milk lmao
Nigga was that YOU that threw it ?!
“I was just tryna help... i was just tryna help yo scary ass”
When you’re trying to help your drunk friend but they still don’t listen😂
I’m fucking crying rn 😂😂
I don’t care if this dude was on drugs or if he had mental problems. You DO NOT do this!
PCP will do that to ya lol
Y’all see milk I see water
Man what be going on out 😭
Nigga popped his asss lmaoo
Buddy emotions changed up sooo fast.
lmfaoooooo he did not have to do that 😹😹😹
Black people get mad af when they get scared 😂
Omg Why He Throw Dat 😂🤣🤣🤣
Aye this the funniest shit on Twitter
So we just assaulting people and calling it comedy now huh?
I don’t know what’s wrong with this man, but I don’t find this type of stuff funny at all. This is a real problem and it breaks my heart.
He was thinking I was just tryna help yo ass 😂
This made me so mad... you needa help people like that not fucking throw milk at him...😒❌
When a hood dude try to help for the first time but he’s over it immediately
Me: *Complains about being single and miserable all the time.
Kind gentleman tries to ask me out on date
Also me:
😂😂 he try to knock the drugs off this nihh
So we abusing the mentally disabled?
The GC when @DMVCoop301 be denying his love for milk 🥛
I am screaminggggg 😭😭😭😭😭
why tf would he do that??? CLEARLY the man isn’t in the right state of mind and by throwing that he just intensified it and make the situation worse....
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