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Hi I'm Anh Dang! I'm a character concept artist on the game Overwatch.

Since I posted up a bunch of personal artwork for artvsartist, here’s some work related art?


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Grillmaster 76 is an all-time grest skin in any game, ever.
BBQ:76 is the best thing to happen to overwatch. I honestly have not removed the skin since it was first released! It's so detailed, so fun and just.. amazing. Thank you !!
Hey do you have any advice for those of us going in the, like recommended school and programs, just advice, etc. Sorry if I'm bothering you it's just that I have wanted to be a concept artist since about sophomore year of high school, so roughly 6 years now.
Thank you for creating the extraordinary skin that is Dad76.
No way! Genji Sentai is my favorite skin and it was designed by a countryman! So much love and proud! 💖
Ah, so you're the artist behind the best Genji design.
Esta es la persona que diseñó a sentai Genji y tendrá mi respeto eterno 🙏 twitter.com/anhdangerous/s…
... i am currently using all of these skins right now because they are my favorite ones, haha! you guys do so much awesome work on the seasonal skins!! thank you!
a chico qual seu objetivo com o curso de design?

Well you’re the author behind the Sentai skin and I love you
i started following you for one reason alone: you gave genji the ass he deserved. i pray you continue your good work
who put the it crowd reference on the diet heal up can
Ahhhhh! You did that Genji skin, too?! You might just be my favorite Overwatch artist at this point
You are the hero who gave us Soldier with the ultimate dad aesthetic!!!!
Hi, i cant ever thank you enough for the best skins in overwatch.
You were responsible for Grillmaster 76? You are a LEGEND. Those socks and sandals... muah. Bless you. pic.twitter.com/YrB0POPRbk
Grill master 76 is my favorite dad mood ever 🖤
god, thank you for making some of my favorite skins in the game 😊
sonunda seni buldum. Rica ediyorum biraz zevk 👌🏼✨şu kadar bile katsan yeter
I love your work
You make my fave skins omgggg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰😍🥰😍
Best Genji skin too. My family was so mad when I got it in my lootbox and they didnt. 😁
Genji Sentai is the my favourite Genji Skin, I love Sentai and Kamen Riders and this skin is so COOL ! Thanks for your great works !!! :D pic.twitter.com/TqAeqA5g4S
Incredible work. I love Sentai Genjarino.
I just want you to know that you make most of my favourite skins in the game, thank you so much <3
Hi Anh!! I love your work 💕💕!!
Raise the Steaks 🥩😂😂😂
You make all the best skins! I wish I could draw like this!
I love this art. I hope all artist post their art like this. My favourite Genji Skin, one of the best and absolutely fantastic Pharah skin. I hope you will do a lot of skins like this. Thanks so much for your work!
"A-SALT" I can't, too good, A+++++ 😭👌👌👌👌
I never realized there's a bottle opener at the bottom of the rifle!! And "A Salt Rifle" continues to be one of my FAVORITE small details in the game. Absolutely amazing.
I love all your art for the game. <3
Thank you for being so amazing!! You've been my inspiration and role model while in college!!💕💖
You've made some of my absolute favorite skins; especially Sentai Genji. I've been a tokusatsu fan most of my life and I thought your tribute was amazing! un-BREAK-able Bo-dy!
Anh Dang, you’re the reason i still play overwatch. i love the outfits
The best skins imo 👌💖💕
I have a question, is there any technical reason to have the arms at a 45 degree angle as opposed to the T-pose in concepts or is it just a preference?
i love grillmaster so much. cutest soldier skin of them all pic.twitter.com/yyCC8lsnbN
You literally make all of my favorite skins <3
That Genji skin is still my favorite in the game 🔥
so that's why there's a patch on his apron that says "dang"... ilu
I'll always be grateful for grill master, thank u so much
And these are like top 3 skins for each hero that’s under, incredible work!
I love your work. Thank you very much ^-^
thank you for the best skins ever 💙
You're my hero for making that Pharah and Genji skin.
Ohhhh, these are some of my fave skins!! 💕💕
I love your concepts for theeeeem! 💕💕
May i ask what was your main inspiration for genji's sentai skin? Like, specific series
You made some of my favorite skins!!
I love your genji skin so much! I wear it often. =w=
I didn't know you did grill master and sentai, ty for this gift ;-;
We need more Sentai skins to complete the team!
these are my favorite skins in overwatch, thank you dawg
You did the concept for Sentai Genji?? You gave me Kamen Rider in Overwatch, I am eternally grateful.
Those are all literally my favorite skins for those heroes and only one i dont have is Pharah one
I have all of these, you came up with awesome concepts! B)
Still my favorite Soldier 76 skin
Wait you did one of my favorite Genji skin's. I'm a happy boy now
thank you for your amazing work
The true hero we didn't know we needed
Your skin ideas are the best. Everyone loves them. They usually are the highlight for some people like myself. Keep it up.
!! I love your work so much! 💖💖💖
I don't play Overwatch, but I want to be grill master.
AnhDang more like Ahn...Dang? Okay that one doesn’t work but LOOK 👀
Behold, the best skin designer in the whole Overwatch team! (Please retweet her tweet not this tweet plzty)
I gotta tell you guys, it's very jarring when I see other people with my name too (also, this is cool)
This one person is responsible for these three skins!? Giver her a raise!
YOU GAVE US GRILLDAD (and also extremely please give me that Pharah skin)
Of course it was you who did enchanted armor and sentai! Love your work
Wait, you were the artist responsible for all of these!? I hereby nominate you to design all the skins. These are some of my favorite skins in the game.
Can I have a question about the genji Sentai skin? From it looks more like a Kamen rider than Super Sentai/Power Ranger, is there any reasons behind this?
Literally some of the best skins
Those are actually some of the best skins in the game. Hopefully you're working on even more!
the phantom phara disassemble is from your concepts or from the Dev team? ^^
You made all the best ones!
Not gonna lie, A-Salt Rifle is pretty amazing.
I just want you to know these are some of my favorite skins in the game, especially BBQ Morrison. Thank you for your wonderful work. =D
So was it you who put the IT Crowd reference on 76's healing can?
Enchanted Armour is my absolute fave Pharah skin to date. Amazing work on it! 😎 Also love the Dad memes Grillmaster provides :3
This is one of the reasons I follow Favorite Game Good RT
Wait wait wait, YOU did the Sentai skin?????? I HAD NO IDEA, YOU ARE MADE OF PURE GENIUS
Hi, diehard toku fan here. What were some of the main inspirations behind the Sentai Genji skin (if you were involved with the brainstorming stage of the development)? These are all of my fave skins btw, thank you for the amazing concept art <3
Yo! Sentai Gengi is my all time favourite skin. You rock!
I thought the soldier 76 skin was Grandpa Max from Ben 10 for a second.
Ah so thats why his apron says Dang on it. Its you! Awesome!
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