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Peace-loving nations are ready to help Venezuela reclaim its democracy, its dignity, and its destiny.

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I have to laugh. No country in the world has fought harder against democracy, dignity, and destiny than the United States.
And we thank President Trump for being the leader of this freedom movement!
Peace-loving? Oh, please. You, Elliott Abrams, and Donald Trump are war criminals. You all are the antithesis of peace. #HandsOffVenezuela codepink.org/hands_off_vene…
"Peace-loving nations" led by the US... If not for his influence and murderous intentions, @AmbJohnBolton would be a joke
😂😂. The planet could use less of your peace loving 😳 pic.twitter.com/XHvEiArcUR
Bolton's newspeak
peace = war
democracy = imperialist subjugation
Bolton is calling USA and EU, the countries who destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria, peace loving 😂😂😂
The U.S. government has been involved in almost constant warfare for the last 100+ years.

It's involved in multiple wars around the world right this second!

"Peace-loving" ???
Oh yeah the appointment of a war criminal to oversee an illegal regime change against an elevted government really says "peace loving" #evilempire #HandsOffVenezuela

But, Mr. Bolton, you clean that blood off your hands pretty well, I must say

"Las naciones amantes de la paz están listas para ayudar a Venezuela a reclamar su democracia, su dignidad y su destino", dice el asesor de Seguridad Nacional de Trump.
Thank you Mr @AmbJohnBolton for your best wishes to re build our nation!
Yes Yes Yes!! Incredible speech by the President! Liberty is around the corner! Donald Trump next nobel peace prize! Oscar Perez’s mother! Emotional! Just flawless! Now time to get rid of that Pest! Free Venezuela Free the Hemisphere (watch out with Amlo in mxco) 🇺🇸🇻🇪👏🏼👏🏼
Why don't you care that Saudi Arabia has no elections
So you're saying USA won't be a part of it?
Yeah, "peace-loving" nations are ready to help Venezuela by either invading it or toppling its regime via a coup, while strangling its economy. "You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means".
Non puoi distrarti un attimo che invadono il Venezuela...
.@AmbJohnBolton Las naciones amantes de la paz están listas para ayudar a Venezuela a reclamar su democracia, su dignidad y su destino.
US does not love peace. It loves war. It loves oil. Go away, USA. pic.twitter.com/SGxSGVfjkC
The UN would not agree
If this were about human rights rather than oil, we wouldn't be actively supporting Saudi Arabia or Israel while working to topple the Venezuelan government.
... and to help themselves to Venezuela's oil! MuriKKKa!
What do you know about dignity? As the destiny you deviler to middle east? pic.twitter.com/ZokZS8buPK
Dios lo bendiga, en nombre de mi país. Venezuela. Gracias EE.UU
Peace-loving nations are ready to help Venezuela reclaim its democracy, its dignity, and its destiny, while US corporations claim the oil and sell off public utilities to the highest bidder. Fixed it for you. You are welcome.
.by announcing an unelected guy is president before they even vote? Do you understand democracy follows the votes of the people not the dictates of a foreign power pulling strings
You already told us the real reason and it’s not democracy pic.twitter.com/n4JHUklbSd
Does Bolton knows the meaning of PEACE?
Saddle up boys! ¡ensillar! sele-se!
Peace-loving nations ready to help... Sending soldads to massacre ppl in Venezuela as did you in Middle East and Ukraine Uh! Don't forget you invaded Haiti! pic.twitter.com/Rxx4jcaK8v
Bolton you wouldn't know a peace loving nation if you saw one. because America are one of the worst on earth. for murdering people to enable them to steal gold and oil. just like you are doing in Venezuela. and planting your CIA ass hole Guaido in their country.
We should be concerned about our own democracy.
He just wants your oil Venezuela!
Bravo 👏 thank you for yiur help!! 🙏🙏
Dear psychopath Bolton, Peace-loving nations are helping Venezuela reclaim its freedom from US regime and to stand against US regime. F.U.
What do you know about democracy, you blood thirsty neocon warmonger? pic.twitter.com/pIqZy98zgp
America peace-loving you say? Please elaborate... sites.evergreen.edu/zoltan/interve…
Thank you for helping us so much, we will never have how to repay you.
Muchas gracias por su apoyo!! Dios lo bendiga!! God bless you!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️😍😍👏👏👏
"Peace-loving" 😂
Democracy, dignity and destiny by forgiving its criminal generals and thieving cronies should they switch sides. Exactly what sort of "dignity" is that, Ambassador?
You don't know the meaning of peace and loving.
Orwellian speak from Dear John.......Why not just send in Bolton's al-Qaeda hero's? Exposing the White Helmets : Collated Video Evidence of Terrorist Collusion - Over 50 Video Clips youtube.com/watch?v=CCmN6X…
You won't stop till thousands are dead, will you Mr Bolton? You are an obsessive psychopath.
I guess that leaves the United States 🇺🇸 out 🤷🏽‍♂️
hey johnny?
hey papa
doing imperialism?
no papa
telling lies?
no papa
show us your files
ah ha ha
Peace-loving nations are ready to help Venezuela reclaim its democracy, its dignity, and its destiny. Also, please help China as well! Thank you!
President @realDonaldTrump makes a clear statement to Maduro regime, support Freedom or continue supporting Maduro at your own risk. In addition he had a message for the domestic Leftists, AMERICA WILL NEVER BE SOCIALIST. Awesome rally!! #Trump2020 #KAG #USA pic.twitter.com/UGpFE2Zen3
from the great peace-lover himself!
Thank you so much, I love you all.
Look at this guy calling America a “peace loving nation.” He’s got balls, I’ll give him that.
Bruh how all of a sudden you man caring so much for the Venezuelan people. I guess that oil is running out lol. America in search for a democracy, once again.
Lets send em some of that peaceful loving democracy the American way.
And you are ready to reclaim its oil
Awesome, does that mean they're going to force you and your bloodthirsty warmongering buddies to drop the sanctions and stop stealing their natural resources?
...and then there is the US government.
What about a dictator and a Syrian animal Which killed one million Syrians and used chemical and abandoned 15 million He continues to kill and burn children with the help of Iran and Russia pic.twitter.com/LTZYyhUUvf
thank you! the nation has been kidnapped by a gang of criminals, we need help! 🇻🇪🇺🇸
Están hablando claro Veneca, entendió entendió!!!
watch out because these mud´s pricks now are saying that usaisd is goin to enter not the 23 but the 24 or 25 or whatever. Maybe they were granted entries to the regime music events or maybe they are going to help the cubaniranianaid to be distributed first!
As a Venezuelan-American, just another heartfelt THANK YOU for everything you and this administration is doing to rid Venezuela of this kleptocracy!
You are NOT a man of peace. You are neck deep in blood of many of your victims in Iraq and Syria. You are a cold blooded EVIL war criminal. How DARE you talk of peace when all you do is cause war war war. You have no moral right to talk about peace. 🤬
Las naciones amantes de la paz están dispuestas a ayudar a Venezuela a reclamar su democracia, su dignidad y su destino.
You are trying to depose an Elected President, you are backing a Guy who Proclaimed Himself President.

The US supports Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan All Dictatorships. All US "Client/Vassal States"

why does the moustache guy stays in power then ???
Keep up the great work Mr. Bolton. Thank you for your service to our nation.
Venezuela is appealing to peace. You are begging for war. See the difference?
So si grateful is Venezuela
From the bottom of my heart, thanks a lot Mr.Bolton!!!
We are ready to the liberty
No words to describe how grateful we are Mr. Jhon. Venezuela will always be in debts with you. God bless you all
Today @POTUS made me feel happy after cry for many years #PotusVenezuelaSaysTHANKS
Quiero a Nicolas Muerto!!!
Precious statement Mr. John Bolton. “Peace-loving Nation’s..” May God bless you and all of your beautiful family.
Is USA a peace loving nation? I must be dreaming.
Peace upon you. There is a big disadvantage of dictators. They insist on ignorance of their dejection in the world. This is exactly the case in Iran. Viva #IranConstitutionalRevolution. #NationalCongressofIranians.
By signing this petition, we reject the menaces of war and U.S will to invade a sovereign, free and independent country. We also call on the civilized world to rise up against this threat against peace and stability of #Venezuela. #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela change.org/p/donald-trump…
Funny how these so called “peace loving nations” are always acting like blood thirsty warmongers.
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