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First Lady Melania Trump addresses Venezuelan Americans in Miami: "We pray together, loudly and proudly, that soon the people of Venezuela will be free, as well." abcn.ws/2SM0G08

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Love the fake smiles 😂😂
“....just don’t try to come into our country because we’ll kick you out”
Ivanka and Melania are suddenly experts in foreign affairs... pic.twitter.com/JvzwFK6167
Y Mientras tanto la esposa del interino se hace babas por Michelle Obama.
Be best, vuvuzela ❤️🛢️
Now what real leadership sounds like
What is wrong with Captain Oranges looks, he looks more spooky now then normal
Not my First Lady!
Todays moment of Zen, care of Mr. Malcolm Nance
Lol...bring your foreign wife to speak to and about foreigners while there's a national emergency to keep foreigners out....smh
Yea, after you overthrow their government. Some prayer.
She also silently prays for her own freedom
Flint still doesn’t have clean drinking water... #BeBest pic.twitter.com/TCY0wOmmCh
The U.S. Opioid Epidemic More than nine hundred people a week die from opioid-related overdoses, and some experts say the death toll may not peak for years. Meanwhile, millions more Americans suffer from opioid addiction. cfr.org/backgrounder/u…
Maybe he should be prez in Venezuela and take the Mrs.
God you´re worried about Venezuela!!! More than half of L.A.'s 1 million poor households live in unaffordable or substandard rentals, study says latimes.com/local/lanow/la…
Really. Since when????
I thought he believed in America first.
Free Venezuela! Free Venezuela!
This is 20 kinds of horrible and by far the worst is that the left missed the chance of leading of Venezuela because they were afraid of Greenwald and Bernies' wrath.
‘We are coming for the oil.’
Not her job to do this
You just can’t come to America
Trumps don’t know the meaning of freedom and democracy for anyone but Family Trump
Our #PatriotFirstLady @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP Acquitted Herself Wonderfully Well & Sincerely, As Only A Patriot Who Is Also A Legal Immigrant From A Formerly Communist Country Would Know What Life Is Like Under The Control Of Socialism/Communism! Blessings On Her @realDonaldTrump
why does she keep looking at lardass, as if to say"Did I do good? Can I have a snak later?"
When will the Trump administration free the children they are holding in cages and reunite them with their parents? Asking for America.
Oh, they do love the applause, don't they?!
While I realize my remarks are "catty" 🙀 , analyze DJT's body language while Melania is speaking. Most of the time he looks like he is trying to understand her words (his blank look) and claps when others start clapping. BTW, isn't this an argument in favor of immigrants? 😃
Franklin Virguez estuvo presente, vió a Melania y le dijo " hola, que tal?'
Let’s do a swap trade out the Democrats for the Venezuela’s maybe they’re appreciate America.
She was advised by the secret service to wear a camouflage dress when standing near the President.
God bless First Lady melania Trump. so beautiful inside and outside
Nothing to see here photo op
Venezuela- your oil makes your skin look much whiter than them poor and hungry folks from Central America who we want to put in cages and build walls for!
And Jesus said unto them, “Go and pray loudly and proudly.”
Oh yay, sadly FREE means under US influence/occupation to these pricks.
you are no Jacqueline Kennedy. Quit trying to pass yourself off as a First Lady. Go back to soft core porn where you can #BeBest
How about the caged children, will they be free, idiot
In all seriousness can you imagine if Michele Obama was an immigrant and spoke with an accent??
How much dose that dress cost? Maybe you can sell it and give them the money for some food
Hell, the American people aren't free with #dumbdonald in the WH
Unlike the previous a*ses (44), CLASS is in the White House again!
Be careful. He'll be deporting you.
So I guess Portuguese is not one of the five languages she speaks,along with French,Spanish or Italian. So five languages just non of these.
Ironic, since many of them hope to come here to escape the hunger & despair they have in Venezuela, YES THEY WANT TO BE FREE HERE, stop the wall these are asylum seekers. #justquit #TrumpResign #IMPEACH he likes them cause they are far. CRETINO
Are her parents still sponging off the taxpayers> You know, the chain migration couple.
While all of America prays for your speedy departure from the WH! pic.twitter.com/FO2WUH0QyX
Will be free... Yeah right. To Trump, Venezuela = 💰💰💰💰
These hypocrites need to go away! You can’t point fingers with how you treat innocent people seeking asylum.
Ohhhh.. has the Queen decided to leave the castle??
"and i love my husband" ...just to keep the jokes rolling
Being on your knees in front of Donald J Trump is NOT praying.
haha they don't care a shit about anyone in Venezuala. MAGAs are the easiest led people of the last few hundred years. Govern them by fear and promised them whatever they want to hear.
Does that include the ones her husband has locked in detention centers?
🙄🙄🙄ha she’s an immigrant funny how that doesn’t count cuz she’s not brown?
Why to I have the sinking feeling that just before the Muller report drops, the US will invade Venezuela.
I’m hoping and praying America will soon be free again too!
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