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The Red Cross and the UN, unequivocally agree, don’t politicize aid. Leave the Venezuelan people alone to exercise their legal right to self determination.

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“El concierto no tiene que ver con ayuda humanitaria. Tiene que ver con que @richardbranson está trabajando para el plan de #EEUU de tomar el control de #Venezuela”, dice @rogerwaters , cofundador #Pinkfloyd Video👇
Leave the Jewish people alone to exercise their legal right to self determination.
Rogelio Aguas dice que en Venezuela no hay dictadura, ni presos políticos ni asesinatos ni censura a la prensa. Su fuente son unos amigos que tiene en Caracas.

En fin.
Now seriously go fuck yourself.
El lado estupido de la luna
How I wish 🎶 How I wish you were here 🎶 pic.twitter.com/tmjcKpxQXh
The Dark Side of Roger Waters
I'm a little bit confused now, when you did your Berlin Wall show, were you supporting the legal right to self determination of East Germany? or were you supporting Reagan's effort to tear down the wall? 🤔
Hello Roger Waters. A message from a Venezuelan to you... #19Feb #22Feb Viva Venezuela Libre! 🇻🇪 RT parejo pa que le llegue... pic.twitter.com/1u7lNOQLHG
Who are those friends of yours here in Caracas, Venezuela, Mr Waters? Please come over here to experience first hand before being so opinionated. Check your facts and your sources.
Que el universo se lleve a Roger y nos devuelva a Chester por favor
Thanks for letting our voice be heard through your voice. ❤️
En vídeo, Roger Waters se manifiesta en contra del concierto #VenezuelaAidLive que @richardbranson organiza en Cúcuta. Señala que las razones de Branson no tienen nada que ver con "ayuda humanitaria" ni con libertad.
Vas a seguir viejo? Go to the frontier and play for Maduro for free, be suportive to dictatorship. We will remember, asshxx
You have no fucking idea...
Saw this broadcast on Venezuelan state television today. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, playing the role of Caracas Bob, claims there “no mayhem, no murder, no apparent dictatorship, no mass imprisonment of opposition, no suppression of the press” in Venezuela. I mean...
#BIN Hey, Roger, hey you: You're politicizing aid. You confuse effects with cause. You use our crisis to support the tyrant, and that´s what surprises about you, yesterday author of #Animals, today defender of the #Dogs... Shame en you!
You're so wrong Mr. Waters, I don’t know if it's because of ignorance or some other underlying interest. Venezuela is my country and Gabriel one of my heroes. Both are names too big for you. Otherwise, you Mr Waters are a hero of the past.
Your friends in Caracas are partners in crime of the government that has oppressed Venezuelans.With no doubts they had taken economic advantages in this 20 years and that’s why they say Venezuela is a normal country.
Si ven por qué es bueno decirle a sus hijos que las drogas son dañinas?
El jefe @rogerwaters vuelve a tirar línea. En Venezuela no hay que politizar la “ayuda humanitaria”.
Yo quiero saber quien carajo son los amigos de Roger en Caracas, o si es que se trata de otra Caracas
Go fu*k yourself, you pompous ignorant anti-semitic asshole. The need for aid is very real. However, if it weren’t for those neverending annoying songs we’d never have had The Ramones.
You're standing up for a tyrannical socialist dictator like #Maduro & attacking those trying to feed the starving people Roger

I have only one thing to say to you

Big man, pig man ha ha charade you are
Just know that by doing this, you’re not standing by the people of Venezuela. You’re standing by a handful of corrupt, ruthless and criminals who hijacked our country and our institutions. Do not dismiss our suffering. Tear down the wall! #askavenezuelan
Which self determination you moron? You wouldn't be able to say in a coherent way what the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática is? You don't know either Oscar Perez or Caguaripano. You don't know what are the CLAPS (not the reaction to one of your concerts)...
La Cruz Roja y la ONU, de acuerdo inequívocamente, no politizar la ayuda. Dejar al pueblo venezolano solo para ejercer su derecho legal a la autodeterminación.
This man continues to debase himself.
Important comments from Roger Waters.
La Cruz Roja y la ONU, de acuerdo inequívocamente, no politizar la ayuda. Dejar al pueblo venezolano solo para ejercer su derecho legal a la autodeterminación.
…gracias por la solidaridad, gracias por la verdad –thanks for the solidarity, thanks for the truth @rogerwaters
It's evident that Roger Waters is ignorant about the reality in Venezuela. The truth is that really doesn't care. He is just saying whatever fits his anti American narrative, not thinking that it makes him look like a sad communist puppet. 💔
You're very wrong man! You're taking the side of the murderer, drug dealers and terrorist ... But that does not matter to you ... You live comfortable numb.
You may be a good musician, but you are a very poor human being.
You @rogerwaters certainly don’t know what your talking about. People are Dying sir. It’s not political, it is poor people’s LIVES. You Better continue to play and rock your music 🎶 in another place. Your video has no base
It is so interesting how people talk about Venezuelans as if we don't exist. As if this is a conversation between people in the first world that we don't get to participate in. Your friends didn't see murder or political prisoners? Stop lying. We can see you.
you never expect classic rock icons to have good politics.
sharáp viejou lesbianou
May I suggest? Donate ALL your money to poor people in Africa and move to Venezuela. Get a normal job (yes, in your age), rent a place to live, stay there for at least two years, and then, only then, give your opinion about their method to choose their president.
Yo perdí mi virginidad con el lado oscuro de la luna y fue fantástico.
No vas a venir tu, veintitantos años después a calentarme por razones diferentes 🙄🙄🙄
. @RichardBranson está trabajando para el plan de #EEUU de tomar el control de #Venezuela dice @rogerwaters cofundador #Pinkfloyd
Vean Video👇 en este tuit de el
You may want to listen to a Double Album called “The Wall” to learn a thing or two about dictators spitting on people’s rights. By a sensitive artist called Roger Waters...30 years ago.
You have no idea how terrible it is not being able to find medicines,your work income is not enough to buy the basic groceries at the supermarket,wich besides is almost empty. You have no idea how does it feel to be always afraid of criminals... you don’t have any idea at all.
Thank you, Roger. In your voice sounds the peace...
As a Venezuelan, I can assure you that you have no fucking idea of what is going on in Venezuela. With your words you declare yourself an accomplice of one of the worse genocides in the history of the world.
Solamente exigimos Roger, que nos dejen vivir en paz, y que si quieren ayudar, que desbloqueen todas las cuentas de compras de alimentos y medicamentos...ah! y que no nos sigan robando nuestros activos en el exterior...¡que le dejen eso a los choros!
You really suck. Your words only reflect your great ignorance about the humanitarian and social crisis that the people of Venezuela have been living for 20 years. If you like Venezuelan socialism so much why you have not not come to experience it by yourself? Stupid Communist.
The truth from an honest man..
La libre determinación de implementar una tiranía.
Se escribe "auto determinación" pero se pronuncia "dejen tranquilos a los venezolanos que sin duda eligen cagarse de hambre".
Do you think over 3million people have left the country voluntarily? Families separated and 300 thousand people in urgent need for medicines and supplies in hospitals, 250 political prisoners, 165 deaths in protests in 2017 and 12 in the las 6 months. Please revise your words
Sr. @rogerwaters, nos acordamos con emoción del concierto que usted dió cuando la caída del muro de Berlin en el que celebraba el derecho legal de autodeterminación de Alemania del Este... o fue celebrando el esfuerzo de Reagan y occidente de tumbar la pared? Ya me confundí
"Another brick on the wall" is the one for whom his ideology is so strong that he distrusts the facts.

Venezuelans are leaving their coountry because they love to be refugees?

Open your eyes.

Meanwhile, you are another mamagüevo in the wall.
Να θυμίσουμε εδω για μια ακόμη φορα, οτι τα πράγματα ειναι οπως τα λέει ο κύριος Ροτζερ Γουότερς
Venezuela: #WikiLeaks cables show how US uses 'human rights' to cover imperialist aims. We have always known. These criminals never change, no matter the president of the day.
You should be dying inside. You’re nothing. Nobody cares about you and at this age in your life you will go down like an ass hole. Meanwhile there will be an amazing concert that will be remembered for many years to come. Goodbye crazy old man. #VenezuelaAidLive #AyudaHumanitaria pic.twitter.com/UwKq41dcKm
Something like the Vatican in second war. They did not politicize anything and left the nazis have their self determination. Would be of help to learn something about humanitarian crisis. You're welcome!
چرا آخه این‌قدر نازنینه 😍💕
Roger Waters sobre concierto por Venezuela en Cúcuta: “Esto no tiene nada que ver con ayuda humanitaria (...) ¿Quieren que Venezuela termine como Irak, Siria o Libia?”
I would love to hear how much you know about the people of Venezuela. I’ll do you one even better, I’ll even buy you a ticket to go and see the people of Venezuela for yourself. We’ll see how long your communist thinking holds up.
The problem is that if you 'leave the Venezuelan people alone' without support, they can't exercise their constitutional right to self determination because they live under an oppressive dictatorship. We want free and fair elections. We want our Constitution to be honored.
¿Tu sabes quien es Franklin Virgüez?
Bueno, te lo vamos a mandar a tu casa con un mensajito de parte de la Venezuelan People.
El Roger que nos gusta
qué vas a saber tú pedazo de enano marico? todo enano y todo marico con tu trajecito ahí
You have gone WAY TOO FUCKING FAR. We, the venezuelan people, are NEVER going to forget your complicity with the dictatorship. You are a piece of shit, Rogers. I regret to have ever considered you a music idol. Fuck you, mamawebo maldito coñoetumadre mil veces. pic.twitter.com/Ks0N5DVWDj
Roger Waters of @PinkFloyd fame has retained his strong sense of right & wrong in this world & has continued since the sixties to speak out on major issues. He continues today concerning the U.S. coup in Venezuela.

@RichardBranson @BBC @CNN @ITV @NME
Thank you again @rogerwaters for your brave support to the venezuelan people!
Las venas abiertas de América latina, todos quieren apoderarsen de la tierra que no les corresponde.

Resistencia social 💪
Roger Waters
Hey bro, please, come on to play on the border concert in favor of Maduro’s regime. Try to get there from Caracas like most people have to do. Then you can tell us all about that experience. Btw, would you do it for free??
IIts shameful to hear your persistent position! The only ones who are playing with the hunger of children , elderly,pregnant women, lack of medicines and hospitals facilities deterioration and with millions inmigrantes is Maduros cruel policies
To exercise their self determination and to die alone, with no aid at all. You are just another brick on the wall.
Dear Mr. Roger Waters, I'm going to be quick and clear, FUCK OFF asshole, what do you know about our needs ?, who's that friend you talk about, is it Paul Gilman? a loyal supporter of the communist regime. You really make me sick, I was a fan till today.
It's time for our regular Roger Waters update: He will
1- say something stupid about other people's country
2- these people will reply to him to tell him "stop speaking on our behalf, learn about our country, we have agency"
3- he will ignore them and move on to another people
Roger, you are just another brick in the wall.

Los cagan a tiros, Roger.
So disappointed. I grew up listening to your music, now it'll never be the same again. My family and I have fought against this regime from the very beginning, and have experienced how life has changed for every venezuelan in so many ways you couldn't even imagine. so sad Roger.
Open your eyes and watch, as Maduro and his gang gets more fat everyday, people get slim, and slim, and slim BTW, have you ever seen a one year old baby dying of hunger? If you haven't, just come to my country, Venezuela. I'm physician
The strangest thing about this is that Roger Waters learned about the Branson-backed Cucuta concert by reading The Daily Mail. (Full disclosure: I listened to a *lot* of Pink Floyd in highschool)
You're going to sing for a murderer, for a dictator who outrages the lives of thirty million Venezuelans, you're going to stain your hands with drug money, with corruption money, you're a disgusting person, you're a Castro whore, of Maduro and the terrorism they impose in America
. @richardbranson Back Off!
This has nothing to do with the needs of Venezuelan people.
It has nothing to do with democracy.
It had nothing to do with freedom.
And it has nothing to do with aid. @rogerwaters
Roger Waters on Caracas: no murder, no suppression of the press

Dude makes some good points about politicizing aid, but it's tough to take seriously someone who says there's no murder in Caracas.
Oh Roger... you‘re so wrong. You’re letting your political preconceptions cloud your judgment. I don’t know who your friends in Caracas are, but we Venezuelans are truly suffering a brutal dictatorship. I hope you come out of the dark side of the moon. #AskAVenezuelan
La Cruz Roja y la ONU, de acuerdo inequívocamente, no politicen la ayuda. Dejen al pueblo venezolano solo para ejercer su derecho legal a la autodeterminación.
You know nothing, Roger Waters.
A este le han vendido coca de la mala.
I want Maduro to go. That's my legal right to self-determination
Una remera que diga "La concha de tú comunista madre Roger Waters"
Let's do something, come to visit us, and live here for at least 15 days, but not in a fancy Hotel, not with your goverment`s friends and we`ll talk, I learned English because of your music and other groups, not to realize that you are a dictator's lover, what a disappointment!!

So, If Venezuela is so good, why on your last tour did you not include Venezuela as one of your 20 dates on the continent? Because there was no way to pay your expensive tickets?

Fuck you, Roger. Your political obsession made you an idiot
Thanks a lot for your kindness, common sense, awareness, love and for being well informed. Cheers! • A Venezuelan friend, living in Venezuela. • pic.twitter.com/D5bUXvHxHU
Roger, stop talking, start acting! Why haven't you gone to Venezuela for a concert lately if things are so good there? Huge contradiction: Autodétermination is not possible under a dictatorship...so the solution should be supporting the implementation of free elections
Mister Drugs hurt! or the blocks on the wall obstructed your Sense and you became a Worshiper of CastroCommunist tyrants ?!
Papito, ni el kirnerismo se animó a tanto.
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