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Today, President Trump presented Venezuela’s military officers with a choice - work for a democratic future for all Venezuelans or see the financial circle close for their families and loved ones.

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El cerco financiero con el que @realDonaldTrump amenazó a los militares que sostienen a Maduro incluye también a sus “familiares” y “seres queridos”, advierte @AmbJohnBolton
Awesome, threaten their families, way to spread Freedom and Democracy. Hey, just out of curiosity, are you the same John Bolton who threatened to murder the children of an international official because he wasn't helping you start the Iraq war? theintercept.com/2018/03/29/joh…
Hoy, el presidente Trump presentó a los oficiales militares de Venezuela una opción: trabajar por un futuro democrático para todos los venezolanos o ver el círculo financiero cercano para sus familias y seres queridos
Bolton to Venezuela: "Regime change or die!"
So let's see: they get to keep their supposed fortunes AND work alongside this beacon of freedom. Why is this such a hard sell? 🤔 #HandsOffVenezuela
Now threatening 'families and loved ones'. 'Compassion', US-style.
Unelected war-monger echos his boss by threatening the military of another sovereign nation: Unless they commit treason, they & their families will be financially ruined by Washington...in the name of 'democracy'. Don't try this at home folks; it's called blackmail & it's illegal
今天,特朗普总统向委内瑞拉的军官们提出了一个选择 - 为所有委内瑞拉人的民主未来而努力,或者让他们的家人和亲人看到金融圈关闭。
American savages are now threatening army officers in Venezuela. It's bordering on NAZI expansionism.
.@AmbJohnBolton Hoy, el presidente Trump presentó a los oficiales militares de Venezuela una opción: trabajar por un futuro democrático para todos los venezolanos o ver el círculo financiero cercano para sus familias y seres queridos.
Extortion as usual, eh, John?
Maduro will remain the President of Venezuela. Your coup has failed. :-)
How is regime change democratic?
The Answer is a Military Answer. By the way. Do not trust people like Julio Borges, Henry Ramos Allup, Henrique Capriles, Stalin Gonzalez, Carlos Vecchio. They are all of them EAGER to help Maduro, Cabellos and their cronies. They don't want a New Regime, Just new bosses (them)
Spreading freedom and democracy by threatening 'families and loved ones' is as American as apple pie.
Stop threatening Venezuelans with your psychopathic ranting Mr Bolton. You and your psycho boss are poison for the poorest in Venezuela.
Que no acepten!!! Porque se quedarán luego aquí en Venezuela agrupando de nuevo a los chavistas.
Why not just send in Bolton's al-Qaeda hero's? Exposing the White Helmets : Collated Video Evidence of Terrorist Collusion - Over 50 Video Clips youtube.com/watch?v=CCmN6X…
This is unbelievably disgusting. You are threatening the VZ military if they don't support your coup. I have no words for how heinous you are.
Thank you 🇻🇪🙏🏼
Ya esta es la 2da vez del ofrecimiento una vez fue en diciembre 2017... ahora es febrero 2018... y no hay tercera en estas circunstancias. Militares no reten la determinación ni del Águila de EEUU ni del León de Venezuela
Looks like we're doubling down on pushing for a coup in Venezuela.
You are nobody, no one to be giving the honorable military of Venezuela the “choice” of betraying their duty: protect and defend the citizens of Venezuela & Not your interests vampire Bolton. #HandsOffVenezuela @IlhanMN @ChalecosAmarill @america_vest @TulsiGabbard @Last_Bolshevik
This is exactly how a terrorist psychopath sounds like. The disdain for human life, the threats to innocent families, the hubris and the absurd hostile behavior transcend whatever #ISIS did throughout the Middle East.. A new vision of our World is due...

Did you threaten their families safety, too? You’re a disgusting imperialist pig & I hope you get what you deserve, someday soon theintercept.com/2018/03/29/joh…
Somebody please check John McCain’s coffin.
John, the Venezuela coup isn’t going as well as initially planned. Isn’t it? 🤔
This is incredible. The US government threatening the families of serving Venezulean military officers. Comes right on the back of Trump praising terrorism. The US really is running out of control.
(•_•) This smells like… ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) right-wing propaganda #Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela
So they can keep the loot and wash their hands off the blood of their victims if they just switch sides? Would Himmler have had a deal like this had he turned on Hitler, Ambassador?
Mr. Bolton, we need the same thing for the freedom of Iran and Iranian people from the chains of the terrorist Islamic regime!
En Venezuela somos libres soberanos e independientes, no seguimos ordenes de ningún títere yankee y sepan que esta tierra que fue liberada por Bolívar más nunca volverá a ser colonia de nadie #YankeeGoHome
By signing this petition, we reject the menaces of war and U.S will to invade a sovereign, free and independent country. We also call on the civilized world to rise up against this threat against peace and stability of #Venezuela. #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela change.org/p/donald-trump…
No les ofrecen irse con las plata, sino un retiro para sus familias
Championing democratic change through threats and intimidation. Gee I would be alarmed by this inconsistency if I didn’t already have you pegged as a rabid attack dog of the evil empire.
Independientemente de la decisión que tomen, los millones robados a Venezuela y que disfrutan sus familiares a manos llenas deben ser devueltos y que trabajen para vivir como lo hacemos todos
If this is not terrorism, I don’t know what is:
Maduro and other traitors have #Venezuela as his raft. They know very well that if they get off or down they are dead. Therefore, they have no choice but to fight to the end. There is only exit with forceful military intervention, the rest is BlaBlaBla
Thank you USA 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ #FreeIranWithMaryamRajavi
That’s one strong unveiled threat John. Threatening poverty for the guardians of the nation’s borders. Pretty damn contemptuous of you. I’m finally seeing the shark mouth underneath the walrus moustache. How do you sleep at night?
This #MafiaBoss’s (Gambino Family?) next threat would likely be death threats to the military officers and or their family members? #DesperateArmedRobber with #FreedomAndDemocracyPretext ?
Es lo que corresponde librar a América de la plaga socialista que sólo trae pobreza y atraso: twitter.com/AmbJohnBolton/…
Very well done Mr. Bolton!
BOLTON TRANSLATION: Today, @POTUS presented Venezuela’s military officers with a choice - overthrow their government or see the financial circle close for their families and loved ones.
He's openly trying to force the military, who side with Maduro, to change sides.
in other words...america is just the biggest bully on the block 🙄
Mientras operadores del régimen se encuentren en Vzla rodeados de dinero, burocracia y seguridad no importa el país. Pero vamos a ver que haran cuando hijos, sobrinos y familiares tengan que vivir encerrados en esa burbuja de incoherente felicidad llamada SSiglo XXI
How does stealing Venezuela's oil benefit the Venezuelan people? You should be rotting in prison for lying the US into war once & you should never have the chance to do it twice! #HandsOffVenezuela
They are criminals. They will not do anything against Maduro and the financial close is not enough , they must be brought to justice
Is María Gabriela Chávez in that group. Her father’s slogan was “Being rich is bad” adding “Rich people attack me for saying that, but I claim it is bad.” Yet the socialist left her with over $4 billion in US and Andorra assets to the detriment of his people. Height of hypocrisy.
You will find out very soon what Democracy looks like Mr Bolton. The UNITED Military and People of Venezuela will stand behind President Maduro as they did behind Chavez.
There is no other way to deal with criminals ! Go to #Venezuela and live with a family for a week - bring your own food , water and medicines and don’t forget candles . Bolton with look like Mother Teresa when you get back.
Dear Venezuela, please remember that it is bad policy to negotiate with terrorists such as John Bolton.
Is this considered meddling?
Que manda decir Trump a los militares de las FFAA que se pongan del lado de la democracia ó verán como se cierra el círculo económico para sus familias.
Los tienen pillados..!!
.also known as blackmail Even though your intention 'may' be good your methods completely undermine any good intentions lurking in your entirely suspicious activities. You have no self awareness, even if you wanted regime change you've made that difficult!
The Democracy World Tour of the USA. Which country will be next? pic.twitter.com/iebYDPZpgy
I see why bitcoin is a necessity
Asesor de Seguridad Nacional de la presidencia de EE UU dijo que el mandatario de su país puso a militares en un dilema o trabajan por la democracia o ven cómo se cierra la presión sobre ellos y su familia.
The killer Dictator of the mature Nicholas will pay for the death of Óscar Pérez, killed him in cold blood outside Venezuela, the Chavista plagues
Saludos a tía Gretchen.
I so hope to see President Trump oversee the downfall of socialism in Cuba and usher in a new era. Like Reagan did in Germany
Preparing for new Trump Tower after 1000's of American Soldiers die? Going to attack for border wall National Emergency and security of our troops at the border.
Nothing says "democracy" like a democracy overthrowing a democratically elected government, eh John? Did you study at the University of Mafioso? Sounds like they taught you well.
The Choice is so EASY for Venezuela’s military.... Choose a Democratic Future to Stay Alive.... @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @VP @SecPompeo @CIA #SecDef pic.twitter.com/Vj0WhswMPR
Ohhhhh!!! Eso en castellano se llama "apriete "Mr.Bolton, Venezuela,es un país donde el Presidente fue elegido por el Pueblo, y supervisado por veedores internacionales en legítima elecciones,no más ataques porque si PLEASE!!! Thank you!
Bullying, threats, intimidation, land grab and blackmail. The true face of US foreign policy.
Mr. Bolton, we need the same thing for the freedom of Iran and Iranian people from the chains of the terrorist Islamic regime!
Glad Trump's got the resident psychopath running point
Hoy, el Presidente Trump presentó a los oficiales militares de Venezuela una elección-trabajo para un futuro democrático para todos los venezolanos o ver el círculo financiero cerca de sus familias y seres queridos.
Wow! #PussyGrabbingPOTUS is now threatening people’s families WHEN WE HAVE NO BUSINESS IN VENEZUELA! No. Business. At. All.

What I love about Bolton is that he’s not trying to hide the true nature of the beast.
💪💪💪 en el fondo quisiera que esos militares se queden donde están para que así tengan que pagar toda la sangre de cada Venezolano caído y por las lágrimas de cada Madre y Padre de cada hijo asesinado por esa escoria uniformada que se hacen llamar militares
“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”- George Washington. Venezuela’s military officers should be fighting maduro’s usurped government. #venezuelafree
Arrecho. Bendición mi tío.
USA's 'democratic' choices to the Venezuelan military: stage a coup, overthrow the elected head of state or USA will starve the country.
Almost impressed with that projection
Ann Coulter, The goal of a national emergency is for Trump to scam the stupidest people in his base for two more years pic.twitter.com/63fK9IbZS9
The message is crystal clear,” thugs” need to fully understand the rules that will be fully implemented. The choice is theirs to make🇺🇸
These tweets are really really interesting!
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